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  1. Can't reply to the first part but I can respond to the second about builds... Builds are a touchy subject cause there are a few ways people get them; 1. Someone buys an XDK that had leftover files, 2. Someone buys a disc of the build, and 3. Someone speaks to a dev (rarely happens...). I say this cause the origin of a build is never "FREE" so when someone gets a hold of a build they have either sought it out or paid dearly for it... I don't want to get into a discussion whether this is right or wrong but it is what people do, myself included. This is the same reason Halo Wars has not been released most likely. Battlefront had no right being spread the way it was due to its origin but this is how the xbox scene functions sadly when it comes to builds...
  2. General

    I am assuming he is asking if its possible to get an FPS counter on a 360? Which in that case has already been answered... The second question would be answered with a no depending on what you mean by "control." There was a program made by Teh1337 (aka Carter) that could emulate an xbox 360 controller thus allowing you to control the console by clicking in a little program he made on your computer. But this is completely useless and inefficient... Not to mention also requiring a modified console.
  3. General

    You can still access the old layout of your profile if you want
  4. Xell doesnt work on "test kit"
  5. Your best bet is using HvxBootOS 1.0 (like Lehvak pointed out). You'll have to go back down to at least 20353.2 though for it to work. Much much easier then the KK exploit.
  6. General

    I am definitely joining in on this Apologies for the randomness of everything... I have very diverse interests.
  7. Make sure you have the latest Assembly first. Second make sure you that your .campaign file is not "Read-only."
  8. It shouldn't be that big of a deal considering we are going to see the gameplay today anyway. But rules are rules even if its a day early . For people thinking that the scene with the BR is aiming down site I would in my own, and apparently others around the Internets, opinion believe its a different animation for zoom. So no need for the pitch forks just yet. Confirmed descoping is back so I am one happy Halo fan. Will wait for final verdict after today and I personally get a chance to play it.
  9. This is something I had been waiting to see from someone.
  10. Well that's Gamecheats site so I would start there.
  11. I'll chime in and post my thoughts as I have not had anything good to say about the system... First I will say that I have a moderate to good internet about 50mbs down and 14mbs up through Comcast. So with that being said I would think I shouldn't have any problems ummmm wrong. There may be some underlying reason for my issues and someone may point this out but I can assure you I had no struggles with 360. For starters people I played perfectly fine with on 360 I can no longer hear in a party and or game chat. Also connecting to others has been extremely annoying especially in destiny... I get error messages nearly all the time sometimes making the game unplayable. I honestly only have the one for MCC of which I am disappointed with some design choices that are being made which Zedd has already touched on.
  12. Anniversary

    CEXPatcher.rar 98 kb!nh4zgSZK!TxrklVfhtFTfLpAb2UeSuZXuzuEgOIK5JjTPBWCiZog Hopefully this is what you are looking for?