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  1. Usually a Closure Wig is 4x4 inch which covers u part of a wig on your head. Now you will find 5x5 inch lace closure, 6x6 lace closure, and 7x7 lace closure. Sellers part the lace closure to free part, middle part, and three-part. If you don’t know which part you want to choose, we suggest you choose the free part, then you can part in any direction you want. You may be questioned how can I choose it. The difference among these Closure Wigs is the size of the lace is different. According to your requirements, you can choose a different size. The larger the lace closure which means the lace closure covers a bigger area on your head, the bigger size of the lace closure can make your wig more natural, you can cover part on the lace which is invisible and undetectable. Why Would You Use Hair With Lace Closure Wig It is a fact that many girls are hard to satisfy when it comes to hair appearance and that is why even when they apply a human weave bundle they still tend to chemically treat it in order to improve.And this can cause only more problems – your hair can become dry and brittle.Thus,hair bundles with closure are the best thing as your hair is completely protected and safe from any chemical effects.Along with that hair,bundles are easy to install,and you can change in between different ones whenever you want.It can be used multiple times,and it doesn't tangle which relieves you of huge potential stress. The diversity of hair bundles with closure is what makes them so popular,and instead of having to dye your hair every time you just get another hair bundle pack and get along with your day!It will in terms save you money and energy that you would usually waste on fixing your hair.Hair bundles with closure are a healthy and relatively cheap way of taking care of your hair and achieving a better overall appearance at the same time.However,this can result in hair that is much more brittle,thinner,and shorter than the rest of your hair.By wearing a closure,you make sure that all of your hair is protected so that this doesn't happen. I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit
  2. V Part Wig is an underrated style you don’t hear much about in the hair care community. But just because you don’t hear about it, does not mean people are not loving these wigs. Before lace fronts, and sew-ins became so popular the number one style women would try are v-part wigs. So, we have decided to put a spotlight on these amazing wigs, and inspire some of you to try them out. So, let's get straight into this blog post on everything you need to know about V Part Wig Human Hair. How Do You Style A V Part Wig? V part wigs are wigs that are made into a V shape structure. The tracks of the weave are sewn onto a wig cap with an opening. The opening of the wig is left for your natural hair to go through. What makes these wigs even better is that you have the chance to be truly versatile with your hairstyle. You can create the part on either side of your head or straight down the middle if you prefer. A benefit that has women falling in love with V Part Curly Wig is the way they leave people thinking that this unit is your natural hair. Being able to have your own tresses blend smoothly to the wig helps with a flawless finish hairstyle. Can I Sleep In My V Part Wig? You can sleep in your V Part Human Hair Wig just like any other hair unit. You will just have to ensure that the leave out hair is braided down to prevent frizz, dryness, or split ends. Before bed, we suggest placing the wig in a silk bonnet, or wrapping it with bobby pins and then placing a silk scarf over the unit. Try your best to not excessively flat iron or curl the leave out before going to sleep. Do V Part Wigs Damage Hair? There have been lots of mixed thoughts when it comes down to a serious question, and that is do U-part wigs damage your hair? As we stated earlier V part wigs help alleviate tension on your scalp and your natural hairline. With regular sew ins you have to tightly sew down the weave to each braid on your head. Thankfully, with V part wigs you have the option to just clip the unit into your braids. And even if you are someone who wants to sew the unit down it does not have to be as intense as a sew-in. For these reasons V part wigs help protect your scalp and your natural tresses. How Long Do V Part Wigs Stay On? V part wigs can last for a long time you properly take care of them. Some hairstylists say the longest the wig can last is up to 12 months, but they suggest you take it out to wash your natural hair every 2 to 3 months. I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit
  3. When it comes to owning a 13x4 Lace Wig,there will come a time where the natural soft bounce will fade.Do you have a virgin human hair wig is feeling dry and tired? Is your natural hair wigs get tricky and difficult to manage?You will notice this start to happen to your human hair wig when it feels dry and stiff to the touch.This is because a human hair wig does not have natural scalp oils to keep the 13x4 Lace Frontal.This is for those who often wear 100% virgin human hair wigs,because they do not have,you can drop a very common problem resulting from the scalp of natural oils over time. Yes,it is true that the more care and attention you give your human hair wigs,the loner they will last.However,even a 13x4 Lace Front Wigs of the highest quality will inevitably deteriorate over time.The better quality your wig,and the more attention you pay towards looking after them,the longer they will last,however this will not protect them from the inevitable deterioration they will face over time. How do I make 13x4 human hair wigs soft again Human hair wigs for black women of all qualities,brands and origins will change throughout the time you’re are wearing them,however they can be revived with the correct care to restore their manageability and appearance. Step 1:Pre Wash Give the 13x4 Lace Frontal Wig a conditioning treatment by applying a natural oil such as coconut oil,extra virgin olive oil or grape-seed oil along the entire length.Alternatively,apply the moisturizing conditioner to the hair.Leave either the oil or conditioner in the hair for 30 minutes under a shower cap. Step 2: Wash Your Wig Using a Moisturizing Shampoo,wash your human hair after 16-22 wears.Carefully use your fingers to clean the scalp between the tracks.Then rinse thoroughly. Step 3:Moisturize your Wig Apply moisturizing conditioner from scalp to hair tips and apply extra conditioner to the ends.Allow the conditioner to sit for two to five minutes before rinsing thoroughly.When rinsing,cautiously undo any tangles in the weave with your fingers or with a comb. Step 4: Condition Your Wig Using a Deep Conditioner,apply and let sit for at least 15 minutes or more.Use a shower cap to help trap in heat which aids in the conditioning process. Step 5:Drying your Wig Blow-dry hair with low heat using a comb to aid hair drying.Follow up with a brush to straighten. Step 6: Tips When You Sleep Use a silk or satin scary at night.These scarves prevent the human hair wigs from drying out on a cotton pillowcase. I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit
  4. Hello Ladies,Here is a very detail step on how to pluck and customize the 360 Wigs,it also can use for lace frontal/lace front,360 lace frontal etc.No matter lace frontals or lace front wigs,we need to pluck it first before installation to create a natural hairline and get a natural looking.It seems a very simple step.However,it is a really tough task for beginners.It needs more patience and carefulness,otherwise you might ruin the hairline. 360 Lace Wig, also known as 360 lace front wig, 360 lace frontal wig, and 360 wigs, is made of a 360 lace frontal and some hair bundles. The human hair in this lace part is knotted into the lace hole by hand. Another part of the 360 Lace Frontal is made of the high stretch machine-made wig cap, bonding with the lace edge. It’s a full wig, with a bigger parting space which allows a more natural, fuller, and thicker appearance look. Step by step of how to pluck your wig Step 1:First you need to take a few pictures of your natural hairline.The best way to do this is to straighten or stretch your hair and pull your 360 Lace Front Wigs into a tight ponytail.Make sure the photos are clear so you can use them as your guide. Step 2:Place the lace wig on a Styrofoam stand and use pins on the lace to pin it down.You want to have it nice and tight so that it doesn't move. Step 3:Take a good look at the wig hairline,you will notice that it is pretty dense and that's what you want to avoid.Start plucking some hairs from one side and work your way to the other. Step 4:Pluck The Lace: Plucking is the process of using a tweezer to pluck out excess hairs around the frontal to make it less bulky.Part the hair on your lace front wig in two sections and take your fave tweezers and start to pluck the hairline towards you in order to get a more natural look. Step 5:Create Your Own Part: All lace wigs were not created equal.Some come with a pre-made part down the middle,to the side,with multiple parts,or with no parting at all. Step 6: Create Natural Edges: Adjust your lace front wig accordingly.Don't forget the baby hairs! For this step separate a small section of the hair from the hairline that you want to use as baby hairs.Use a razor to cut the hair down until the hair is at your desired baby hair length. I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit
  5. Have you ever noticed that Headband Wig have become more and more popular? But the headband wigs also have something distressing for many girls, that is, you have to consider hiding the headbands. To hide the headbands on a headband wig naturally is a difficult thing for many girls. So to help you get a perfect hairstyle with headband wigs, this blog will show you the detailed steps to hide the headband. Let's keep an eye on it. How To Hide The Headband? The things you will need: A Curly Headband Wig, a rat-tail comb, edge controller, wig conditioning spray, a wig clip, rubber bands, bobby pins 1. Section your natural hair Firstly, use the end of a rat-tail comb to section your hair into the front and the back two sections. If you are not sure how much natural hair to section, you can draw a line with the comb from ear to ear. Then comb the back section hair to remove the tangles and tie the front section hair. 2. Braid the middle strand of the back hair Take a small strand of hair in the middle part of the back section hair and braid it, which will help to fix your Human Hair Headband Wigs. Then use a rubber band to tie the back section hair into a low ponytail. If you have long hair, you can braid it into back cornrows. 3. Put on your headband wig Take your headband wig and fold the headband as much as you can. Insert the combs which are inside the wig into your natural hair. Then take the ends of the headband wig to secure that off up in the back now. 4. Tie your natural hair and the wig hair together Section your natural hair into three parts, the bigger middle part, and two smaller side parts. Then take a part of the wig hair, tie it with the natural middle part of hair into a ponytail on the top of your head. Next, comb the natural part and wrap it around the root of the ponytail. Remember to use a bobby pin the fix the end of the natural hair. 5. Apply edge control to the front natural part Firstly, apply some edge control to the natural hair, which will make your hair more smooth. For the side parts, after applying edge control, twist the long parts and use bobby pins to fix them behind your ears. Then comb them and use a small brush to make some edges. 6. Moisture your wig Blend some water with leave-in conditioners and spray it on your wig. At the same time, use your fingers to comb the wig to make it fluffy. After all the steps, you will get a half up half down hairstyle. I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit
  6. The pre-plucked 13x4 Lace Wig allows you to have a natural hairline. In the straight wigs, the density at the top is lower, while that is true for real hair. Hair of varying lengths usually grows around the human hairline. It is natural growth. Therefore, in order to get a very real look, you should also remove the 13x4 Lace Frontal to give the same impression and frame a perfect hairline. This problem does not occur with pre-plucked wigs, but for non-pre-plucked wigs, you must manually remove the wig. If you are the beginner to pre-plucked 13x4 Lace Front Wigs , here are some common installation steps that can help you get the natural look you want. Step 1: those steps are optional as your like. How to make the knot white so that it is unseen, letting the wig looks perfect. First, please remove the middle comb. This process will help you improve the hair level. Float off the small knots that hold the hair in the cap. Step 2: let the bleach stand for at least 30 minutes. Then continue to shampoo the bleached area of the cap. Before rinsing, let it sit for 5 minutes. Bleached hair knots can increase the natural feel of the 13x4 Lace Frontal Wig. We strongly recommend that you seek help from an expert or apply some basis to the inside of the lace instead of bleaching it. Excessive bleaching can cause hair loss. Step 3: This is the starting point of the actual plucking process. It includes putting hair on the mannequin and beginning to customize the hairline. If the wig has been pre plucked, no more plucking is necessary. Step 4: after Drying the body wave wig makes it easier to see the appearance of the hairline, put a little oil to your hair. Get the best pair of tweezers because the quality of the tweezers directly affects the goods. Start at the front end of the hairline, then start tweezers to remove any hair knots that are not properly damaged. Detach the wig, then return to the hairline to start the hairpin. Step 5: Continue to cut out more hair. Some hairs were plucked from these parts this time, and the hairs in these parts were thinner than the others. It uses the hairline to create a gradient/gradient effect. The frontal lobe starts to look more real. Step 6: After completing the creation of the hairline, some baby hair that looks more natural than the one that comes with the wig. It will make the hairline like your real hairline and you can wear your wig easily. I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit
  7. The 4x4 Lace Wig is made by 100% virgin hair bundles with a 4x4 lace closure, which suggests the dimension of lace is 4x4 inches and gives you 4 inches parting space. The cover just sets in the middle of your head, so it's more suitable to do middle part style than three-part and free part style. 4x4 Closure Wig a kind of wig which more easier and friendly to beginners. It becomes more and more popular, accept by many clients. But also some friends do not know too much about it, so sometimes will hesitate, unable to choose. But now, let's take a look at some of the most common problems with wigs to help you choose the right one faster. 1.what are its advantages? a.High cost performance We know, when choose Closure Wig , The first thing that comes to your mind is lace frontal wig. But when the lace frontal wig over your budget, maybe a lace closure wig is more better for you. It has the same lace edge, the same comfort, but the cost is much lower. 2. Beginners friendly & protect your skin When install the lace frontal wig, you need to clean your skin and put some glue to make the lace stick to your skin, which will make you uncomfortable when you wear it long time. But the Closure Wigs is a small area of lace that touches the skin, this way, you can use less glue even no glue, then the wig will takes well. 3.Reasons for choosing a closure wig Affordable and Competitive Under the same hair length, hair color, and hair texture, as the lace area of a 4x4 lace closure wig is less than a lace frontal wig, so the price will be also more affordable and competitive. If you are a student or a people who are looking to stick to a lower cost budget, an affordable 4x4 lace closure wig is suitable for you. No need glue and Easier install As the length of lace covers on your forehead is only 4 inches, it can make the installation more comfortable and easier, no need to use glue. So it is also named beginners-friendly wig. If you are a newcomer to the wigs’ filed, it is a great choice for you. Protective style and Breathability. After placing the 4x4 Lace Closure Wig, since it protects our own hair underneath, it can protect the hair from breakage and other damages, and at the same time perfectly modify its own hairstyle. In the other hand, Many women tend to make wigs with 4x4 lace closure because of its good breathability. Even in hot weather, 4x4 lace closure will make you feel comfortable. I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit
  8. T Part Wig makes a versatile hair fashion without any tension and worries about your natural hairs. t part wig can be worn to provide a better option to style up. It has high flexibility and versatility which makes them applied for any type of hair. T part wig is the front T part wig. Unlike the Middle Part Wig where the middle and hair edges are hand-tied and bundled and sewn, the front lace wig is hand-tied and sewn on the full front. Therefore, compared with the lace front wig, the price is competitive. The whole hair wig except for the T Part Lace Wig is made of 100 human hair bundles, does not fall off, is not tangled, soft, flexible. Similar to the former lace wig, but this wig can only be divided into the middle part. The lace front wig can be divided into the middle section, side section, and three sections. The lace part of the wig is shaped like a T. The T part wig is quite versatile, and you can style it in as many ways as persons do with a 13x4x1 Lace Front Wig. So, you can get creative with your styles. Straighten. Crimp. Curl. Why More And More Clients To Wear T Part Wig Affordable: The T part wig is the most affordable in the hair industry. It's a lot less expensive than a lace frontal wig, but it has the same natural-looking effect. Fortunately, there are well-made synthetic wigs that are significantly less expensive, sometimes under $100, though these are unusual and necessitate extensive study. Quality: The fact that the wig is inexpensive does not imply that it is of poor quality. If you get a T part wig from a reputable retailer, you can rest assured that it will look great and last a long time. Convenient styling: The wig is ready to wear right out of the box. To use T part wigs, you don't need to sew the bundle or purchase or utilize any other wig pieces. The T portion is ready to wear right out of the box, so you don't need to know anything about wig styling to put it on. Natural Look: When you look at the inside of the wig cap, you'll see something we like. There is a whole front hairline area on the T part wig. As a result, you'll obtain a natural-looking outcome similar to what you'd get with a more expensive lace frontal wig. I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit
  9. You may not have heard of the term V Part Wig , but the concept isn't entirely new. A V Part wig is a new type of U Part wig. The designer improved it on the basis of the U Part wig. Its part shape is displayed as "V", so we can also call it a V Part wig. There are plenty of hair wig styles on the market. Why it is recommended that every wig lover should get a V Part Wig Human Hair, especially those who find their hair thin, short or poor quality? If you want to look beautiful and try more hair styles, v part is the only way to that. It allows you to get volume hair and style the hair in order to look great. Here are various reason you should know. Zero Damage and No Skill Needed A lot of wig wearer would use wig glue or other chemical products while applying wigs, but they wouldn’t notice that this will damage their hair to some extents. V Part Curly Wig is the kind of wig that no need glue at all. It doesn't need skill to wear a v part wig. You just put it on and use the clips and combs to make it stay put. Because it has a tiny v-shaped opening on the top, you can leave some your hairs out or don’t, extremely for those who have thin hair on the top. It will surely give you a great look. Affordable wigs Compared to lace wigs, a V Part Human Hair Wig is cheaper because it is a machine-made structure. You can also buy wigs cheaper with discounts from wig websites. Helps Hair Growth and Protects Scalp For those who wear wigs all the time, there may exist issue like hair loss caused by applying or removing the hair improperly. This can be very annoying seeing hair getting less and less day by day. If you want your scalp and hair to take a break once in while, that’s when v part wig comes in handy. It is designed to be a protective style, will certainly guard your scalp well and help your hair to grow. Flexible hairstyles You are free to make partial or middle parts as you like. You can also add accessories to experiment with different styles, such as headbands, barrettes, etc. No glue, no lace The V part wig is made 100% of human hair, without glue or even any synthetic material. You don't need to trim and hide lace closure. Gives Super Natural Look This wig is perfect for women who want their wigs to look more natural and realistic in real life. V part wigs have no bulkiness or unnatural bumps because they have no weft on top, or because the weft is so thin, unseamed, and flat that it is impossible to detect. You can wear your own natural hairline and really part it, without missing or just some fine strands of your hair. I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit
  10. Like Closure Wig are also very useful in creating beautiful hairstyles with sew in weave installations, so are loved by American black women and fashionistas. What is Lace Closure and what benefits you can get for wearing a Lace Closure wig? The Benefits Of Closure Wig The main reason is it's very convenient to use and it can help us make a natural hair looking. Many hair users agree that 5x5 Closure have improved the overall image of their human hair installs. And hair closure is worthy of the price. Here are the benefits of wearing hair closure. Natural Install Hair closures are excellent at giving a seamless install. There is no need to worry about someone says that you are wearing human hair with 5x5 HD Lace Wig because hair closure can help you create a natural looking scalp just as your own head show. When installing perfectly, hair closures have the ability to make your virgin human hair appear to be growing from your scalp. Texture Isn’t an Issue Natural haired women won’t have to constantly use heat to match the straight texture of their hair weave, relaxed girls won’t have to braid, twist and curl their hair to match wavy and curly textures. You can just purchase a closure with the same texture as your extensions. Improve Your Appearance 5x5 Closure Wig can also fix the problem of blending the color and texture of your hair with your weave. you can experiment with dying your weave any of countless colors because you would only be dying your virgin hair weave and closure, not any of your actual hair, making the process much safer. So, using a closure is a great investment for your hair because it allows you to experiment with different styles and colors with much less damage being done to your hair. Protect Your Leave Out Hair closures can also help you protect your leave out from excessive use of heat and manipulation. With a hair closure, you typically won’t need a leave out and can, therefore, give that section of your hair a break. This is why hair closures are good for women who have damaged leave outs. It can provide a solution while simultaneously making you look fabulous. True Protective Hairstyle None of your hair is exposed allowing it to rest and grow. Your hair is braided and protected underneath your weave and closure allowing optimum protective styling. This works particularly well for ladies who are balding or thinning or suffer from various forms of alopecia. I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit
  11. A 13x4 Lace Wig has a hairline that is made up of individual hair strands that have been hand-tied to a sheer lace to create a transparent illusion. The hair market is flooded with different types of wigs. But if you are looking for a reliable option then 13x4 lace front wigs are the most common. When to give the first look it is just a number but the fact is that the size of a 13x4 Lace Frontal is determined by the actual size of the lace. A 13x4 lace front wig has lace that reaches 13 inches in front of the wig to cover the entire hairline, as well as a 4-inch deep section while the remaining part is sewn to the hat. The 13x4 Lace Front Wigs is constituted by half-tied lace and half machine-made wig cap. It is placed at the front of the head. The 100% virgin hair is knotted in to the lace hole on the lace part and sewed on the machine-made wig cap. The size of the 13x4 lace frontal closure is 13-inches across and 4-inch back. The height of the hand-made lace section from the hairline to the lace edge is 4 inches. 13x4 Lace Frontal Wig width is the width from ear to ear.why possibly go for a 13x4 lace front wigs? Convenient Its first advantage is that it is easy to install. The middle part has been processed and shaped. When you get it, you only need to comb the hair simply and put it on. This process will only take you a few minutes. More Affordable When we buy a wig, the price is an important factor we will take into consideration to buy or not. Generally speaking, the price of a wig is determined by many factors. The area of the lace is an important factor. The larger the area covered by lace, the higher the price is. So the price of 13x4 lace wigs will be lower. It can not only help to reduce your financial pressure, but also help you become more beautiful and confident. Guaranteed Quality If your 13x4 lace wig is made of 100% human hair like other hair wigs, you do not need to worry about the quality. You can style them as usual. And it can withstand some heat, so you can use a curling iron and flat iron. However, it does not mean that you can ignore to condition it. Natural Even though a 13x4 lace wig has less lace, it will still be very natural after you wear it. The lace of will make you have a natural hairline. I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit
  12. If you want to wear hair to give your hair more versatility and options when it comes to styling, 360 Wigs are the way to go. Once your 360 Frontal is installed you can wear space buns, halo braids, half-up, half-down, and all the high ponies you want. Installing a 360 Lace Wig isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Watch the video here and follow these simple steps below as your guide. Grab everything you need and let’s get started. STEP 1: Begin With Braided-Down Hair When we’re installing a 360 Lace Frontal, we want to start with a flat, middle-part braid down. Once you have the hair braided down, get the wig cap ready. STEP 2: Put On The Wig Cap Start with a wig cap that matches the correct skin tone. Then, tame the natural edges, using extreme hold spray to adhere the 360 Lace Front Wigs around the hairline, then use a blowdryer to dry it all in place. STEP 3: Cut and Sew Down Wig Cap In Sections While the wig cap dries, sew down small sections of the wig cap for added security. Next, follow the shape of the hairline and cut the excess cap off carefully. Pay extra attention around the ears! STEP 4: Hide the Cap Use flesh-toned powder around the hairline to blend in the cap. You can repeat this step on the lace of the frontal, if necessary. STEP 5: Cut the Lace Lay the frontal against the hairline and cut the lace, being sure to follow the natural shape of the hairline. Do not cut the lace inside of the frontal because this will be sewn down to keep the 360 secure. To make this step easier, you can do small anchoring stitches to hold the frontal in place as you cut. STEP 6: Sew Down the Lace Sew down the lace across the entire hairline. Use a gel or glue to adhere the frontal directly to the forehead along the hairline in small pieces. Repeat this around the entire hairline, taking your time to glue down small sections at a time. Use a blowdryer to help dry in place. STEP 7: Time for Bundles Install the bundles, sewing around the wefts and not through them. Once the bundles are installed, style your hair however you want. I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit
  13. V Part Wig are perfect for experimenting with various styles, textures, or cuts you’ve been craving. The best part - you can rock a natural look without the obvious wig-like appearance. If you’re interested in V Part Wigs, follow along as we share everything you need to know about V Part Wig Human Hair. 1. Body Wave V Part Wig It is an excellent option for some girls who are allergic to glue or have sensitive skin since this body wave wig is no glue, no lace, and even no synthetic. It means there will be no scalp irritation due to the chemical, no pulling of the skin because of the glue. With the high-quality V Part Curly Wig, you even don’t need to spend too much time cutting and hiding the lace. Therefore, it is also a lifesaver on busy days and friendly for beginners who haven’t tried human hair wigs before. After all, the v part wig no leave out is easy to wear and even can put and take off every day. 2. Curly V Part Wig It is an ideal item for those who are suffering from hair loss or dream about thicker and fuller hair, which can help you hide some hair problems and add some volume and length to your hair. And one of the best benefits of having a V Part Human Hair Wig is that it is so versatile. You can wear your hair in so many different styles and it looks fab with accessories like beanies, headbands, head wraps, scarves-pretty much anything and everything. Curly hair also looks so cute braided in a top knot or in a fierce ponytail. 3. Kinky Curly V Part Wig As we all know, kinky curly hair is popular and eye-attaching among girls, especially for black girls, because it usually looks fashionable and sophisticated. Besides, it can blend well with natural hair, and make your hair looks longer and dense hair. This kinky curly V part wig is no exception. The kinky curly V part wig can allow you to wear your scalp with no leave out or just small strands left out according to your need. Besides, you can freely make a side part or middle part according to your preference, too. Of course, you can try all kinds of hairstyles, such as buns, braids, ponytails, and so on. 4. Kinky Straight V part Wig Kinky straight hair is steam treated without losing luster and softness. This natural kinky straight V part wig human hair will be the best choice if you’re looking for a virgin human hair wig to enhance your natural hair length, volume, and beautiful natural look. I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit
  14. The prospect of going to Ginger can feel a little weird and ‘there’s no fear yet, we’ll show them the best and make sure you feel your Ginger Wig together at any time Will be. As a rule, ginger feathers complement the more attractive skin tones. On the off chance that you will easily tell that you are more pleasant than what you usually eat in the sun and you feel pink or red. When your skin is more radiant, you will choose a bright ginger wig shade to brighten your appearance. It makes a sensational difference to be separated from the group from day to evening. More specifically, ginger hair color is a very light red that is seemingly blonde but has red undertones, sort of like strawberry blonde. Ginger Orange Wig color is a spicy, light or medium reddish brown tone that is one of the most natural-looking reds in the spectrum. How To Choose A Ginger Wig The thought of going ginger may feel a little scary and ‘out there’ but do not fear, we will have you looking beautiful and feeling the most confident you have ever felt with your Ginger Lace Front Wigs on. In general, ginger wings complement fairer skin tones best. You can tell if you are fairer if you tend to burn in the sun and you have pink or red undertones. If you have fairer skin, you can choose a brighter ginger wig shade to brighten up your complexion. This also creates a dramatic contrast to stand out from the crowd from daytimes to nighttimes. Another factor could be the shape of your face, and for more information about choosing wigs based on face shape, please refer to our previous blog which covered this topic extensively. Ginger Wig Shades Ginger wigs are getting increasingly more popular over the years with plenty of shades to choose from including pure ginger, blonde, and even more extreme, burgundy. Each of these shades can be regarded as a better choice for people with their unique tastes in colors. However, some of the most welcomed ginger wigs appear to be popular among all. We will pick several of the newest and most welcomed ginger hair wigs to cover in the following text. I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit
  15. Closure Wig typically have a 4x4-inch patch placed on the middle, front portion of the hairpiece. This type of weave does not mask your head but only covers the specific “horseshoe” zone in the center of your head. The patch material that creates the illusion of a scalp can be made of lace or silk. Note that closures alone are usually used to close off an install. This means you may need to purchase additional hair bundles to obtain a full, voluminous wig since closures only cover a small portion of the head. For example, Closure Wigs is often bought along with 3 or 4 bundles of hair to complete a seamless look. Closures are available in many different styles, including three-part, middle part and free part. Three-part closures allow you to part your hair in three different ways. Middle part closures only give you one styling option as you can only part the hair in the middle. Free part closures let you part your hair however you please; this type is often more preferred because of its versatility. Although closures normally come in 4x4-inch size, you can find 5x5-inch, 6x6-inch closure wigs that cover more of the head. You can choose the most suitable option depending on your head size, so it is important to measure your head size before making a purchase. Larger sizes sometimes are a little more expensive. The Pros Of Lace Closure Wig The Pros Versatile part – closures come in a variety of parts – free, middle, three-part, which gives you that simple, sleek, but fierce everyday look. Blends your own hair and your human hair pieces together – if you are a human hair weave wearer, a closure is usually required so that your natural hair and the hairpiece will blend seamlessly together, especially in the hairline area. Perfect for everyday use – if you are the type who is always on the go, closure is your ally. Since it is usually worn with a band or sewed as a removable wig, it is easier to install and remove. Great in covering smaller imperfections in your hair – due to its small size, a closure is definitely all you need to conceal those little hair defects. It is more affordable compared to frontal wigs – it is smaller in size, thus cheaper, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t do its job. Requires little maintenance – thanks to elastic bands, you can easily put your closure on or off whenever you like. It does not require the same hard work you need to take care of glued frontals. I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit
  16. Washing your Colored Wigs after buying it is purely up to you. Don’t forget that each time you wash your wig it shortens its life span a little bit. If you want to wash your wig before the first go, skip the shampoo entirely. Condition and run a quick rinse through the hair, following up with a few spritzes of conditioning spray. Don’t wash new curly wigs with shampoo. You should only deep condition your new curly wig if you decide to wash it. Some Tips You Don’t Do When Caring For Your Colored Lace Front Wigs Don’t use any kind of spray in your wig When you do this, the hair in the wig is more likely to tangle or become greasy and unmanageable, especially if you use a lot of different products, like hold spray, or shiny spray. Some spray is all right! Just don’t overdo it. Don’t Wash Your Wig Too Often You don’t need us to tell you that washing your hair too often can dry it out, turn it brittle, and make it lose shine. The same is true of wigs, both synthetic and Colored Human Hair Wigs. If you’re rotating your wigs, you should be able to wait a few days between washes. If you only have one wig, wait a few days between washes to maintain your wig’s natural luster. Don’t Use Heat To Style And Dry Your Colored Wig When you are styling your wig, know that heat can really damage it! Especially if your wig is a synthetic one, so be careful not to use too much of it. Remember to read the instructions that came with your wig, so you can find out how much, if any heat, you can use. Don’t Sleep of Shower With Your Colored Wig You already learned the proper way to shampoo your wig, so do that, and please, never shower with your wig on, also, take it off when raining too hard. The sleeping part, well, you don’t want to leave it all tangled and full of knots from all the moving around at night. This tip is last, but it’s probably the most important. Maintaining clean hair and a healthy scalp is something you should be doing already. When you have a healthy scalp, you’ll prevent residues, oils, and grease from seeping into your wig. Plus, with a healthy scalp, your wig will feel more comfortable. I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit
  17. A closure is an attachment, It needs to be used with some hair bundles. This is usually sewn in along with hair bundles or making a custom wig by hand. Closure Wig worn more naturally, as if they were in your own hair, the hair really grows from the “scalp”.Generally speaking, we call lace closures as closure pieces, those pieces can be sewed on top of your head to corporate with hair bundles or caps, and it can give the appearance of a natural scalp area. To sum up, there are many kinds of Closure Wigs are sought after by beauty lovers because those bring a more natural look. The lace closure wigs can be subdivided into 4x4 lace closure wigs, 5x5 lace closure wigs, 6x6 lace closure wigs and 2x6 lace closure wigs by size, and for type, they share Brazilian lace closure, Peruvian lace closure, Malaysian lace closure and so on. You can choose curly lace closure, straight lace closure, body wave lace closure, deep wave lace closure or other textures lace closure according to your style. How to Wear A Lace Closure Wig? 1. Wear a wig cap First, tie your hair up and put a Lace Closure Wig over your hair. Try to keep your hair as straight as possible and don't puff up a "hill", which can make you look unnatural when you wear a wig. So, must put flat, it can make the natural vertical. Wig cap must be worn because they protect your hair from breakage. 2. Put on lace closure wig Note that the lace closure wig should be worn from the front. When your hair is braided or twisted , wearing it from the front is the easiest way to wear a wig. This will ensure that the wig is in position and that your wig will move in the direction of the foundation you are creating without breaking it. 3. Fixation lace closure wig Find the comb for the wig, usually in the front and back positions. Try to attach the comb to your hair and then adjust the wig straps so that the wig is attached to your hair. 4. Adjust your hairline After fixing the wig, you'll need to adjust the hairline. You need to use tweezers to pull out the hair, remember not to pull out too much at a time, just pull out a small strand, This needs your patience. Leave lace front wigs with baby hair to make it look more natural. I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit
  18. V Part Wig are received many positive comments from customers once launched on the wig market. Although you can purchase a V part wig human hair, it would be better to make one by yourself. And you can decide exactly where the part will be and how the V Part Wig Human Hair will look. You may not have heard of the term "V part wig," but the concept isn't entirely new. A V Part wig is a new type of U Part wig. The designer improved it on the basis of the U Part wig. Its part shape is displayed as "V", so we can also call it a V Part Curly Wig. The tracks of the weave are sewn onto a wig cap with an opening. The opening of the wig is left for your natural hair to go through. You can blend your own hair through the v-shaped opening at the top of the wig, then create a natural hairline. Some Useful Tips For You 1. If you want to get a most natural look, we sincerely recommend you purchase a V Part Human Hair Wig that is made of 100% virgin human hair. The hair is soft, bouncy, and can be dyed, permed, bleached, highlighted, straightened, or styled as your own hair according to your need. 2. Before you decide to make a V part human hair wig, you had better decide how much hair you prepare to leave out in advance and then mark the V-shaped part on the V part wig cap according to your need, which can help you avoid the V-shaped part too small or too large to some extent. 3. When you start to sew in the first and last weaves on the V part wig cap, please make sure the weaves are laying as flat and close together as possible, which can make the V part wig style and blend with your natural hair much easier. 4. When cutting the excess fabrics, you must take care not to cut close to the V-shaped part. I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit
  19. How to installs HD 13x4 Lace Wig and some honest customer reviews about this lace frontal wig for reference. Before learning how to install an HD lace wig, let us first be aware of the information of the HD lace frontal wig in the video. How To Install The HD 13x4 Lace Frontal Flawlessly Here are some steps about how to put on the HD lace front wig human hair properly. 1、Bleach The Knots First of all, mix quick blue and some salon care cream developer together to get a thick consistency almost like toothpaste. Then use a brush to apply the mixture over the 13x4 Lace Front Wigs and let it on for about 20 minutes. After around 20 minutes, use clean water to wash it off. 2、Pluck Or Tweez Use a tweezer to part the hair and go behind the hairline. Do not keep tweezing over the same spot over and over since that is how you are going to create bald spots and nobody wants bald spots on their wigs. Next, go ahead and tweeze out the hairline so it looks a bit more natural and realistic for when you put on the 13x4 Lace Frontal Wig. Of course. you can use a hot comb to comb the wig just to see if I need to do any more tweezing with it. 3、Put On The Wig Cap Put on a stocking cap and use some makeup wipes to get rid of any excess glue on the forehead. The next step is to use bold hold liquid gold for the cap and go in with the foundation to help you make your scalp looks more natural. 4、Put On The Wig Put the wig on your head and adjust it until it is properly lied on your head. Cut off the excess lace by the sides to avoid it covering up your ears. Then apply the bold hold lace glue to your forehead and use a blow dryer to make it dry. Apply more glue to add layers and go in with a blow dryer on the cool setting. And once the glue is dry, you need to pull the lace down and melt it down into the glue. Continue to cut off all the excess lace and even cut off some hair to make it look like a realistic hairline. And it would be better to use a headscarf to tie the hairline and wait for 15 minutes. I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit
  20. In hair fashion, 360 Wigs is a good choice, weft is another one, but wefts need to be installed in to the natural hair, and usually match with closure and frontal, it spends long time and much money. Compare with weft, wig is a better hassle-free way to make a good look on account of it is more affordable and effective. Well, how to choose the suit 360 Lace Wig seems like an overwhelming process, but when you break it down, know more information about yourself and wig, it is really not that difficult. Here are some tips on how to choose suit your wig. Human hair or Synthetic hair: First, you need to know what kind 360 Lace Frontal you want: a wig made of human hair or synthetic hair. Synthetic hair wigs are affordable price, but they can’t be used with heated styling tool, hard to style and look fake sometimes. Human hair wigs are more expensive, but they look natural, can be restyled, colored or dyed. As well as the human hair wigs take more time and more durable than synthetic hair wigs. When make this choice, you will need to consider your lifestyle and budget. For permanent and long-time use, 360 Lace Front Wigs can be more economical. Wig Type: In hair market, there are a lot of wig type, so the next, you need to know what type wig on sale in market. Full lace wig Full lace wig has an inside that is entirely covered with lace. This wig can be done all kinds of style, perfect for ponytails, up-styles and other hairstyles, so they are considered to be versatile. Front lace wig Different from full lace wig, front lace wig is only lined with lace in the front. The rest part of inside is regular wig cap. Style You have determined what kind wigs you want and knew much information of wigs; finally you need to decide what style wig you need, about the size, texture, length and color. Size it means the wig cap size, there are 3 size, small, middle and large. Middle size usually considered as an “average” size fits most of women, and almost all wigs can do adjustable strap and combs inside it. If you don’t want to measure your head size, just choose middle cap. Texture wigs sale in Blisswig have straight, body wave, loose wave, more wave, natural wave, deep wave, curly, kinky curly, Italian curly and ocean wave. Wavy is the hot sale and looks very sexy. Length Blisswig can do wigs from 10” to 30”, you can depend on your feature and stature to choose the length fit you. Color usually do natural color, if you want to try a special look, you can choose other color that works your skin tones. I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit
  21. A Headband Wig is a wig that has a headband at the rim of the cap and the bundles of hair are attached to that cap. This type of wig does not require any kind of glue or lace to put it on and it slides on quite easily and quickly. It is ideal for beginners as these glueless wigs are perfect and convenient to use. One of the best features of headband wings is that they come with a stylish headband at the front, and you can style your hair in innumerable ways to keep your fashion diva self in style. Curly Headband Wig are the best when it comes to experimenting with hairstyles as they are a lot easier to work around compared to synthetic wigs. Here are some interesting ways in which you can play around with your headband wigs. What color is best for my skin tone? As most styles offer a range of color choices, this is a good final step. As you zero in on styles you like, you can begin to review the colors available. If you're new to wearing wigs, consider staying close to your natural shade to ease the transition. What are human hair headband wigs? Human Hair Headband Wigs, also known as half wigs with headbands, are made of 100% primitive hair combined with materials similar to headbands. Headband wig has 2 clamps inside, and the headband makes the wig tightly fixed on your hair braid. Half of the wig is weft-knitted on lace, the whole wig is breathable and lightweight. Construction of the headband wig Human hair wig with headband is made of 100% virgin human hair. human hair weave is collected from healthy young girl donors and has not undergone chemical treatment at all. It provides you with the most natural look weave. The hair cap is made of breathable and breathable material. There is a clip on the front and back of the hair cap to help you fix the position of the wig well. The elastic fabric is soft and stretchable, so that the size of the cap fits the head. Does headband wigs harm to your hair? It will not cause any damage to your hair. There is no need to use glue to install the headband half-wig, which can prevent inferior glue from harming your health, and no other chemical products to protect your hair and skin. I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit
  22. One of the things we hate the most about a 13x4 Lace Wig install is seeing that it’s a wig. We want persons to think, wow, you’re actually wearing a wig! So, one of the best types of wig to achieve this look is a 13x4 Lace Frontal. But first, what is a lace frontal wig? What is a lace frontal wig? There are different types of lace wigs – full lace, lace caps, front lace wigs. A 13x4 Lace Front Wigs is a wig that has sheer lace along the front area of the wig. This lace rests on your forehead and along your hairline. The reason for this is to give you a natural-looking hairline, so it’s not readily evident that you’re wearing a wig. For example, if you look at the 13x4 Lace Frontal Wig, you’ll see the lace hanging over the front of our mannequin’s forehead. Now, not to worry. We’ll explain how to adjust the excess lace at the front of the wig to ensure it fits you. What you’ll need to install a lace frontal wig Braid your hair into cornrows. Put on your wig cap, ensuring to tuck all your hair into the cap. This helps to keep your hair flattened as well as keep the wig in place. Clean the skin around your edges and make sure to clear any excess oils at your hair scalp. Alcohol can help with that. Put the lace front wig on and line it up properly with your hairline. You want to make sure it fits perfectly and looks as natural as possible. Make sure the elastic band sits behind your ears and tighten or loosen as necessary. Clip back the hair and trim the excess lace at the front. You can trim the lace while the wig is on your head to get a better line up with your hairline. Or you can remove and trim, whichever way you’re most comfortable with. Apply your hair freeze spray along your hairline/edge of the wig, and then blow-dry the area. Do it in sections. Run a comb or brush through the hair. Style to your liking, whether that means styling your baby hairs and flat iron or curl as you like. I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit
  23. It's understandable to sleep in your Closure Wig at night, but you need to take good care of it to avoid hair messing and tangling, especially for the human hair lace wigs we bought with a lot of money. It’s very possible to sleep in your Closure Wigs without damaging the hair, as long as you don’t do so on an everyday basis. When you know removing it before you doze off just ain’t gonna happen, follow these tips to protect your wig during sleep. Wrap your head Whether your 4x4 Lace Wig is human hair or synthetic, it’ll be damaged by too much friction. Friction can deteriorate the fibers and cause a loss of hair over time. It also leads to tangles, frizz, and dryness, all of which are a pain. Sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase Invest in a silk or satin pillowcase for your own bed. That way, if your scarf does slip off during the night, your 4x4 Closure Wig will still be protected from friction and frizz. Brush your wig thoroughly in the morning When you wake up, you may or may not have a serious case of bedhead. Carefully brush or comb your wig to remove any tangles that may have formed overnight. This will prevent the hair from matting or frizzing over the course of the rest of the day. If your hair looks flat in some areas, use a little water, leave-in conditioner or wig spray and gently fluff it. When you wake up in the morning, please don’t be surprised by your mess hair. Use a wide-tooth comb or paddle brush to comb it gently and make sure there is no knots, this will prevent your wig from matting and shedding at day. If it is a little dry, apply some water, leave-in conditioner or wig spray to moisturize it and keep it shiny. Give your wig a break Try not to sleep in your wig often. Over time, all that friction will lead to split ends, frizz, tangles, matting, and other issues. In short, it’ll shorten the lifespan of your wig. It’s not worth it! Buy a sleeping wig Do you regularly doze off with your wig on and/or find yourself reluctant to take your wig off at bedtime? Consider investing in a sleeping wig, which is especially designed to withstand being worn all night long. Many women have both a sleeping wig and a daytime wig; that way, both wigs can maintain maximum longevity. I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit
  24. The T Part Wig is one of the newest wig styles on the market. Not to be confused with a U part wig, the T part is in a class of its own and starting to be loved by many of us ladies who enjoy having a good wig. A wig is defined in three areas: the material, structure, and how it can be styled. Here’s the breakdown on the T part wig. Material: This Middle Part Wig is quite similar to a standard lace wig. However, it has less lace, and so the hand-sewn section is less than regular full-frontal lace wigs. And if you get your T part wig from a store like Mslynn, you can get it in 100% virgin human hair. Structure: You can see from the image where this wig gets its name. The lace part of the wig is shaped like a T. And as you can see from the many T Part Lace Wig in our store, you can get it as a part straight down the middle or to the side. Style: Now, this is where it gets nice. The T part wig is quite versatile, and you can style it in as many ways as persons do with a lace front wig. So, you can get creative with your styles. Straighten. Crimp. Curl. Pros of a T part wig Pros These are just 4 of the benefits of choosing a T part wig for your hair wardrobe. Cheap: The T part wig is one of the most affordable wig types. It is much cheaper than a lace frontal wig, but without diluting the natural-looking effect. Natural results: When you look at the wig cap from the inside, you’ll notice something which we absolutely love. The T part wig has a full front hairline area. So, this leads to a similar natural result that you would get with a more expensive lace frontal wig. Convenient styling: The wig comes ready to use. There’s no need for you to sew the bundle or buy or use any other wig parts to be able to wear a T part wig. It’s wearable right out the box, so you don’t need to know a lot about wig styling to wear the T part. Good quality: Not because it’s cheap doesn’t mean that the wig isn’t good quality. If you get your T part wig from the right store, you can best believe it’s going to look gorgeous and last a long time. I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit
  25. A V Part Wig is a wig that is modified half wig with a v-shaped opening at the top. A V part wig is also known as a v-shaped wig or thin part wigs. The V shape opening tends to help give a more natural-looking hairline. These wigs generally do not come with lace nor do they require glues or gels at all. One of the best things about V Part Wig Human Hair is that they blend with your natural hairline quite perfectly that it will be difficult for people to tell the difference between your hair and the wig’s hair. What’s more, the wig always blends and matches with hair roots, making it offer a more natural look. And since no stocking cap is required, the V Part Curly Wig is an ideal wig to wear every day. And you don’t have to worry about installing and removing this type of wig because no skill is required for that. Advantages of V Part wigs Flexible hairstyle The V Part Human Hair Wig allows you to wear your own scalp with no leave out or just small strands left out according to your preference. Moreover, you can also freely make a middle part or side part according to your needs. In addition to that, you can add some accessories such as clips or headbands to try different styles. Easy to wear As already mentioned, you don’t require any special skill to wear your V part wig. That’s because it is easy and quick to install and remove, allowing you to change your hairstyle pretty faster. It is affordable We live in a world where we want to save even the littlest amount we can. You can easily achieve that if you purchase a V part wig. That’s because, compared to other types of wigs, such as lace wigs, the V part wig is still much more affordable. That’s also because of its machine-made construction. A V part wig is among the cheap wigs in the market. Enough space A V part wig with leave out allows the scalp and hair to have a break. In addition to that, it is easy to cleanse and care for your scalp and hair regularly since you can easily access them. It doesn’t require glue V Part wigs are generally an ideal option for ladies that are allergic to glues or adhesives or have sensitive skin. That’s because they do not require glue to install. So there will be no more scalp irritation due to chemicals or no pulling of the skin due to the glue. And since it has no lace, you won’t have to waste too much of your time cutting and hiding the lace. It is perfect for beginners It doesn’t require any skill to put or remove the wig, making it perfect for new wig wearers. Also, you don’t need to cut the extra lace. I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit