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  1. You'd be no better than the cheaters, even if it is for "revenge".
  2. Not with assembly. Those features are only for H3 and later.
  3. Other

    It's really a shame because Professional seems like a smart dude but then he goes and does/helps with online mods.
  4. General

    I am under the impression that nobody has it.
  5. Hi friend, how do I put the GRD helmet patch on halo reach?
  6. Would it be possible to edit or inject gametype settings into the campaign settings? Like could you change the player's scale or force them into a vehicle? I don't have a modded xbox to test this but it'd be interesting if it was possible.

    1. Dudeguy77


      I'm talking about the Halo Reach campaign settings mod you did, sorry I didn't specify.

  7. I don't have any sapien experience but I don't think there is a way to make it use gpu without the source code.
  8. Support

    If it's also happening with unmodded maps, it's probably something else. Can you test with clean xexs as well?
  9. Support

    The answer is 48, and are you in the right BSP?
  10. General

    Why would you want to do that?
  11. General
  12. Support

    The pelican won't match the falcon regions exactly. Probably best to remove any instance of region changes.
  13. Support

    Not really its all the same
  14. Support

    You would need to copy the "Omaha Damage Sections" block from the scorpion hlmt or whatever and fix it up where needed.
  15. Support

    The spire map is a bad place to get a pelican because that mod was made before injection. it used a lot of existing tags which causes the problems you are seeing. Get it from campaign and fix it up.