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  1. The basis of the engine is there, and my first goal was to change the armor somehow but from the looks of things they don't have all of the armor from reach in there yet sadly. I also wanted to play around with tag injecting and what not but because it's running a different engine format than Reach it's not accessible on Assembly. There are some things you can toy around with like the level image and the .campaign file but other than that Assembly doesn't recognize the format.
  2. I was lucky enough to get my hands on the first build, and I've been poking around trying to find some way to modify the game, mostly just poking around with Cheat Engine like some primitive monkey but no luck.
  3. With flight one just dropping today I finished the one campaign map and instantly went to modding. The files are pretty exposed for the most part, but accessing them is another story. I've tried a few tools but they don't seem to support the files, (mainly the .map files) and I have no clue how to modify the applications like assembly to support it. Anyone have any ideas?
  4. Just got the flight and I've tried assembly but it doesn't recognize the format of the engine, I was hoping I could modify m35 like regular reach maps but I could not. I don't have enough assembly knowledge to add it to the formats