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  1. .MAP

    I'd much prefer that the current dev branch isn't referenced around as "use this instead" for new folks. Any TAGC files made with it can be subject to becoming incompatible if I tweak the format again. The answer you want OP is "with raw".
  2. Modding

    the mode is still there but needs to be forced, but then you are stuck alternating between third and flying.
  3. hey old friend, even tho you may not remember me lol. I started modding again and saw u post on a xbox360iso thread (You need to remove the Map Pass flags in the header with a hex editor to allow this to work without it. Should be at offsets 0x234 and 0x244, with a value of x80 each. Make it x00 instead.) It was about halo 4 and the majestic  map pack, and using hex editor to take down the flags. Just wondering if I could get some help doing this...!

    1. screwlegg


      Holy shit I got it to work. I found the go to command. bro you are a genius forreal I literally see your work everywhere. well hopefully you write back to me anyways.  you helped me back in the day when everyone was using a jtag!!!!! hope your doing good brother

  4. General

    Could try making a backup of the scnr plugin and chopping it down to just the encounters block.
  5. General

    CE? Looks like actr's "type" enum should work. Otherwise theres a team override enum in the scnr encounters block.
  6. .MAP

    "Crate projectile" was actually a fairly recent (well a year or two now) thing. Also don't need to null the initial projectile. Originally the initial projectile was always replaced, but starting in Reach I think that started to become a little unstable and occasionally crash the game. This lead to effect spawning up until crate projectile was found.
  7. Support

    null the "forge hud" ref in chgd
  8. The BSP tutorial can still help, just follow it in reverse up to where the new bsp gets injected. Open a clean sandbox to get the original block offsets for stuff as you go, assuming they were swapped out in ai playground and not edited in-place.
  9. Modding

    That tool in the tutorial does not support h4 at this time.
  10. The xbe enables 4 players in campaign, the ppf mods add spawns and more to improve gameplay. The ppf creator is listed in the moddb link you posted, "rickstar12".
  11. I only made the xbe mod, not the ppf mods. I cannot help with porting over the ppf mods. Here is the xbe mods added to the default.xbe you uploaded!T5EVWKSI!iku8jlPQyg7h1qIOfX0nfauvzESP69hGvCGakZDblVM Please remove the link to the full game as it is against the site's rules.
  12. I was under the impression that default.xbe was the same between regions. I made default_coop.xbe so if you want to PM me the korean default.xbe I can mod it for you.
  13. Yes, if your dashboard lets you select default_coop.xbe instead of default.xbe to play. If not, you may need to delete default.xbe and rename default_coop.xbe to replace it.
  14. You would have to contact the creator of the mod, only they know what was modified in the maps. But you should still be able to have 4 players if you copy only the default_coop.xbe from the download and run it with the original Korean files. Spawns might be weird but it should be playable.
  15. Can I ask you a favor? I am a Halo gamer living in Korea. Many Korean Halo gamers respect the mode created by foreigners. However, the foreign site mode does not apply to the Asian version of Halo.
    So, can not you solve the problem of Korean version Halo? ← 'Would you like to subscribe to the halo original player for xbox with 4 players' screen? Korean version of mode?
    If you wish, I will send you the file 'Korean Original XBOX Version - Halo CE ISO' by e-mail.

    We apologize for any inconvenience.
    My email is '[email protected]'.