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  1. MAYBE HE TURNED INTO MASTER CHIEF TO GET REVENGE. Lol, but I can't help but wonder what happened to him..
  2. The only profit from this is getting the flawless cowboy commendation if you manage to go without dying. each time you press the button itll add one to the counter
  3. General

    HD or bust.
  4. General

    Well yeah, why would I want to buy a JTAG if I already had one lol. Did a tiny bit of PC modding as well
  5. General

    I used to mod lots, I just don't share it.
  6. General

    I kind of left the modding scene for a while, and was getting into retail play alot more. however, with the money to choose between either, I'm not sure if I want to buy a capture card or a JTAG. With a capture card, theres unlimited possiblities for editing and learning. On the other hand, a JTAG provides me with almost unlimited games and entertainment.
  7. Modding

    It's in the beta, who the fuck cares? calm down little trolls.
  8. General

    Alright, so to recieve maximum quality from my monitors im looking to buy a HDMI cable, and record with the black magic intensity pro. Problem is, i dont know how to set up a proper HDMI to DVI audio/video system, as that is my monitors only HD input. This is all done on an xbox 360. Basically... Xbox 360 -> component/hdmi cables -> Black magic intensity pro(card inside computer) -> HDMI out -> HDMI to Dvi converter?(this is the puzzling part) -> DVI -> Monitor
  9. I've done MLG customs in reach, and it's fantastic. There is just something about it that makes it more fun to play.
  10. is still the name of my bookmark
  11. Yeah, MMO is the first thing that came to my mind. Didn't they try making one a long time ago? I remember seeing some alpha screenshots.
  12. General

    Bah, if it has to be 360.. Reach aaaaaaand Geo wars evolved 2
  13. Inheritor is Bungie exclusive rank
  14. Seems like I've taken a rather long vacation from modding. Sorry guys, Normal reach is enough for me :)