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  1. Thanks for all the cools mods my man.

  2. Other

    Would you mind PMing me the full map file?
  3. Other

    What version of Assembly, are you personally testing these patches too so that its not others having the wrong xex or something? If the patch was made with the dev branch, try the regular version. I don't believe I touched patching stuff but maybe I did?
  4. How do i get the cliffside map conversion to work i have done every step right and it still says "failed to load content" H E L P


  5. Support

    The tag blocks.
  6. Support

    Very last block of ltvl, replace it with and treat the first 3 values as red, green, blue. adjust each entry to match. All entries must be changed unless you want something like this tweet
  7. Modding

    It's possible with the wip dev branch of assembly if you compile it, but halo 4 doesn't leave much console memory to spare in many cases so the full mp spartan won't work very well. For my video I had to remove the shaders for all armor I didn't need/use in order for the map to actually load.
  8. Support

    if you have a specific example that would be helpful, but since assembly steps through plugins to extract tags things shouldnt change unless you were to swap in some plugins that have less tagrefs defined.
  9. Support

    Filesize was just a general indicator, which isn't as useful with the latest Assembly since it reuses resource pages where it can, reducing the filesize.
  10. Support

    Do you have a list of what you extracted to make the big tagc crash? or still have the tagc files? And some patches with descriptions of what objects break? PM me. Inherently, "inject all the things" mods will start bumping into memory limits of the console. If there is some other issue(s) happening, I am not aware of any specifics that would help in solving it right now.
  11. More Assembly work, taking injection from this to this
  12. Support

    mulg tag for armor, animation you'd have to edit the scripts as that's what sets the animations.
  13. .MAP

    The current updates for Assembly are a little restricted in that regard, but you can temporarily fill in tagrefs with other tags as long as you remember to null them again after injecting.
  14. .MAP

    Never heard of using the least saves, but I have advocated for using as least individual injections as possible, as in keeping everything from one map as one tagc.
  15. Other

    2016 is the latest "official" binaries until I'm satisfied with the dev branch.