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  1. Hey my name is Akimbo again haha

  2. Man it's been forever since I've logged in here

    1. AMD


      Nice seeing you again!

    2. [Iconoclast]


      What he said.^

  3. Graphics

    I myself am a huge car fan, and have recently started back up into graphic design again due to my job so I figured why not start a thread for it! Post your cars and truck renderings or anything you've done with them in photoshop! Here's a quick 20 minute edit I did of my car, before and after.
  4. Gametype

    I like the idea, very cool
  5. .MAP

    This thing is dope! Nice work so far man
  6. Other

    Glad to see you guys got this project finished and released, good work guys Can't wait to see further development and updates
  7. General

    This is a pretty damn good laptop It's the one I just ordered, huge 17" screen and amazing graphics. You can buy it new somewhere or just buy refurb on newegg
  8. General

    Yeah there's not really a good gaming laptop unless you want to spend an arm and a leg on an Alienware laptop that is like carrying around a desktop. They are so bulky and square and ugly and weigh a TON. What games are you trying to play and are you wanting to play at max HD settings or what? Let us know so we can help more. Laptops have integrated cards (most do, Don't think i've seen one that doesn't though) so they never really can play a game maxed out at HD graphics or stuff like that
  9. I see what you did there^^
  10. Thats bullshit.
  11. General

    Same as JC
  12. General

    Fat people on fire