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  2. I have been out of the Halo modding scene for awhile, was there anything new in the Halo 3 MCC PC map files that was not in the retail versions? Like new models/textures? It seems that since this is for PC a lot of the info regarding this game is scattered and can't be found all in one place.
  3. Progress I guess...
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    Thanks man, I appreciate it. Thanks for tuning in and remember... YOU ROCK!
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    I kind of took a break from the Halo modding scene. I started modding Super Smash Bros. Melee for fun to see if I could apply what I have learned from 3D modeling, hex editing, and texturing.
  8. General

    Looks like a lot of fun, it makes me happy to see people are still creating content.
  9. Modding

    There is this problem in the Halo 3 Beta that I have encountered when replacing bitmaps in the The textures overlap and the replaced bitmap can only be seen up close. Is there any way to fix this?
  10. Modding

    Found this old screenshot, does anyone know how to get into debug director (flycam) again?