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  1. Halo 2

    Assembly is OK For H2A PC ?
  2. Modding

    {Update} It is not only for the phantom, but for all weapons. The AI don't care about the rate of fire in the "Weapon" section. Anyone have an idea to change this?
  3. Modding

    Thanks for your help. If other people have an idea don't hesitate
  4. Hello I'm trying to rebuild the Halo 2 Phantom in Halo Reach, but I encountered a problem : The rate of fire of the AI is limited by the difficulty of the game. And even if I try to increase the rate of fire of the phantom_chin_gun, this one always shoots at the same speed. The increase in the rate of fire only applies when I am a gunner. But when I add an ia in the turret, these are clamped. Anyone have any ideas to remove this bridle? I mod on Assembly. Thank you for your collaboration (Sorry for my language i'm too bad ^^)
  5. Will an update be done later, or is Assembly not at all compatible with CE?
  6. Support

    I have the same problem when i want to forceload something :/
  7. Support

    I tried to change the projectile of the DMR with that of the phantom, I save, but when I run, nothing happens. Is there any particular manipulation to do? I use this file to do my experiments.
  8. Oh ! Thanks ! I can edit .maps in map folder or there is a specified folder for Anti-Cheat Disable ?
  9. Personally I can not use Assembly on .maps on Halo Reach PC ..
  10. Modding

    You Can edit tags with HxD ?
  11. Modding

    I would like to have fun with the tags on Assembly but when I want to load a .map he tells me that there is an error. I do not know if they have to do anything or if they have to wait for an update from Xbox Chaos. If anyone can help me .. Thank you