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  1. Modding

    Would it not be easier to replace the conditionals/difficulty to be like (if (>= game_difficulty_get_real) easy) instead of trying to reorganize? Or even, I assume (if (!= game_difficulty_get_real) 4) where the value is outside of the difficulty enum?
  2. I have a fix for cortana moments, but I'm not confident that the fix won't cause other problems, as the issue doesn't seem 100% directly tied to the moments. If you can poke, writing the bytes "4800" to 8246F398 will work. (To be sure you're in the right spot/TU, do a get/peek and you should see "419A0104", which you will change to "48000104")
  3. By running the correct xex now the checks are already gone. The checks arent per-map its all in the xex.
  4. that video links to an xex and patched maps.
  5. how do you even work this I cant download any mods

  6. how do you put this on your Xbox 360

  7. Hi, can you tell me how to make a spartan ops map into a multiplayer map?


    Hello I got a question for you sir


    Halo 3(and 2 possibly)-Campaign weapons that are laying on the ground/weapon racks/unoccupied vehicles/ nonstatic  scenery like crates how do I remove those? 

    Where do I look for that in assembly? Is it possible to fully remove those files and have the game load normally? 


  9. Hi, can you tell me how to change map information in assembly?

  10. been working on a thing
  11. The original game is possible with edits, but I still need to see if theres a count anywhere for the number of connected controllers to read from.
  12. Modding

    Been busy but congrats for getting the older code working I guess?
  13. Modding

    Yeah I modified the game code to use those 2 values from the video. I need to find the code edits to replicate it (I got lots of folders with lots of text files to dig through), then you'd just run the modified xex and it will work like you see there.