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  1. Support

    Again... you could swap the players weapon on tick and it might make you go deaf and look a little funny but it would get close to what you want.
  2. Support

    Use Horizon's trait editor to give the player no weapons, or get creative and swap their weapon on tick.
  3. Support

    Move the file you're decoding somewhere else?
  4. Support

    Those paths do not look correct...
  5. Modding

    Check their weapon, comparing it with each possibility, and doing BipedDropWeapon then BipedGiveWeapon (add) their gun back. Well you can always just get creative with checking the distance between players...
  6. Modding

    Dominion is a city to look through... It will give you a ton of experience if you learn how to read all of it, and when you do... Find when a team captures an already-captured base, and then reset all of the upgrade-able pieces however you want. For buying upgrades, you're gonna need another terminal which is linked to it's base to do so. Just check if someone tried to upgrade it and that the base it's linked to belongs to them.
  7. Gametype

    And, Spartan, negative spawn sequence is already taken, by the channel for being activated by a forge trigger. If anything awesome were spawn-able via Megalo, it would have been done 2 years ago. Reach is a lot different than Halo 4 in these ways.
  8. Modding

    Try attaching the player to something on their location, or just copy their position to it if that works.
  9. Support

    The indexes are for KSoft, and I highly doubt from my experience that KSoft is rigged like that.
  10. Support

    Just to answer the Horizon "corruption" issue... You have to save gametypes twice (in a row, yes), and they will be fine. It's a glitch that it does that anyway. There are 25 categories, 25 is Community, 6 is Ricochet. Use anything in between those and you should be fine, but know that you need the name "category name" in each gametype that goes into it.
  11. Gametype

    Well the amount of this that I COULD do in Reach is around 80% of everything. However, the amount that I WOULD do is just about 0%...
  12. Gametype

    I gotta ask, why are there six >'s on the Active widget, but ten <'s on the link widget? lol
  13. Gametype

    No room for extra labels, sorry.
  14. Modding

    slv_function Spawn Sequence: 1 (To activate instantly) User Data: -3
  15. Modding

    Nah I didnt ignore it, I get that its gotta be scary, because I know what Slender is. Forcing xray is impossible, and I was simply addressing that your suggestions were mere trait modifications that I have already done. Anyway this gametype has potential, but I cant get a boundary to face the correct direction so I might just make it open-source and leave it alone. I have basically retired from big projects to small requests to fill the last gaps in the customs community. If the MCC is mod-able... Then boy do I have some creations in store!