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  1. TJ definitely got a "JTAG exploitable Xbox" off of Ebay. He may have done a couple of things, but he did buy it. XD
  2. Lol, who is this Thunder kid XD jk
  3. TJ bought his
  4. General

    Fortunately, the people above have told you how IE sucks. It is the most prone to vir(i?) and is slow compared to mozilla Firefox and Chrome. If you can't spell Mozilla correctly, it looks like Chrome is the browser for you. And me. And TJ.
  5. I made an entire topic about it on my clan for an online game's website. Not sure if its working at all XD Anyways, the siggy idea is good, I will make my siggy link to the site
  6. Hmm, I will post my Gamertag when we start doing contests. Until then, you no have :P

  7. This Site

    Imo, it should be something simple that attracts people to the site easily. Like if someone wants to find xbox mods, they would probably search in google, "Xbox mods". Therefore, my name ideas are such: The last one is more of a joke
  8. This Site

    Or, be able to type /w "user name" "Message" Thats how many games do it.
  9. Graphics

    I think its good, but a little dull compared to the one at the top.
  10. Lol Hey TJ
  11. Thats pretty cool, would love to play it.
  12. Well I could enter with Thunder, if he wants to.