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  1. The maps used for achievement horse on YouTube are quite fun. They include pretty much what you've asked for ("obstacle course, and race maps etc"). You can watch the maps being played on YouTube if you want an idea of what they are like. Link to Achievement Horse file share for Halo Reach.
  2. C#

    For the past couple of months, I've been working on a 2D game for my college project which I've made using C# and the XNA framework. I'm in the last stage of black box testing and evaluation so I'm trying to find any bugs or problems with the game by having people test it. I haven't added details of how the game works or what you're supposed to do as I'd like to find out how easy it is for you to understand what to do based on the in-game help guide. Screenshots: Download - Click here There is reasonably loud background rain audio so turn down your speakers just in case. The game will create a folder in your my documents folder for game files. I will likely make the source code and documentation freely available later on if anyone would like to have a look at it for learning purposes or ideas etc. Virus scan by Virus Total. Note: If you had a previous version installed and you get an error along the lines of "Application is already installed from somewhere else", either uninstall from add or remove programs first or put the newly downloaded folder in place of the folder which you installed from last time. Known bugs: -Enemies become stuck behind walls between enemies and players at times. -The initial enemy on the right of the map disappears after killing the blue player if the player doesn't move (but remains standing at the position where the player died as players take damage if they walk into the area where the blue player died). -Light beams are casted from the corner of the player instead of the centre. Credits : AMD - Helped me learn the basics of programming a few years ago. Derek Banas (YouTube) - Where I learnt C# a year ago (after having already learnt visual basic). CodingMadeEasy (YouTube) - Where I learned the basics of XNA. Patrick Lester - Pathfinding algorithm tutorial. Curt - cjc83486 - - Sprite sheet used for in-game characters. It may seem silly that I'm including links to places where I learnt C# and XNA etc. However, I thought it may be useful to people that are currently learning how to code. XNA is quite outdated now but it was a good starting point for making a basic game. Thanks in advance. Update 05/03/17: - Enemies becoming stuck and player disappearing bugs fixed. Update 06/03/17: - Prevented game from crashing when corrupt map loaded into map editor. Update 2 06/03/17: - Added support for numeric keys to be entered for map names. - Corrected issue where light beams were casted from the square in the top left corner of the player instead of the centre. Update 14/03/17: - Fixed issue where players become stuck moving diagonally along walls.
  3. You're alive!

    1. ZenithRaptor


      Coding a game in C# XNA for college project (ik XNA's outdated but it was a good starting point). Finally got the hang of programming last year after you got me started on it a couple of years back :D.

    2. AMD


      Awesome! I'd love to see it when you're done.

    3. ZenithRaptor
  4. Support

    Read these topics If you don't have a modified console: If you have a modified console:
  5. Hello, I've been trying to get the XGD3 discs i've been burning for a while to work in my JTAG xbox. I've tried burning 3 games and none of them work. To burn the game I used this tutorial and all the settings he recommened (I used a verbatim mkm003 and have the drive required for burning xgd3 discs) After the game is finished burning and i insert the cd into my xbox, I try to start the game and it just returns me to the dashboard. Also when I look at the disc in XEX menu it says the drives usage is 0.005/0.005 and only the default xex, system update and two other folders appear. If I insert the disc into my computer's drive and use xbox backup creator's image browser to look at the files on the disc, all the files and folders are there. Does anyone have a solution to this? It would be great if you could tell me. Thanks in advance. Edit: I've heard of pot tweaking my xbox's drive but i don't think that will make a difference as it can run halo 4's retail disc fine. The three games I tried burning are Assassins Creed Revelations, Asasssins Creed 3 and Call Of Duty Blackops 2( blackops2 for a friend ) Solution: pot tweaking
  6. Video: 4v4 slayer map on ravine. Download the map from my file share if you would like to play on it. thanks.
  7. The simple but fun mods
  8. General

    Hope next time its earlier lol
  9. General

    Wait, how do you go up that staircase when that desk with the three monitors is blocking it off. Or is that staircase not meant to be used? XD