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  1. Halo 2 for Windows campaign levels rebalanced to make Legendary the difficult, but fair, challenge it should have been. Over 200 hours of development and extensive playtesting have gone into this mod, which includes lots of fine-tuning and even fixes to bugs that exist in the base game. This will be coming to Halo 2 MCC on PC as soon as possible after the game is released. If you liked Halo 2, but didn't love it (as much as Halo CE and Halo 3) due to the overly punishing Legendary difficultly, I think you'll absolutely love this! Download mod from MediaFire: Download mod from MODDB: Download mod from NexusMods:
  2. Just came across this while working on my re-balanced mod ( Here's what I did last night to get it to work: 1) Using Gravemind, make note of the Offset and Size of the bitmap you want to replace (and notice the type is "Shared" since the bitmap data is in the 2) Backup your level's map file. 3) Inject the bitmap using Gravemind and make note of the new Offset and Size (and notice the type is "Individual" since the new bitmap data is in the level's map file). 4) Using a hex editor, such as HxD, copy the bitmap data from your map file located at the "Individual" Offset and Size and paste over the bitmap data in the at the "Shared" Offset (and 0x00 out any extra left over bytes after it if the new data is smaller; there is some extra 0x00 space after it, so the bitmap data could be a bit bigger and still fit) and save the file. 5) Restore the level's map file from step 2. 6) Using Assembly, in hud_reticles (and hud_weak_spot_reticles, if needed) of each level's map file, update the LOD1 Size of the bitmap you updated to be the size of the new bitmap data.
  3. Hello everybody! I created a re-balanced mod of Halo 2 Vista this year. With Halo 2 MCC on PC coming next year, I wanted to bring over same changes right away, so it was time to join the community. Details of my mod can be found here: (Hint: See the video description for the list of changes and video playthroughs.)