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  1. This weekend should work. How many people do we have for this so far?
  2. Killswitch I'll add you tomorrow. Any idea when this is gonna happen?
  3. Let's play some Halo 3 guise ;_; pls

  4. I'l definitely be up for some Halo 2. I've used XBC before and xlink kai but never heard of XBSlink so I vote for xbc
  5. Here's my entry. I believe it was a double kill and overkill back to back.
  6. General

    Just felt like checking up on the old modding community. I'd love to come back but I have yet to get either of my jtags fixed, and school has been taking up a lot of my time. I've gotten back into yugioh more as well which will consume some cash. Recently I got Halo 2 finally set up on XBConnect and plan on playing quite a bit. Also got a new gamertag for xbox live. I'll always check up and see how everyone is doing although I don't know if everyone I used to know has the same account/name but whatever. If you wanna play with me I'll just post my stuff and then I'm out. No clue when I'll check this again or how many people will see this but I'll check up occasionally. Dueling Network name (Yugioh online): godlikekitten XBConnect: godlikekitten Xbox LIVE (Mainly play BF3): KittenIsGodlike Take it easy.
  7. Both of my jtags are dead. No .maps. :(

  8. GodlikeKitten
  9. Is this possible to set up? It's all I have available and I'd like to play some Halo 2 again.
  10. Gonna start modding Reach around may 24 until the end of the summer. I hope to actually get a .map mod map pack for you guys.

  11. Support

    Wow. Thanks Bunnyz
  12. Support

    I got Ascenion and all that and the latest plugins but I still can't see anything. I keep getting "Plugin not found for class " for every tag.
  13. Support

    It was on HaloTutorials but got deleted. And for some reason I stopped jtagging and deleted the .patch. You can find pictures of it on his photobucket though
  14. Support

    1. What happened to Chrisco? 2. Does anyone have the segway patch he made?
  15. .MAP

    You patch the .map (bunkerworld.MAP) in ascension and then add the .map to wherever your downloaded maps are