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    Yes, he was banned because of that video. He was banned because he took one of the mods posted on here and adapted it for the explicit purpose of cheating online. It has always been against the rules here to directly facilitate online cheating and we have always immediately banned people for doing it. There is no reason to convert something to support TU1 other than to cheat online with it, because everyone who doesn't want to cheat online always uses the base version of the game. Yes there is: The scoreboard clearly shows that Professional is in the game with Slim Shady Professional commented on the blog post which the mod was taken from The fact that the updated offset wasn't released publicly is even more damning because it proves that it was done in order to cheat online. If Professional had released this publicly first then we would have given him the benefit of the doubt and just assumed that Slim Shady found it independently. We did want it to be known, but the expectation was that it would be used offline. Not to ruin the game for other people and to give us a bad name. You know, it's possible to have fun with mods without being a dick to other people. Also, just saying, we've already started to stop releasing things because of this. There's a difference between doing something with the express purpose of cheating online with it and making something which just so happens to be usable online. We made a gun and it was used to kill someone. You can do fun things with guns that don't involve killing people. Why should we be held accountable? And we still do, as long as those things are intended for offline play only. Wow, 2012? You're really digging now, aren't you? That tool was released before Halo 4 was. You couldn't cheat online with it because there was no multiplayer to cheat in. Furthermore, if you actually read my post, you would see that it was released before any other Halo 4 modding tools were available, and that's why it was significant. Of course we wouldn't praise such a thing if it was released now. Updating a damn offset so that it could be used to cheat online... Modding online has always been looked down upon. There are many things you can do which don't involve ruining the game for other people (just look at Gamecheat's YouTube channel), and we continue to applaud people who put effort into making those things. Assembly was never intended to be used online. When you start it for the first time, you even have to accept a dialog which states that you agree to this, and that you can be banned for abusing it: I'll just leave it at that.
  2. You're alive!

    1. ZenithRaptor


      Coding a game in C# XNA for college project (ik XNA's outdated but it was a good starting point). Finally got the hang of programming last year after you got me started on it a couple of years back :D.

    2. AMD


      Awesome! I'd love to see it when you're done.

    3. ZenithRaptor
  3. The game uses Scaleform to render its UI, meaning that the menu was built with Flash. I don't know a whole lot about it, but apparently there's some sort of markup that they can use to decorate text fields and they aren't sanitizing gametype names. It's not full HTML/CSS or anything.
  4. General

    Theater clips aren't video files. They're just sequences of instructions for the game engine to play back. You will need to use a capture card and record the game in Theater mode in order to create a video.
  5. .MAP

    Locking this because Skate hasn't been active in months.
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    343 isn't releasing it until December. And yeah crusnik, the wait does suck. Hopefully it will be worth it.
  7. Yeah, this kind of annoyed me too. Making you fight three wardens at the same time just kind of feels like artificial difficulty to me. They could have at least given him different attack patterns and weaknesses in the future fights in order to mix things up. You would think that someone as powerful as the warden could learn from his mistakes and come up with a more powerful body each time.
  8. All right, so here's a brain dump of my personal thoughts on the campaign. Overall I'd have to say that I enjoyed it, but I feel like it could have been a lot better than it actually was. The Good I was able to complete it in one sitting without getting bored or frustrated, so I can definitely say that it was at least enjoyable for me.The environments all looked beautiful and detailed. The game ran very smoothly and maintained a solid frame rate throughout.The cutscenes looked amazing too, even considering that they were pre-rendered.I really liked the soundtrack, especially in the last few missions. It had a mix of both old and new (Halo 4) themes in it. Also, the menu music is great as always.I didn't mind playing as Locke. I actually think it's nice to see that 343 is willing to change things up a bit (however, see my comment below on why I think Master Chief should have had more missions).The fireteam concept made some parts of the game more interesting. I know the AI isn't that great, but it was nice to be able to tell them to at least try to target an enemy (and it actually worked a lot of the time for me). At the very least, they made for good distractions when fighting enemies like Hunters or the Warden, because otherwise it can be difficult to get them to turn away. And plus, as OrangeMohawk mentioned, it increases immersion when you're playing co-op.Speaking of Hunters, the fact that they can deflect nades now actually caught me off-guard a couple of times.It was nice to see the Arbiter again, and he looked pretty badass. The mission on Sanghelios was pretty cool too.Skulls are back! I haven't found any yet, but I'll probably go hunting sometime soon.I felt that the difficulty (on Normal, at least) was just about right. Started out simple and then gradually ramped up to the point where you're supposed to fight three Wardens at once (!!!).Exuberant Witness was a great new character and she was really able to lighten up the mood a bit.The ending of the game had some parallels to Halo 4's ending. That was pretty cool.The gameplay was solid and all of the weapons felt useful in some way.The Bad I really didn't care for the story at all. Fortunately there was still a lot that was able to make the campaign enjoyable for me. But I'd have to say that my main complaint was that it just seemed very cliche. Oh no, this sentient AI that we made turned evil and it wants to kill us! What are we going to do?! If that sci-fi trope hasn't been overused to hell, I don't know what has. We get it, one of the possible implications of creating a complex AI is that it can turn evil. Now either do something else or at least add a fresh twist to things. (Also, I like Cortana and wouldn't have minded to see her back in some way, but this specific way they did it didn't appeal to me.)I actually didn't follow the Hunt the Truth stuff, but from what I've heard it sounds like it would have made for a much more interesting story than what we got.Killing off Jul 'Mdama in the first mission came off as being rather edgy to me. Look at us, we spent all this time developing this character and now we killed him IN THE FIRST MISSION! Get hyped! I'd be okay with him getting killed later on, but the way they did it just felt very anti-climactic.I'm kind of on-the-fence about the system where your teammates can revive you. I know that there are a lot of cases where they can't always do that, but I can't help but feel like it makes dying more meaningless and reduces the difficulty of the game. Perhaps encounters were designed with this system in mind (and I hope they were), but it sort of takes away the feeling that previous games had where you could actually be scared of enemies and had to play somewhat tactically because dying meant having to go back to your latest checkpoint. At the same time though, it does reduce the repetition associated with that, so that's good I guess.The characters were flat. The other members of Osiris and Blue Team didn't have much of an impact on anything and the game wouldn't have been much different if they weren't around at all. In fact, Vale's only remotely memorable quote for me was just blatant feminist pandering. Nice.On the topic of character development, Master Chief should have had more missions. Not because I think that Halo should only be about Master Chief, but because his side of the story just seemed more interesting. If they had fleshed out the dynamics between Chief and Cortana more, it would have made for some nice character development.The "walking simulator" missions seemed useless. I didn't hate them, and I can understand why people who are invested in the game's lore might like them, but I feel like they were just added to pad out the game's mission and intel counts so 343i can brag about the game being so much longer than the other games. If they had just been quickly tacked onto the other missions (or even replaced with cutscenes/voiceovers) and more Chief missions were added in their place, they could have done a lot more with the story.Not having splitscreen isn't a big deal for me personally, but I can completely understand why a lot of people are so upset about it. I wouldn't mind reduced graphical quality while splitscreen is active if the game absolutely needs to maintain 60 fps, but apparently that's not possible because Microsoft needs to push the agenda that consoles have amazing graphical capabilities.My final rating for the campaign is 7/10. The story was a big letdown for me, but everything else was solid. I'll probably attempt a Legendary playthrough at some point or another, and I might revise this post afterwards in case I have any new thoughts on the story that weren't as obvious to me before.
  9. If you have not played the entire Halo 5 campaign, turn around now unless you don't mind being spoiled. Well, Halo 5 has been out since the 27th now, and the campaign has gotten tons of mixed reviews. What do you think about it? What did 343 do well, and what could be improved upon? Please remember to be respectful of others' opinions, and try to back up your statements with evidence. Also, spoilers do not need to be tagged here, because you can assume that everyone here has finished the game. (But they do need to be tagged anywhere outside of this thread until further notice.) I'll be posting up my personal thoughts soon.
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    I am Bump Jelly? No! I am Skeleton Jelly!
  11. That's a pre-release build of Halo 4...
  12. General

    This thread is going nowhere and now it was just bumped. Locked.
  13. Yes, it works fine on Windows 10.
  14. Do you have xdevkit.dll in your Assembly folder?
  15. .MAP

    Just a tip, you can use Assembly's search feature to find bitflags: