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  1. General

    Set the 5 floats at 82A456F4 to 0 to disable the blur. (TU1)
  2. The campaign spartan has all the multiplayer variants stripped. The multiplayer version of the mode tag would need to be injected (using a self-compiled build from the dev branch of assembly), but as I found making my video, you have to manually strip the shaders for variants you arent going to use as well or you will run out of game memory. On top of all that its gonna look as terrible as you see in my video until if/when injection is further refined to support the relevant data.
  3. .MAP

    That's a Spanish site, so I assume you downloaded a Spanish Halo 3. Most if not all mods on here are for the English version.
  4. i have a problem with anything relaited to campaign , when i load a map the game freezes in the loading screen. 

  5. Your ff10_prototype is set to read-only.
  6. neat
  7. Support

    I'd suggest just using Liberty (a save editor) instead. You would need offsets for each weapon in each map for your proposed tool, at which point it would be easier to just pull up each mission as you play in Assembly.
  8. Incorrect
  9. That's already linked, its "Halo 3 Pre-Release"
  10. Its been done, but I misplaced my notes for the exact offsets.
  11. check messages
  12. The download includes patches for the xex and mainmenu. The xex should have 4 player coop already. I've made 4 player coop mods for every game so that video is probably using them.
  13. .MAP

    I'd much prefer that the current dev branch isn't referenced around as "use this instead" for new folks. Any TAGC files made with it can be subject to becoming incompatible if I tweak the format again. The answer you want OP is "with raw".
  14. Modding

    the mode is still there but needs to be forced, but then you are stuck alternating between third and flying.