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  1. @Predator I never left. I forgot about this site. I got directed here by TJ one day. @AMD PM I will give you my account for TTG
  2. AMD You know I love you in a non-bisexual way
  3. Can some1 remake this using the System GUI. I like this GUI but I want to be able to use this in a program or something. I just cant use this one. Please someone remake this one in System. Im begging
  4. This Site

    Is that all you code is spam bots? lol they are so easy all you really do is Button1_Click Timer1.Start Button2_Click Timer2.Stop Timer_Tick Blah not coding this one
  5. Modding

    Some one didn't change his tampon
  6. uMad Random? You know you can't do anything.

  7. Thanks
  8. This is old but still that halo 2 is offline :'(
  9. General

    i have gotten banned for doing this so i stopped and i have been modding for awhile to
  10. Halo 3

    lol now we need an injector
  11. General

    u can get banned for this now
  12. Your a fake. I found this on google within one search. Next time try not lying then you might be cool. Also all you did was edit so the pic would be smaller