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  1. .MAP

    For the love of god, STOP SPAMMING. He will reply when he get's the chance, no need to post every hour, have you never been on a forum before? Obviously not. Anyways, what version of assembly do you have? Are you running assembly as admin, also pretty sure the output map needs to be named mp_030_outskirts Also it might help if you move the maps to a folder on your desktop, and not in your onedrive. It patches fine for me with all the files being in a folder on my desktop. If updating assembly and running as admin and having the files on your desktop all in one folder doesn't help, no idea sorry. - I'm also on Win10.
  2. Other

    Nice to see you are still up and kicking! also good work on the 3d modeling!
  3. General

    A Small guide Simply go into the object\characters\marine\ai\trooper and go to general properties then in the flags box you will see a box called civilian (between bit 13 and 15). Tick it and you are done you're marine is on your side. Note this only works on marines not civilians or Spartans. The marines will fight enemy ai including civilians. Anyone want to help me make them board a warthog?
  4. That didn't even cross my mind, hopefully that will also fix his issue.
  5. You don't have to keep making threads! please stop, i'm sorry. You are doing something wrong, it's that simple. Use a modded xex which supports ai, and has crc checks removed, use the xex patcher here: Just patch your xex. If you don't understand how to, please just message Lord Zedd and i'm sure he will be able to assist you more. There's not much more I can do to assist you as I told you to patch your xex in your other created threads which had the same issue, patching your xex "SHOULD" fix your issue, I have loaded up every single forge in campaign map that has been publicly released and they ALL WORK FINE on my end. If patching the xex doesn't fix your issue then you are just naming the .map wrong or something, or you could possibly be using the mythic version of halo 3 in which you are more than likely missing some needed files, if you are using mythic, I want to say you just need the file or something from the normal halo 3 but I could be wrong, I don't use mythic so idk
  6. I won't be using this as I don't mod halo much anymore... however the fact that this can now be done, it's astonishing. Reminds me directly of halo 2 modded maps. Hopefully some people will actually use this knowledge and create a bad ass custom map.
  7. Modding

    What? Also i meant that theres a xex patcher somewhere on this site. I assume in the downloads section, idk I havent used it in a long time. I however have tested all the forge campaign maps and they all function as they should, so no idea what the problem could be on your end, but it is user error. put .map with the other .map files. Put the blf files in the images folder, and put the mapinfo file in the info folder in your halo 3 directory on your rgh. Also make sure that you replace your xex with a modded xex which lets you play .map mods, also make sure said xex has ai enabled etc,.
  8. Modding

    Did you put the blf files and the mapinfo files in the proper folders? and do you have a modified xex which allows to play .map mods, and the xex must also have ai enabled etc. There is a pitcher somewhere on this site for the xex.
  9. General

    Honestly the only person I know that could honestly help here would prob be gamecheat. I didn't have a Xbox One at the time the exploit was made. Gamecheat is the only person i've really seen show off gamesave modding on that dash and stuff.
  10. .MAP

    You have to have the jtag exploit or a rgh install depending on your dash number and console type you have. This requires a mod chip via rgh install then the modifying of your nand which gets dumped from the console, then the modified nand must be flashed back to your console. The said modded console can now only be used offline, unless of other means we will not discuss here. If your xbox is not RGH'd or jtag'd you can not play modded maps on halo 3 via a .map mod which also requires your halo 3 to have a modified xex to even play .map modded maps. Trying to use a modded usermap that used a .map mod will not work (self depending on the .map mod that was done etc). Just telling a Technician to RGH your console will not work, they must have experience in that field. In short if your xbox is not modded you can't play it.
  11. Support

    [ Very last block of ltvl, replace it with ] He said to add it.
  12. Other

    When I use the built in updater and the updater zedd sent me a few weeks ago it always says a build from like 2016 so eh
  13. Other

    In 2016 sometime.
  14. If everybody gets as far as Ep1-5 Spartan ops working offline, I have made patches to just patch the mainmenu to have Ep6-10, that way you don't have to poke anything or change any addresses. - I usually keep a folder in my h4 game root saying ep1-5 mainmenu, then another saying ep6-10 mainmenu.
  15. In patch put the map patch In Unmodified map put the map the patch applies to In output name it the same as the unmodified map(Unless specified otherwise in a text doc the patch came with), however save it in a diff folder