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  1. One small question, do you know how to make graphics mods, Halo 5 Pc specifically.  Side note great halo modding content, keep up the great work!


  2. do you know how to correctly add chunk to any reflexible of scnr tag (weapon pallete equipment or character pallete) in halo 2x? 

  3. The main thing is that memory limits/sizes prevented having more than a handful of objects on Edge before it crashed. It should no longer be an issue.
  4. For the animation stuff (assuming you took your odst from a map with all the vehicles)
  5. The h3 font doesnt have an image for the silenced smg, and the definitions in assembly doesn't have "</smg_silenced>" as a valid h3 unicode.
  6. heres a little thing. injected the beta shaders/bitmaps.
  7. .MAP

    Needed for AI, but not needed for getting the bsp to load in multiplayer, which was the point of that tutorial. These things happen when someone cares enough to look into something, which since sync problems are a thing, not I or anybody else looked into bringing the extra AI stuff with a BSP.
  8. same as the game normally does in theater, just higher numbers and access to the raw image
  9. personal research into the ingame screenshot setup.
  10. Depends. Map-based globals will only affect scripts. But engine globals can affect the actual code so that it can save/sync to the gamestate. For engine globals, like script opcodes, you don't get names unless maps use them. Also to post something for the thread here is chief inheriting a cutscene animation, which is actually easier to accomplish than batch changing graph index values like you have to do for not-cutscenes.
  11. nah it is null
  12. Support

    Haven't tested to be certain but it should be possible through just the "Scenario Zoneset Groups" block alone by copying the values from the zoneset that uses the bsps you want. Beware of intro cutscenes that may have their own zoneset which gets switched out afterward.
  13. General

    The functions they run don't exist and instead point to "do nothing" functions. Anything there would have to be remade from scratch. Kornman made the original script xmls so I don't know exactly how he gauged the "null" option in them but I assume he just kept a list and any repeat function pointers were deemed useless.
  14. Applying an old patchdat wouldn't harm anything, but creating a new patchdat from a map with tag injection might cause problems. In which case applying said patchdat would only change the 16mb contained in the original map, but not apply the 100+ mb of injected tags/resources to go with it, corrupting the map.
  15. Not sure what all patchdat supports but asmp is the way to go these days. I'm pretty sure if you try applying the patchdat you made to a fresh map you'll just get a corrupted map.