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  1. Graphics

    This took me about 10 mins And no Its not se7en sins its part of my gamertag ExeL Se7en
  2. Cool And Gratz Ozzy
  3. Video

    You mean deadline is Jan. 1, 2012?
  4. Graphics

    Not a good selection on the hand that's why there is little lines,
  5. General

  6. Graphics

    I believe he duplicated the layer and changed the saturation to make the spartan behind him blue, then he used the eraser to get rid of the green and show the original blue. And I believe he used a soft brush as the eraser.
  7. General

    My favorite was experimental, I forgot what the original of that theme was called
  8. General

    So the old skin is coming back?
  9. General

  10. General

  11. General

    Only movie I remembered was Lion King lol
  12. General

  13. General

  14. General