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  1. Reach

    Zedd delivered once again. Guess I'll have to make some changes and post version 2.0 when I'm done.
  2. Reach

    IS THERE ANYTHING ZEDD HASNT DONE YET?!!! That sounds really interesting and like something i originally intended. The solution with the modified debug cam is very hacky and unoptimal. Overly long strings get cutoff for instance. This solution is much more elegant. Please share the files with me, if you don't mind. I would love to take a look at it.
  3. What is this? These are Xex patches which will add debug output to Reach's scripts. At the moment they have two main features. Whenever Reach's "print" script function is called, its message string is intercepted and printed on the Debugger running on your PC. Secondly, these patches can also activate and modify the debug camera. It will now display the last printed message. Even when you are not connected to a debugger, you should now be able to keep track of what's going on behind the scenes. Demonstration: Some possible use cases: Debugging custom scripts: Just Include some "print" instructions in your script and find out if and when your code is executed. Script Research: Open a complicated, decompiled script file on your PC. Now play through the corresponding mission on your console and watch the debug output. By searching for the messages in the file, you can quite easily follow the control flow and find out which functions are called at what points during the mission. Disclaimer: My understanding of PowerPC assembly and the xbox360's inner workings is very limited. Not much testing has went into this project. Even though I haven't encountered any issues so far, it is possible that these patches could negatively impact the game's performance. Please use them at your own risk. Requirements: A Xbox 360 with debugging capabilities. This means you need a XDK or at least a hacked console running RGLoader. DevTool, developed by Eaton: Usage: Start your console and connect it to your debugger. I have only tested WinDbg so far, but Visual Studio should also work. Start Halo Reach. Open Devtool and switch to the Patching tab. Copy the entire text of the patch of your choice and paste it into DevTool's Textbox. Please make sure to use a patch corresponding to your games version (NoTU / TU1). Press the "Compile and Write" button. Wait until a prompt appears, asking you if you want to apply the patch to memory. Accept it. Optional: In the scnr tag of your .map, set all script globals, which are boolean and contain the word "debug" to true. This will ensure that all your map's print instructions will be called. Note: In theory it should also be possible to permanently apply these patches to your Xex using XePatcher. Strangely enough I never managed to get the changes to stick, which has frustrated me more than I am willing to admit. If you get it to work, please let me know. Download:!ogIR3aRA!ExM3UcM3V7h0J6GzS_ZJto5Y3x0hnYkz9YCyE2Qgf9M HS_print_cam = Debug Output + Debug Cam HS_print = Debug output only.
  4. Wow, that's my old word doc. My main intention was to document as much of Reach's script format as possible, so that a script compiler could be created in the future. I believe I never ended up releasing it. It's nice to see, that it has been shared around and is of use to some of you guys. Most of the information should still be fairly relevant nowadays.
  5. .MAP

    I would never have guessed that. Gonna give it a try and if I have any further questions I'll probably message you. EDIT: Turns out Zedd was right. I just had to sort the blocks of my cusc tags and now everything is working as intended.
  6. .MAP

    First of all, thank you for taking the time and writing all of this down. It is amazing what can be accomplished with just a few clicks, since I have stopped paying close attention to the scene a while ago! Now to my actual question: I have converted Reach's for a small project. The map loads fine and I even can forge after adding some of the sandbox pallets. My only problem is that my forge menu seems to be pretty messed up. None of the strings show up and and menu highlighting is also broken. Are there any issues injecting locales and UI elements that I should be aware of? Do you have any idea how I can fix this problem?
  7. Graphics

    Well written tutorial. Good job!
  8. Fortunately modders like Zedd have already named most of the important values, so finding and interpreting them shouldn't be too difficult. The best editor for 3rd gen Halo games (H3, ODST, Reach, H4) is Assembly. You can download the program here: Link I opened the Halo 4 assault rifle weapon tag and highlighted the rate of fire for you, to show how easy it is to find the right data. Once you get used to the editor, it takes less than a minute to navigate to the desired information. Feel free to ask to further questions.
  9. Pretty much all values you're asking for can be found in Halo's .map files and can be viewed in .map editors like Assembly. Search for them in tag groups like weap, vehi, bipd and proj. Now this part is a bit more difficult as im not sure how patches are handled. I guess you would have to extract the contents of the patch and then reverse engineer the changes in Ida Pro. All of these things require a lot of time and highly doubt that you'll find someone, who will compile this information for you. If you really want this to get done, you probably will have to do it yourself.
  10. General
  11. General

    This is so true.
  12. General

    Some thoughts: Halo: A must-buy and the only reason to get a Xbox One.Gta V: In my honest opinion the game is way too overhyped. I pretty much completed the campaign once and never touched the game again. But now that it's finally coming out for PC ("winter 2013", my ass!) and has better visuals I might give it another try.Mirrors Edge 2: Can't wait to play it. Probably my most anticipated game.Star Wars Battlefront: I'm a bit disappointed and worried that the devs still weren't able to show us any actual gameplay. I mean the game has been in development for several years by now and I think it's time to prove that they've been working on something. Nevertheless, I'm extremely hyped for this game.CoD: As some of you may already know, I'm a huge CoD fanboy. As long as the multiplayer is not like CoD Ghost's and comes close to previous games, I might buy it.The Division: Looks like a fun co-op game to play with your friends.Batman: Damn, that driving sequence looked good.AC: boringBattlefield: boringPretty sure I forgot something.