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  1. Modding

    It's possible with the wip dev branch of assembly if you compile it, but halo 4 doesn't leave much console memory to spare in many cases so the full mp spartan won't work very well. For my video I had to remove the shaders for all armor I didn't need/use in order for the map to actually load.
  2. Support

    if you have a specific example that would be helpful, but since assembly steps through plugins to extract tags things shouldnt change unless you were to swap in some plugins that have less tagrefs defined.
  3. Support

    Filesize was just a general indicator, which isn't as useful with the latest Assembly since it reuses resource pages where it can, reducing the filesize.
  4. Support

    Do you have a list of what you extracted to make the big tagc crash? or still have the tagc files? And some patches with descriptions of what objects break? PM me. Inherently, "inject all the things" mods will start bumping into memory limits of the console. If there is some other issue(s) happening, I am not aware of any specifics that would help in solving it right now.
  5. More Assembly work, taking injection from this to this
  6. Support

    mulg tag for armor, animation you'd have to edit the scripts as that's what sets the animations.
  7. .MAP

    The current updates for Assembly are a little restricted in that regard, but you can temporarily fill in tagrefs with other tags as long as you remember to null them again after injecting.
  8. .MAP

    Never heard of using the least saves, but I have advocated for using as least individual injections as possible, as in keeping everything from one map as one tagc.
  9. Other

    2016 is the latest "official" binaries until I'm satisfied with the dev branch.
  10. File Name: Offline Spartan Ops File Submitter: Lord Zedd File Submitted: 01 Apr 2015 File Category: Halo 4 So I finally managed to get it working. So in development, 343 used a special lobby, "pve_development_only_custom", in order to test Spartan Ops locally. As seen in the Halo 4 Beta, pve_dev was a slightly modified Reach firefight lobby. By injecting the level select and gametype select UIs and modifying them, I managed to get only so far, because assigning pve_dev a screen and trying to visit it crashes the game. I tried a few things, such as not assigning pve_dev and simply "backing out" to it, which kept me in the same lobby I backed out from, but presumably as pve_dev. It always kicked me back to the lobby after the countdown I gave up for a bit. Recently I thought to crash it with Visual Studio attached. Luckily enough, it told me about an exception getting thrown. Investigating that exception, I found a switch case that doesn't catch values past 0xC (theater). pve_dev happens to be 0xE, which means it was reading an instruction as an address, and therefore crashing. At the expense of some matchmaking lobby code (you guys don't need it, right?) I wrote up some code to catch 0xD/0xE and send them to the campaign code. It worked! Because it's using the campaign lobby code, it isn't perfect but that cannot be helped with the original code missing like it is. That said, I researched CUI a bit and cleaned everything up to be more presentable, including a custom lobby, "final" strings for FFGT missions and mapinfos, injected the 1.5 missions, and added proper blfs for every map. As a last-minute addition, I figured out how pck files are loaded and added paths so that all spops/dlc sounds will work, granted you have the pck files for them (not included). Here is a screengrab of my English(US) folder to use as a guide What this rar has: the mainmenu patch the xex patch for TU7 (which works just like my other xex patches) modified mapinfos and blfs for all 15 maps. What you need to supply yourself: clean disc xex tu7 patch files the spops maps from disc 2 the 1.5 spops maps from XBL (or wherever, but its free so why not get it from the source?) If you know what to do with them and don't want to go through patching, here are the xex changes (TU7) At x826777B8, x826777C0, and x826777C8 - Change each to x826778C8, which will set up a change to the matchmaking lobby code, giving us free space At x826778C8 - Change to x397F00075563003A, this is is to finish the above, just a copy of the other lobbies' code At x8267778C - Change to x48000084, this is the "hook" for the switch case so we can catch pve_dev's value At x82677810 - Change to x2B1E000C57C0103A4199FFC84BFFFF74, this applies the shift that we overwrote to branch here, then checks values greater than xC, and sends them to the campaign code, anything else returns to the original switch All done! This mod has been tested over system link and appears to work fine. I do not guarantee the accuracy of these internal FFGT Spartan Ops gametypes. The missions I've played appear to work fine. When starting the game, make sure the map matches the name in parenthesis in the mission name. If they do not match the game will load but nothing will happen and you won't be able to spawn. Bugs/Issues: This mod does not cooperate with While it is possible to fix, the _patch map has its own strings so every gametype is blank. To work around this, simply add rename "" in the games root. onyx_patch and onyx_spops_patch should work fine. The lobby resets on every instance, which is due to it using the campaign lobby code. Every time you back out or finish a game the gametype will clear and the map will get set to Prologue The gametype list is limited to 32 items, whereas there are 50 spops missions, therefore only episodes 1-5 show by default and 6-10 need to be poked. Poke 0xBE54ED1C to the offset 0xBE54CA78. Or in Assembly, change the address of the "Spartan Ops Variants" block in multiplayer\game_engine_settings_new.wezr to 0xBE54ED1C. As mentioned above, there will be no sounds unless you have the corresponding .pck files, which again look like this Not all gametype options may work, which is an engine thing. Usage: Patch with Assembly patch default.xex with the included batch file backup your spops mapinfos copy the info and images folder to your maps folder, it will overwrite your existing mapinfos copy your .pck files to your "\sounds\English(US)" folder or equivalent rename "" in the root if you have it Ingame, simply chose Spartan Ops from the Infinity Menu and you'll be in. Choose a mission, then select the matching map found in the gametype's name, and enjoy some offline Spartan Ops! Mirror: Screenshots: Click here to download this file
  11. Reach

    Since it don't hurt anything, TU1 at address 8202A6C0 write 825D3D58.
  12. The cfg file in the game root can be modified to unlock all the skulls and stuff iirc.
  13. Anniversary

    I don't quite recall anymore, I think the swap was needed to view the maps correctly in Eschaton. But maybe that step got removed at some point. And it should be able to swap both ways.
  14. Anniversary

    You need: Map Endian Converter CEA Compression Tools And I just uploaded the Eschaton AE I have here!DtURjCJC!I0AuEmvgPkpzCZlkLQ6yH6jeHBGXDWwRbEQOAxIGm9Q
  15. Support

    You aren't going to avoid the colors, those are your player colors. Setting an ODST will be tricky because m45 doesn't have an ODST variant defined. It won't poke but if you press the + button under Variants in HLMT, add 1, then copy everything according to "odst_light" from the marine HLMT in m52. Use the + button for the Regions and Permutation blocks as well. Then afterwards you can set "Default Variant" in BIPD to "odst_light".
  16. Support

    Don't change HLMTs but also you need to null PMCG in MATG.
  17. General

    Set the 5 floats at 82A456F4 to 0 to disable the blur. (TU1)
  18. The campaign spartan has all the multiplayer variants stripped. The multiplayer version of the mode tag would need to be injected (using a self-compiled build from the dev branch of assembly), but as I found making my video, you have to manually strip the shaders for variants you arent going to use as well or you will run out of game memory. On top of all that its gonna look as terrible as you see in my video until if/when injection is further refined to support the relevant data.
  19. .MAP

    That's a Spanish site, so I assume you downloaded a Spanish Halo 3. Most if not all mods on here are for the English version.
  20. Your ff10_prototype is set to read-only.
  21. neat
  22. .MAP

    Doesn't take nearly as long as sounds do, promise. Again, turns out the SDK handles the file conversions. Update 3: New tool, new info Update 2: Oops rawpage no worky for this right now. Update 1: Added new version of Injection Helper, added tutorial for converting an adj bin with unbundler Gonna need some things: Assembly, 360 SDK installation, specifically, bundler.exe and unbundler.exe found in "\Program Files\Microsoft Xbox 360 SDK\bin\win32". (No links)Adjutant!dwlyiS6Q!WCYcmLZE3d1tUNFJj5z8ktmMiZ3HU2EJpAYfzGVRs4QEasy Bitmap Injection tool image editor that can open/save as .TGA (Photoshop works but costs money)Hex Editor (I use Hex Workshop, but any should do)(Manual Only) MapExpand that supports raw (blamite edition) (This particular link is the latest version that doesn't require that extra verbose option)(Manual Only) OrangeMohawk's convenient Raw Page Hash Checker Tool 1. Deciding Your Bitmap As is common in all these injection tutorials, you need to know what you want. While you should be able to replace an existing bitmap without Either way you will be using an existing bitmap as a base to duplicate off of, but are you modifying something existing or plan on making something all new? This will also help you choose your base. With a modification, you are obviously going to want to use what you plan on editing. But for something new, it would be wise to find a bitmap that is applied similarly (UI bitmap if going for UI, HUD for HUD, etc) so the format doesn't need to be changed. This tutorial will use modification but with a modified (upscaled) resolution to demonstrate what you'd do for a "new" image. 2. Tool Preparation Extract the EasyBitmapInjection folder to your desktop and copy bundler.exe to EasyBitmapInjection's directory. Extract the contents of "bitm" to your Assembly directory and overwrite. 3. Map Preparation Make a copy of the map you want (backups, yo) and open it in Assembly. Navigate to your base bitm and Right Click>Extract it using "Extract... (Without Raw)". Extracting without raw will save some space in your map. But before you reinject, you need to open up the tagc in a hex editor and modify the tag's name so it will inject. Nothing fancy, just swap a letter out for now. To find it, do a text search (or just take a look, since the tagc should be pretty small) for "bitm" then the full name. So for me editing the Foundry signs, I need to find "bitmobjects\levels\dlc\warehouse\bitmaps\fence_sign_red" Just going to replace the "o" in "objects" to an "x". That will serve the added function of it sorting at the end of the tag tree for easy access. Once done save it and inject the tagc back and open the new bitm for later. 4. Bitmap Preparation While not necessary, it is highly recommended that you use the original image as a base. And in most cases Adjutant will provide that for you, here's how: Open the map with the bitmap you wish to modify in Adjutant and bring it up. Note down the format and then Right Click>Export This Image. Save it as .BIN and again as DDS. Open the .DDS file in your image editor and give it a look over, does it look like it does in Adjutant? Is the alpha channel intact? If the resolution isn't "normal" (not 64/128/256/etc) your DDS may be the wrong size, but a crop/canvas resize down to the correct resolution will work if everything else is fine (anchor the upper left corner). If there is a major issue with the DDS you will need to convert that .bin you also extracted. But since that requires the tool let's get that mostly filled out first. If the DDS is good feel free to edit and save as .tga, if not make sure the size is still right and save as .tga anyway so it can be used as a dummy for bin conversion. 5. Tool Usage A With the injected bitm still open in Assembly you need to check 4 things; the "Is Tiled" flag, the format, the mipmap count, and the zone Asset Index at the bottom. Open EasyBitmapInjection and get ready to start filling things in as such: If "Is Tiled" is checked, leave the first Format dropdown alone, if unchecked, change it to "Linear" Set the second Format dropdown to match the Format value in Assembly. If you have to convert a .bin from Adjutant, just write down the mipmap count for now and keep it at 0/1 in the tool. Lastly, enter the Zone Asset Index for the bitmap data. Close the map in Assembly. Current Notes: For formats like DXT*a_mono use DXT*a, the only difference is that they may use a single channel or something. If you having to convert a .bin it was probably one of these formats. 6 Manual Bitmap Conversion This can be skipped if your DDS worked fine. In the tool, tick "Keep XPR" but NOT "Inject Into Map" and run the tool, which will ask for your .tga. What we are doing here is creating a dummy file that we can put the bin file into. Go ahead and delete the "convertedBitmap.bin", "convertedBitmap_mipmaps.bin" and CustomImageNoMip.xpr" files that got made Open CustomImage.xpr in a hex editor as well as the Adjutant .bin. Look at x4 in the file and ensure the 4 bytes after are equal to the size of the .bin. It should be. Now go to offset x80C, hold shift, then press the End key on your keyboard. This will select everything past the offset. Delete the selection. Switch to the .bin and do select all then copy. Switch back to the XPR file and paste at the end. Save and close the Hex Editor. Now make sure unbundler.exe is in the same location as your XPR, then right click>Open Command Window Here somewhere. Enter the following: unbundler customimage.xprThen hit enter. This will spit out a couple files, but among them will be InitialImage.tga. That is your image so go ahead and open it in your image editor. This should be a perfect file so edit as you will and save as a new .tga (or the same, whatever) when done. 7. Tool Usage B If you had to convert the .bin, you will need to remove any extra non dll or exe files from the directory to continue. The tool should still be open so uncheck "Keep XPR" if needed. Enter the Mipmap count Select your map that you reinjected the bitm tag to and once again check the Asset Index one more time. Run the tool and give it your .tga. If you have been following along it should tell you when everything is done with no problems. The process shouldn't take very long. 8. Applying The Bitmap So open your map back up in Assembly and go to your bitm tag. If you made any modifications to width/height or mipmaps, update them here and save, Now open whatever shader or relevant tag that you wish to use your bitmap in, then swap it and save. Congratulations You Did The Thing! Copy the map over and (hopefully) enjoy Below is that manual later-half of the original tutorial. At this point it probably isn't very coherent and I don't really care to fix it but here it is:
  23. Halo 3 "Ultimate" XEX PPF Patches

    Version 5


    Download the archive(s) you wish to use and copy the necessary files to the extracted directory. READ THE README. Version: NoTU Mythic TU3 TU3 Each patch features: - No RSA checks - All armor unlocked - AI is enabled MP, courtesy of AMD - No local player limits on campaign and theater - Campaign missions and rally points always unlocked - All skulls unlocked - You can now spawn any AI through effects instead of just creatures - BLF size limit increased from xC000 to x1C000