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    Modding anything I can!
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    Folsom, CA USA
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    Modding anything I can (Halo 3, Reach, CoD4, 5, 6, and Black Ops

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  1. General

    most achievements are for being in the air... Not too fond of these achievements
  2. General

    haha yeah
  3. Looks awesome, this makes me want an rgh even more!
  4. Support

    No I want one player to be playing his own modded save and another player to join locally but be able to die. Doesn't matter now because I got the Bromageddon achievement today, wasn't hard actually
  5. General

    Yeah it does! @Bloodraptor doesn't really have much of a visor
  6. General

    you have FOTUS??!?!?!!??!!
  7. General

    Yeah I'm using Mark VI right now with the legendary visor
  8. General

    I am really digging Venator and I've always been a fan of Recon. Venator:
  9. Support

    Sure I live in PST-8 Second player doesn't need any mods just to be in game.
  10. General

    You actually don't need to put the guns on the map because of the loadouts and ordinance drops that are provided throughout the game so preloaded guns are unnecessary
  11. Support

    I remember doing it with Halo Reach when liberty first came out. It was accidental actually, logged in on another remote and accidentally joined the campaign mission but for Halo 4 it says that you need to go to main menu to play coop campaign
  12. General

    I am sure there are a few members here that would love to sell you a jtag check in the Buy/Sell/Trade section of the forums
  13. Support

    Since when did they stop allowing another player to join the campaign in progress?
  14. Support

    Is it possible to mod campaign with Liberty and then sign into another account on the same xbox and still have mods on one of the guys so that I can get the Bromageddan achievement? None of my friends have the dedication to die over and over again on legendary difficulty so I want to have at least one of the players be unkillable.
  15. Support

    Oh well then why don't we have all of the episodes now? Aren't the episodes on the network though?