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  1. I like how the other game nights gave 10+ days before the event to let you know, and this one was like 4 days in advance lol. Never even saw this announcement, too bad.
  2. Request

    Put it in a split archive then (ie. winrar> add to archive...> split to volumes: "500 mb", that kind of thing).
  3. RIP my doggy, died 4th of july. The fireworks didn't get to scare her this year.

  4. Support

    Does that work for pulse? I remember seeing it named, but I feel like I only got frag and plasma to work.
  5. If they have an xbox one as well, shouldn't you just be able to sign into your profile on that? I thought they said games were linked to the account, not console.
  6. What if I own the game, and want to play it on another xbox that I own, on another account that I also own? I have to pay a fee to play my own game?
  7. Support

    Weird, I still see soft barriers, then soft barriers 2. Date of the sddt plugin is just a couple of months ago, did it change since? The value directly below xyz can be set to 0 to remove it as well.
  8. Support

    I just type * and hit enter, in any program that tries to limit the filetype, works even if there is no drop-down option for it.
  9. Support

    You sure? When we were playing Tron on that gamenight, right afterwards I did it to the usermap Snipe had included with his original release. Doing it just to the cpgd made it show up under the new map, but loaded the old one. Doing it to cpgd and mpvr made it show up in the right place, and load the right map, I never re-saved it. Well, kind of. You can re-poke the changes you made in-game, but it's not worth the hassle.
  10. I'm not sure how a map pack would work out with retails joining in, unless we picked specific ones and replaced dlc maps with them (for that matter, can retails even install the dlc anymore without the multiplayer map-pack disk? I feel like modded xbox's used an 'installer' executable to get them working). You definitely don't need a ping patch for original xbox games, I play system link with friends on it at least once every few months.
  11. Graphics

    In this case, I think they're talking about the preview image for individual Halo maps, in the lobby and the map selection screen
  12. This Site

    Weird, it usually happens to me on the main portal. Other stuff glitches everywhere, but not being able to post usually only happens for me in the header version. I guess it's just buggy in general.
  13. This Site

    It does that all the time for me, or posts things that aren't even in the input box anymore instead of what I typed. I usually have to click on the shoutbox link and type from there, and refresh when it stops letting me post or starts glitching.
  14. Modding

    Probably because that made people spawn pelicans/sabres partially inside the map geometry lol. You should have changed the z spawn coords, anything getting stuck inside bsp creates massive lag. ­ ­ And the rest of us being silent because someone told everyone about what he found in objectives while creating a map, an hour prior to the game night. (Should have just poked the sandbox instead of already having it as an option, no one would have accidentally spawned it while messing with the maps ).