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  1. .MAP

    pics? and what game is this for? need more info
  2. General

    has this come to a stop now the Reach is out on pc?
  3. thanks for this...tried to use but didnt work? when am i suppose top load the map etc?
  4. General

    Been waiting for this since first map release! Cant wait to see some more releases soon
  5. .MAP

    thanks for this! been waiting for someone to make one for halo reach
  6. Nice hib man I will be downloading and giving a go as soon as I have the free time!
  7. Amazing man.. I havent played my halo 2 on pc in years..Will jump back on to give this a go! Thanks for the release
  8. Anniversary

    just tried on windows 10 and cant get it to work..anyone happen to have file laying around?
  9. .MAP

    still got?
  10. i feel like someone did that once! but nice job Blackdimund!
  11. .MAP

    haha thanks for this lol something small yet impressive haha
  12. thanks for them links Gamecheat!! and update on releaseing anymore mods for halo games? been waiting on campain on MP maps
  13. @ZoVeK possible way to get a copy of the test dlc container??? Only thing im missing
  14. Anyone have Download link?
  15. Just gave it a go and its way cooler then i expected!
  16. Hell yea man...nice job! this a try tonight
  17. .MAP

    Thanks for loving the campaign mods...glad to see people are still modding this game!
  18. .MAP

    thanks for release bro!! any progress on this??
  19. General

    ive never attended any of the other ones because im usually working or busy but if u get this goin i will see if i can try and play that night
  20. General

    how did u get first one if i may ask? lol its not on his site or on video
  21. Support

    thanks man ill take a look at it and give it a go
  22. Support

    can anyone help me with this i still never figured it out lol please
  23. oh man lol i didnt know that haha sorry yea i did it through actual game file editing though lol didnt know about save editing it lol
  24. Did a little something on Midnight Club LA xbox lol changed prices on cars to buy....and made this bus drivable
  25. Support

    i too nedd some help with this if anyone can help lol thanks