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  1. The beam rifle part is controlled by the damage table in matg. Only "sniper" and "plasma_fast" (both applied to the beam rifle in objects\weapons\rifle\beam_rifle\damage_effects\beam_rifle_impact.jpt!) are set to do any damage to his shield, "energy_shield_invincible". You could go through and make every group have a normal 1.0 (or higher?) multiplier against it and anything should damage his shield at that point. The shield itself is scripted, along with the initial shield being scripted separately.
  2. Anniversary

    seems to work for me, or says it did anyway. are you running as admin or whatever? Are you dragging onto the exe or the open program because you should do the latter.
  3. Anniversary

    Dunno if this is that latest version but!u81BQIKA!2xunSn-ZhekLtsoyim_I66YDm3KGVHGxNQZR1LRhDdk
  4. Are you in a readonly directory or anything? Do recent files in the start page save correctly?
  5. Did you extract it from the zip/rar first?
  6. Modding

    Only thing is this extraction script for h2
  7. Modding

    Raw pages are compressed with Deflate/GZip (pre-Halo 4), so you'll need to do that first, then you can jump to your segment offset and grab the data. And nah, there isn't really any discord for this.
  8. Hi lord Zedd I have been trying to install your better pelican on spire mod but every tim i go on to reach and load it says players failed to load content and if i crack that it comes up with the dirty disk i need help please.

    1. GrifMX


      You need a moded default.xex


  9. Modding

    Halo 4 has tags for each button layout that you can customize using Assembly, other Halos are hardcoded with little research going towards figuring the system out. Other games would depend on their engine, like unreal games might have more accessible button configs if you dig.
  10. Support

    Those are regular 360 containers. One is MP the other is the first half of SpOps. Modio, Velocity or similar can open them and it will have all 3 of the file types in there.
  11. Support

    Sounds like you can already get into the lobby via modded xex or whatever. So follow this. There's no pck files for disc 2 so ignore that part. (For multiple dlcs you'd need to mod your mainmenu and add the pck entries to matg otherwise no sounds, check my offline spops mod, as I did that there.)
  12. help. when I download map for halo reach says the players could not download the content.
    rgh hack patch


  13. Test kits can't poke without private(?) modifications. Theres files out there that claim to do stuff but they mostly do nothing or just change the launcher to say dev but nothing else.
  14. One small question, do you know how to make graphics mods, Halo 5 Pc specifically.  Side note great halo modding content, keep up the great work!


  15. do you know how to correctly add chunk to any reflexible of scnr tag (weapon pallete equipment or character pallete) in halo 2x?