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  1. I am following the Lone Wolf .map file for figuring out how they attached extra trailers. I am missing something because nothing shows up for me. I am trying to attach like four mounted machine guns to the semi-truck with bed_long_container. The attached image shows the area that I think is relevant, but there must be like one more step that I am missing. 1) How do I choose the position the object goes? It seems like I can add a node or hitch point or something and use that as a reference for the object. 2) what am I missing? 3) Happy New Year I will write a short guide if someone tells me so people can figure it out without asking questions. Thanks for your help in advance
  2. This mod replaces Penance ( with The Pillar of Autumn ( The map has been mostly cleared of objects. However, default weapon spawn locations still exist. The incorrectly setup sandbox palette (forge mode) allows the placement of some items. Many of the objects do not spawn. The semi-truck and its variants spawn. including most of the other vehicles. No guns added to the palette. Thanks to Arttumiro on reddit for providing me a guide and Cheatengine13 and others for writing it. Feel free to download and complete the map or provide advice in fixing its issues. I uploaded the map in this condition because its fun to experiment with the vehicles and others can mod it further without reinventing the wheel. Download: Install: Goto Steam\steamapps\common\haloisbetteronPC\haloreach\maps Rename to to backup the original mov the downloaded .map file into the maps folder. Choose "Create" at the main menu and choose Penance as the map. Have fun!