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  1. General

    My god damn roombas started breeding, had those damn things around every corner. Though things stayed clean.
  2. You sexy boys. Iron Forge would be proud.
  3. halo tonight?
  4. This Site

    lol canada internet
  5. This Site

    Yep, but I've given up and moved to Leaf. A lot more fun and less stressful.
  6. This Site

    He wants the weed for bringing all da members to the yard.
  7. HTML5 can't. I doubt they made a Firefox, Chrome, Opera, IE and Safari extension. Java maybe. Still lost, don't believe it. Won't till I see it.
  8. Other

    Ascension was a Halo Reach tool made by DeToX and some other guys. Some of his work was simply converted to Assembly's plugin structure, since every program uses a slightly different plugin storage type. There is also backwards compatibility with some Ascension patches, so you can apply those too.
  9. Support

    Finish off sound extraction, its all on GIT. kudos love
  10. Modding

    I've got 750$ right now. I'm willing to drop it and give it to public if you can cover the $250.
  11. Modding

    Do you take PayPal?
  12. Support

    That is Halo 4 TU5, which has support in GIT Assembly as seen here: There will have to be a public update for this to go live, unless you want to build from source and use it.
  13. This Site

    kudos love.
  14. This Site

    I believe Wiki is gone. EOLed, peace, goner. Unless its hidden, which is okay. Either way, the topics created via Wiki have no content hooked to them. "Simply here is the discussion topic for this dead link article". If the wiki contents had been edited into the post, this wouldn't be a topic. However, there blank. Hide that forum from public. In case you want to bring the wiki back one day. kudos love