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  1. .MAP

    The current updates for Assembly are a little restricted in that regard, but you can temporarily fill in tagrefs with other tags as long as you remember to null them again after injecting.
  2. .MAP

    Never heard of using the least saves, but I have advocated for using as least individual injections as possible, as in keeping everything from one map as one tagc.
  3. Other

    2016 is the latest "official" binaries until I'm satisfied with the dev branch.
  4.  Hello sir I just wanna say I’m new here and I wanted to ask you is there a way I can rank up on halo reach with the mod??

  5. Reach

    Since it don't hurt anything, TU1 at address 8202A6C0 write 825D3D58.
  6. The cfg file in the game root can be modified to unlock all the skulls and stuff iirc.
  7. Anniversary

    I don't quite recall anymore, I think the swap was needed to view the maps correctly in Eschaton. But maybe that step got removed at some point. And it should be able to swap both ways.
  8. Anniversary

    You need: Map Endian Converter CEA Compression Tools And I just uploaded the Eschaton AE I have here!DtURjCJC!I0AuEmvgPkpzCZlkLQ6yH6jeHBGXDWwRbEQOAxIGm9Q
  9. Support

    You aren't going to avoid the colors, those are your player colors. Setting an ODST will be tricky because m45 doesn't have an ODST variant defined. It won't poke but if you press the + button under Variants in HLMT, add 1, then copy everything according to "odst_light" from the marine HLMT in m52. Use the + button for the Regions and Permutation blocks as well. Then afterwards you can set "Default Variant" in BIPD to "odst_light".
  10. Support

    Don't change HLMTs but also you need to null PMCG in MATG.
  11. General

    Set the 5 floats at 82A456F4 to 0 to disable the blur. (TU1)
  12. The campaign spartan has all the multiplayer variants stripped. The multiplayer version of the mode tag would need to be injected (using a self-compiled build from the dev branch of assembly), but as I found making my video, you have to manually strip the shaders for variants you arent going to use as well or you will run out of game memory. On top of all that its gonna look as terrible as you see in my video until if/when injection is further refined to support the relevant data.
  13. .MAP

    That's a Spanish site, so I assume you downloaded a Spanish Halo 3. Most if not all mods on here are for the English version.