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  1. We'll it's worth it; I know what it's like to be so in love with your work. I've played Cairo Station and Outskirts now and I've really enjoyed it; the Sniper Jackals are still bull, but they are at least fair now. If I didn't know any better, I'd accuse you of adding some sneaky elite swordsman spawns too. Nicely done.
  2. This looked pretty good, I agree with pretty much all of your changes as I have a similar approach to modding weapon and AI accuracy/behaviour. I will hopefully install H2A today and give it a shot. Good job getting all the maps modified; I have over 700 changes to make per map and I don't know how people get it done so quickly.
  3. .MAP

    This isn't an educated guess, but try searching (with the block specific search bar) for music in the scnr file for Forge World. Good luck! I took a look and unfortunately I couldn't find it at all. It would seem that it is not named something obvious, which is annoying.
  4. Support

    Thanks Zedd, I'll give it a go; one would hope success is inevitable with enough attempts. On a somewhat related note, I finally figured out how to fix the Ammo widget size to match the number of rounds my modded weapons use, so that's something good to come from this line of inquiry.
  5. Support

    Hey people xboxchaos (all three of you), I am not far away from releasing the first version of one of my Firefight mods for Reach, but I am having a lot of trouble dissecting the chdt files. I have generally been able to tweak and test other things until I get a grasp of how they are controlled, but I am having a lot of trouble trying to make a weapon like the Plasma Repeater keep its crosshair when zoomed. I was able to figure out how to do this for Halo 2, but they have changed a lot of the block structure since then. Any advice is welcome.
  6. .MAP

    This looks really good, I can't believe I missed it until now! Good job removing the sound cancellation on the Active Camo, I'm still trying to figure out how to do that, as well as removing the movement penalty.
  7. Modding

    Have you tried editing the Firing Properties in generic_firefight_phantom.char? As far as I can tell, characters control how the vehicles or weapons operate, but I have not touched vehicles yet. Ok, I was wrong. Next time I get a chance I will try to figure it out.
  8. General

    This is great news, I love being able to help, however rare that may be. I hope this project goes places!
  9. General

    Ok, so this is in Reach, but I imagine it can't be too different, right? It was in the mode file, so points for my memory for a change! For this example, I changed the Elite's head node Default Scale to 0.1, to horrifying results. If that doesn't work, you may need to find a way to edit the Tank Form mesh itself; I've edited weapon parts before, so I may be able to look into it further if this fails. Good luck, if you figure it out, please post it!
  10. Sounds pretty good; I was working on a Halo 2 campaign mod myself until Reach dropped. Do you have any details about the changes made, or is it mostly just enemy AI health and accuracy (I'm looking at Jackal Snipers). I would be more open to downloading the mod of there were a bit more information.
  11. Modding

    A tutorial would be great, Halo 4 is in need of some TLC from modders.
  12. Holy moly, this is beautiful. I will admit, it's a little outside of my scope; I had trouble running the Assembly build in VS. I would hand over cash for this game, no questions asked... Such a shame things went the way they did.
  13. General

    I want to say model scale is just one of the scale variables in a mode file, but I have been playing games, not modding for a few weeks now and I have a terrible memory. I'll look it up when I can, but I have to work today (kinda lucky). Looks like an epic project.
  14. Modding

    No problems, just experiment with the top range; you can get very interesting results by mixing colours and some don't work as you would expect. Do lots of testing and keep in mind that poking the changes won't apply to already loaded units, you have to reload the map, or in the case of a firefight map wait for a new unit to spawn. Edit: I can't spell.
  15. Modding

    Here we go, it was in the .bipd file! I hope that helps!