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Posts posted by Shlok

  1. I tried to mod ce using assembly and wanted to do some grenade trickshot but whenever my warthog turns over 90 degreees on any plane I get ejected. Any idea how could I turn this off


  2. I started modding recently using assembly and tried to do a trickjump using frag's instantaneous acceleration. however, everytime I reach the maximum height and start to fall, i die within 3 seconds. Is there any solution to this problem

  3. On 7/1/2021 at 6:08 PM, AltSierra117 said:

    It has nothing to do with game physics, it has to do with the grenade damage effect jpt! at instance " Instantaneous Acceleration"

    And of course the time to explode has to be edited to match the travel distance, something which can be tricky to do the maths.

    I managed to do this but as soon as I remain in air for long, I die. Is there any solution to this problem

  4. I had been watching Mint Blitz since many days and wanted to do some to his trickshots. I got assembly and opened H2 vista pc and also opened assembly. I messed with the game's physics such that if I stick a warthog at back, it could fly directly to other side of bridge when you are playing metropolis, but nothing happens.

    If somebody could tell that what should I do with physics and vehicles please help