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About Me

How does an essay start?

First there was a thesis. Yes, not a word, but a thesis/idea/problem/topic. Call it whatever you like. The main thing to remember is that the first step in writing an essay is to choose a topic and a question around which the argument will be focused.

Subject should be:
specific (one essay - one open question).
Writing an essay is an interesting and creative process. Choose a topic based on what interests you. Or you can buy an essay from an author with experience, or it can be academic writers who write well and do not go beyond the topic chosen earlier. Only an interesting topic inspires and motivates even when the research reaches a dead end (and this can also happen).

Only after choosing a problem should one proceed to drawing up a plan. Without a plan, write my paper will be very difficult, because there are some requirements. The basic requirements for writing an essay in 2022 do not concern the structure of the text. However, there is a recommended sequence of opinions that will help beginners write a logical and understandable essay:

Name. Brief but informative. One that would be able to interest and draw attention to itself.
Thesis. Open one question, explain why you chose it.
Arguments. This thesis needs to be confirmed or refuted. You can use your own experience. However, reliable sources give greater expertise to the text.
Conclusion. Generalized opinion, the result of research on the topic (no more than 10% of the total text).
Where can I find material on the topic? A free essay writer can help you in choosing material, or you can search for the necessary information on the Internet.
Even before you start writing an essay, you should collect all the material on the topic. The fastest kind of search is hanging on the Internet. Of course, articles written and rewritten a hundred times are not the best source. However, with a little effort, you can find useful tutorials, research papers, and articles online on a topic that interests you.

Also, do not neglect the libraries - real treasures are hidden there. Some library publications, which may not be available on the Internet, will help to argue the opinion.

And, of course, look for the material in your head. Remember everything you knew: historical events, biographies of famous figures, quotes, etc. All this can be a convincing argument for your position.

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