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  1. General

    Ohh the wipe outs Is what I don't miss. I used to visit Dallas where they have 50+ft hills with a highway right next to the "safe zone" got on a skate board to see how fast I could go and slammed my knee so hard into the curb I had to get it fixed. Now it randomly just doesn't work. So be cafe-full with the knees! I use my knees every day and it sucks.
  2. General

    That last one, pshhh I meant to do that! Oh yes my extreme sport would be gorging on cheap food and sleeping it off.
  3. Lucky you! I cant decide to make a CNC or spend it all on a 3D printer (maybe years from now) either way they would on the very low end with my budget XD
  4. I thought I would poke my head in here since it has been ages since I have had any free time... I recently got a very nice soldering station, thus I came back to this forum thinking that its time to invest in a nice jtag or dvd drive hack firmware now that I can actually solder. I got me a esd safe station for my High powered laser diodes that have seemed to mercilessly torture my wallet. I find its the protective aspects that really eat your money; filtered goggles/ strict constant current drivers / quality batteries.. Here are some kewel pics The third is 1/4in of abs plastic. Burned abt 3ft away in a few seconds Iv'e been meaning to make a video. If anyone is interested I can do some more stuff. It can also cut though solder and melt it... what have you... I actually started it as a emergency beacon or wide focus flashlight, but there isnt really many safe uses of it. It usually sits in my closet Im gonna get a triple diode custom milled flashlight body for a 6-7watt laser soon
  5. I still like this site

  6. General

    I should have known posting this here...
  7. Halo 1: Basic wepons Halo 2: Same weapon set (we finally get swords) Halo 3: Cool vehicles, Newer-ish weapons, awesome throwable equipment (bubble shield), new grenades... all around my favorite so far. Halo Wars: Who gives a flying fuck... ODST: Errrrrr... Halo Reach: Completely new weapons (in a way), New abilities (sprint, fly, etc...) Halo 4: Kill stuff -> ??? -> Profit But really fill in the blanks for Halo 4 for me please.
  8. To those who didn't recently update skyrim you can just clip though most doors and cellars/walls by running into a platter on flat spots. It will work on most places; if you want I think I still have a video of this somewhere on my computer, you can also use hexworkshop to put any type of item in a barrel (even oghamas book and gold of course) --edit-- For those who don't have a jtag and stuff...
  9. Wow another sd hack, the last time I checked (ages ago) 4.3 was supposedly to be pure evil; yaddaa yadaa; dont install it.... If only the xbox had these kind of exploits. After people screaming at me that their precious wii wasn't "working" I found that you can keep the precious 4.2 and install these wads (in order) using "pimp my wii" to avoid any wiimote disconnects. And now I can scrape the dust off that stupid wii and hide it again to be a permanent movie box. I really do appreciate your guys help!
  10. Hey, at least I tried. It seems like most people have stopped caring... I would use xbox but me and my bro play the shiz out of it. And family thinking they can just watch shows on it whenever would suck very much.
  11. Ok so a while ago i got my (softmoded) wii 4.2u working all the way with 249 and some kind or cios (trucha patch) to play backups (im kinda in the fog abt this)..... SO i am able to play super mario and super smash.... but now my family wants netflix all of the sudden and in stuck on 2.4u..... (and they dont know that its hacked) What are all the new craps I need (ios / cios / patches / programs...?????) I tried pimp my wii but have yet to learn it fully... (i have also tried tutorials abt. Multimod manager online patch and wad manager but wad maneger freezes my wiimote... also I never update so its still 4.2u) -- thanks for your help
  12. My iPod(4g) battery I pieced together blocks from the net and used an "oil" filter to make them look better... Here is the files (with source file) so that you can have this battery on your iPod too. http://www.mediafire...i2rok6v5is1c47o (if you have any suggestions regarding any custom themes let me know so I can make it) **disclaimer: I do not own the images used to make this.
  13. LOL ok, the boot animation on windows7 is just the dots that turn into the classic windows (window).... Its pretty legit, the Norton file insight says thousands of Norton users have used it, blaa blaaa...... Sure I can make a video when I get some time, it really cool.
  14. I re-sized images from a popular .gif on the internet, colored it green, and then painstakingly pieced them together in the activity.bmp strip that windows uses for the boot animation. Enjoy! Activity.bmp (the boot animation) http://www.mediafire...8o6c3d9s2t3vjws Here is the program to inject custom boot animations. http://coderforlife....jects/win7boot/ Maybe one of you smart peoples can put this together for a xbox boot screen?
  15. General

    Wow its about time Minecraft comes to a console platform... I'm guessing it no longer uses java to run the game, and will require a jtag/dev to customize it? (all those java mods...) Is it basic, or able to play on servers?