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  1. Hey guys n gals, just wondering when the next gamenight is? Don't want to miss it this time around! thanks everyone
  2. this is awesome! I am glad you had to time to share it zedd
  3. Video

    I was thinking the exact same thing man.
  4. Video

    Hey guys I have been watching a few to many modding videos recently, I was thinking what an awesome idea a montage of mods would be. Now I don't want to be some "Halo Follower" and just rip YouTube videos without permission. I know how that feels, so all content will be credited to the respected creator. So I am asking you to post the best mods you have ever created or seen (with the creators permission.) Creator/Owner :Media link :Description : You can use this to post ^ All videos in this post will feature in the Modtage! Contact Skype: AHP_MasterChafe
  5. Modding

    Awesome!! Part 2 and 3 are blocked in my country. any chance of a re-upload with different songs?
  6. Support

    That picture made my day haha!
  7. Wow thats awesome!!! How did you do it Zedd? I just keep on freezing!!
  8. Halo 4

    download not working bro!
  9. Modding

    Wait what?
  10. Where is the all of the above option?
  11. Not so keen on the mantis but Valhalla I am hoping for some more H3 remakes. Thoughts?
  12. .MAP

    I will happily test .maps for all halo games If you need things recorded I also have a HD PVR
  13. General

    Play guardian, shoot the birds. Dead bird=host Good luck trying to find one mate! I could have a look tonight if I have something... You can also easily make one, hold a spawn point outside the map or below guardian and save the map.
  14. Oh cool as brah, I would post some content but im at work trying to look busy haha Hey Zedd