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  1. Support

    Upload your save, ill load in on my rgh so you won't die and then re-save somewhere so you won't die
  2. Halo: CE

    this is for halo 3, halo 3 is xbox only
  3. Support

    yes you can he was saying you will not be able to add ai to the mp maps they use on spartan ops
  4. Support

    haha i just hope it comes out soon =] im hoping we can mod ai into the maps cuz spartan ops takes place on some of the mp maps
  5. Support

    ok ill try and look there to, it may just be how the halo 4 maps are loaded i cant seem to mod anything, i may just wait till assembly comes out.
  6. ok to make marines not die i would open the map, go to object properties, then objects\characters\storm_marine\storm_marine then click invincibility enum 1 and invincibility enum 2 to true then poke it the xbox right? i cant seem to get it working tho i may just have the wrong map but i think i tired it with all the maps =\ a little spoiler about the map edit: it may be the ascension im using, cuz when i go the weaps and try to change the projectile everyhting is faded out and i cant change anything.
  7. Halo 4

    it will only work if u have the helmet unlocked (at lest for me)
  8. Halo 4

    i found out if u hit invisibility on in campaign it will make ur mp player invisible and it will not show back up. i have tried hitting invisibility off in mp map on main menu in campaign. i gotta try and fix it before the game comes out lol edit: ok i just put a old gpd i had as a backup and it worked =]
  9. ok im trying to play some halo 4 i can not get xlink or xbslink to work =\ xlink shows the people but i can not join anyone xbslink shows the people, i can join then it gets a fatal error and i get kicked out and none will show up anymore... i have pingpatch set to true on dashlaunch i have both port forwarded i have tried both hooked to router and i have tried xbox hooked to laptop and laptop on router. both ways does the same thing i would love to be able to play halo =\ can anyone help me out?
  10. General

    damn that one is nice haha but i already bought the one listed by predator its not the best laptop but for a temp computer it will be fine haha
  11. General

    yea but its just a temp computer until me and my wife get are own place and have room if it plays Fallout NV on max then it can handle what i want it for =p
  12. General

    damn and its a LOT less money, i think ill get this one i may try and find a new one tho. thanks for the link =]
  13. General

    yea i know desktops are much cheaper and better but right now me and my wife are living with my parents, we are stuck in a small room and there is no room at all for a desktop =\. i just want a descent laptop that runs them ok until we get are own place then ill be getting a desktop. like my first post until me and my wife find are own place to live i will have to deal with a mid-range, once we get are own place ill be making a gaming desktop =] it doesn't have to be on high i can deal with low settings until me and my wife get are own place and i have room for a desktop haha. i want to play game's like skyrim, borderlands 2. and few other steam games. like i said before i can deal with haveing to have it on low as long as there is now lag on low. this laptop said it has a dedicated graphics card instead of on-board so it may be descent here is the link to the laptop
  14. General

    link to laptop Model Brand SONY SeriesVAIO ModelSVE1511NFXS General ColorAluminum Silver Operating SystemWindows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit CPU Type Intel Core i7-3612QM 2.1GHz Screen15.5" Memory Size 4GB DDR3 Hard Disk 500GB Optical DriveDVD Super Mult iGraphics Card AMD Radeon HD 7550M Dimensions 14.65" x 9.99" x 1" - 1.32" Weight 7.67 lbs. CPU CPU Type Intel Core i7CPU Speed3612QM(2.10GHz) CPU SupportTurbo Boost up to 3.10GHz Display Screen Size15.5" Wide Screen Support Yes Resolution1366 x 768 Operating Systems Operating SystemWindows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit Graphics GPU/VPUAMD Radeon HD 7550M Graphic Type Dedicated Card Hard Drive HDD500GBHDD RPM5400rpm Memory Memory4GBMemory Spec4GB x 1Memory Type204-Pin DDR3 SO-DIMM Optical Drive Optical Drive Type DVD Super Multi Optical Drive InterfaceIntegrated Communications WLANAtheros WB225 (802.11b/g/n) BluetoothBluetooth Standard (4.0 + HS) Supplemental Drive Webcam1.3 MP HD web camera powered by Exmor for PC and microphone Physical Specifications Dimensions14.65" x 9.99" x 1" - 1.32" Weight7.67 lbs.
  15. Support

    do you have a jtag, rgh or xdk? or r u trying to do this on a retail xbox, because u cant do it on a retail