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    alright so from my understanding of your comment I go here first then I make a new single location change the new name to something like marine and then change the seat type to passenger And this should make it possible for me to have multiple people come out of the pelican? The only thing I don't understand is I can call ai_place meaning in the game how would I call for this script to run.
  2. .MAP

    So I'm looking for a way to make the pelican that spawns at the end of every round to spawn let's say spawn at the end of every couple of waves or so. also, I'm looking for a way too add more odst that spawn out the back of the pelican I have tried to change the count in the scnr tag but it always spawn only one in the gunner seat even when I tried to make it spawn outside the warthog the odst seems to always spawn in the gunner seat. the picture I provided probably has something to do with the problem im having but im unsure what all the code means. any help would be much a appreciated.