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  1. .MAP

    You have to have the jtag exploit or a rgh install depending on your dash number and console type you have. This requires a mod chip via rgh install then the modifying of your nand which gets dumped from the console, then the modified nand must be flashed back to your console. The said modded console can now only be used offline, unless of other means we will not discuss here. If your xbox is not RGH'd or jtag'd you can not play modded maps on halo 3 via a .map mod which also requires your halo 3 to have a modified xex to even play .map modded maps. Trying to use a modded usermap that used a .map mod will not work (self depending on the .map mod that was done etc). Just telling a Technician to RGH your console will not work, they must have experience in that field. In short if your xbox is not modded you can't play it.
  2. Support

    [ Very last block of ltvl, replace it with ] He said to add it.
  3. Other

    When I use the built in updater and the updater zedd sent me a few weeks ago it always says a build from like 2016 so eh
  4. Other

    In 2016 sometime.
  5. If everybody gets as far as Ep1-5 Spartan ops working offline, I have made patches to just patch the mainmenu to have Ep6-10, that way you don't have to poke anything or change any addresses. - I usually keep a folder in my h4 game root saying ep1-5 mainmenu, then another saying ep6-10 mainmenu.
  6. In patch put the map patch In Unmodified map put the map the patch applies to In output name it the same as the unmodified map(Unless specified otherwise in a text doc the patch came with), however save it in a diff folder
  7. Was this ever figured out? Would be very helpful!
  8. What am I looking at?
  9. Idc about .map modding and all of that fancy shit. I just want to compare halo 3 usermaps and gametypes to MCC halo 3 gametypes and user maps! I just want all my maps and gametypes back tbh.
  10. General

    I mean I could be wrong but i'm pretty sure that tut was how to stream games from the pc side, meaning have the game on the pc via a shared folder and launch the game from your pc without it being on your actual rgh HDD. There is no way to record your games on xbox 360 unless you have a capture card or running rgloader/TX fusion using Xbmovie. I do not recommend using TX Fusion or RGLoader unless you know exactly what you are doing. If you want a Capture Card for cheap either one of these two will do the trick as I have used both. 1. 2. I usually buy these as gifts for family. They work pretty well. I mean it's no elgato or Hdpvr but does the trick if you want hd quality The only downside is you have to have a USB/External drive connected to it and you press a button on the box to record, then you press is again to stop recording. When you get done recording I strongly recommend you wait 15-30 seconds before unplugging your storage device from it. If you want to go for the cheap cheap and don't care about quality at all. The quality is pretty bad but will do until you can afford something way better. Starting out I used to use these all the time. So from my experience they are okay for starting out, but the quality is not hd, nor can you make out game text etc, that shows in the game. You can however convert the video files to 1080p to make the quality a bit better but text will never show up good. EazyCap Example HD Video Capture Example However the HD Video Capture example was recorded in 720p not 1080p. It can be used in 1080p which looks much better but thats my buds youtube channel his internet is awful so he records in lower quality and short videos to make uploading easier.
  11. Modding

    You don't have to make two post asking the same question. Somebody will answer your question eventually, if nobody responds within a week just hit up the shoutbox to grab a eye.
  12. Support

    Lol sorry for the wrong info, again as I stated havent messed with a .map in a few years, so whoopsss
  13. Support

    I haven't touched a halo 3/4/reach .map in a few years, but im pretty sure you change the Third person bipid under HLMT or scenario, or maybe you swap the player hlmt in scenario, I can't remember it's been a long time.. @Lord Zedd correct me if i'm wrong (prob wrong)
  14. .MAP

    I'll be trying this out as soon as i can, but looks Fkn awesome!
  15. This mappack was created by me and @ISOCheated. I hope you all enjoy, however expect bugs and what not. This mappack is nowhere near perfect. It does contain some maps from other mappacks, however this project was just something for me and @ISOCheated to do in our free time. [The mappack was originally a blast from the past re-creating the mimesis mappack that was released in mappack/patch/and dlc form. However I can not guarantee every map from the original mimesis is in this pack] Keep in mind we are pretty new to halo 2 modding to this extent. I even created my own map in this pack and fixed up a few maps which had blackholes. Also keep in mind that I apologize for the mainmenu music, injecting new music kept breaking the mainmneu (I created the mainmenu from scratch at least 6-7times). We do not plan on doing any bug fixes, mostly because some maps are "Protected" meaning they won't open in any editor or will error out upon opening them. So please keep a open mind when playing this mappack. This was our first time really modding halo 2, besides you know basic stuff back in the day.
  16. Let me add some info to this to be more specific. If you want a good PHAT Modded Xbox, Buy a JASPER. If you want a SLIM modded xbox get a TRINITY. Phats that are complete GARBAGE and die pretty fast. OPUS/XENON. A Falcon can be reliable depending on use, however a jasper is recommended. Slims that are complete garbage. Corona, a corona is the worst modded xbox to have when it comes to a slim. They are prone to bad blocks/bad nands/nand corruption, and 4gb corruption. However if you get a corona that had its nand converted to a 16mb nand, then that's the only way a original slim corona can be remotely reliable. I however have heard good results about The Slim E models, which is known as the Corona v6, however I never had one of these, so I can't say from my experience. When it comes to slim, you mostly want to try your best to get a Trinity.
  17. Halo 2: Mimesis Reborn Mappack. Now I do not take full credit for this pack, full credit goes to the original map creators, however I did make a map called Demoltion Derby, which is just a basic map you can see some gameplay of it at 6:56 of the video
  18. That's funny af, I also watched your progress on it, its actually a really cool concept, hell its awesome as of a matter in fact. I have never looked at a spartan and thought damn that's creepy till just now.
  19. This is awesome af, sucks that it wont be ported to the xbox version, I planned on adding this to a map pack I am working on for halo 2, however that seems as if it wont happen, great job tho!
  20. I always wondered when somebody would put pyramids in sandbox, great job!
  21. Well first off, your question is indifferent. You run assembly on your computer as well as xbox 360 neighborhood. You can not put those programs on a usb and use them on your xbox, that is not how that works at all. I'm glad you admitted to being a newb. We all gotta start somewhere. Anyways we can not link you or tell you where you can buy a modded xbox as it's against the rules (Unless rules have changed) I don't get on here much anymore. I would recommend shops on Se7ensins (not posting links). Once you get a jtag/rgh (I recommend a rgh). Once you get one, you will need to learn how to flash your nand on your xbox 360 (depending on dashboard number). I can't remember which dashboard is not compatible with halo 3 and up. If there is a non-compatible dash number. You will also have to learn how to use assembly and xbox 360 neighborhood (Both can be a pain in the ass). You will also need xexmenu and dashlaunch on your modded xbox 360 and learn how to use them. I'm not going step by step because it would be the longest thing you have ever read in the history of ever. Youtube is your best friend on learning how to use those xbox 360 apps, and pc programs. After all of that you would have to setup dashlaunch to work with xbox 360 neighborhood, via plugins. Then you would need to extract the halo 3 iso to a folder on the root of your xbox 360 harddrive. You would then need to know which version of halo 3 you want to use via a halo 3 title update. Unlike some I always recommend the latest game update, as it's the most stable and there was a update for a reason. After that you would need to remove crc checks from the halo 3 default.xex (you can use lord zedds tool to remove crc checks and other features from the xex + add features to the xex). If you don't know how to do that (assuming you don't), if you make it this far you are doing great (i'm meaning after you got a rgh/jtag xbox 360 and learned how to do the rest above). Anyways the tool comes with a tut on how to remove crc checks and such from the xex. Now you would need to put the new default.xex back in the halo 3 folder. Now you are ready to mod halo 3! Go ahead and download and install halo 3 mods/modded maps. Most mods come with a tut on how to install them. Now if you want to make your own halo 3 mods. There are tons of tuts on this site that covers the basics up to the hardest part of halo 3 modding. But to your question, starting out modding with a rgh/jtag and how to set it up can be very very hard. Luckily for me starting out I watched hours and hours of tuts and videos. And my friend had a rgh so I was able to play on it first hand and learned the do's and don'ts of what you can and can't do with a modded xbox 360. I actually tore 2 rgh's up flashing the nand incorrectly and from a chip burning out. A modded xbox 360 is very fragile. Make sure it's always cool no matter what. Make sure you always install trusted plugins when using dashlaunch (some fake plugins/clone plugins can cause fuses to blow and instantly give your modded xbox RRoD). Anyways youtube would be more help. If you wanna attempt to rgh/jtag a xbox 360 yourself by all means go ahead, I will say this it's not easy starting out. Personally I have no clue how to, and will not attempt it. I've had enough issues just flashing xbox dvd drives as is lmao. Anyways the best bet would be to buy a pre-modded xbox 360. So good luck! Hopefully this helps you understand a little of what you are getting into. and lastly, no talk of modding online or anything on this site. Keep it local play modding only!
  22. Your best bet is ebay, and mod shops, just look up xbox 360 modding services and keywords like that and it will take you straight to some sites, I would link you to my trusted sellers but that is not aloud. Look up xbox 360 mod services by element or huskerhaven. If you still can't find anything PM me. And i will further discuss this with you.
  23. Hello, that's cool that you are interested in getting a jtag/rgh modded xbox 360. We do not discuss going online with said modded consoles. They are "illegal" concerning Microsoft's T.O.S. However don't attempt to use the console online, one because this site doesn't support that behavior of using modded consoles online, and because it can cost you a pretty penny to use a modded console online, for servers and kv's, and the modded console will get perma banned from playing online if you bring it online anyways. Now i'm not saying that's why you are getting one to use online and cheat and to show off and such. Just don't ever talk about using one online here, if you want to don't ask us how to use it online because you most likely will be banned from the site or warned. Now to the actual topic now that is out of the way. Actually modding halo and games goes much further than just drag and drop scenarios if you want to make your own halo mods. To do that you will have to use the assembly tool and such to make your own modifications, or any RTE tool to poke mod changes to actual ingame environment, i'm not gonna go into detail on how to do all of that there is plenty of tutorials on this site and youtube and other modding sites on how to do certain things. However if you want to use pre-made mods then yes it can be as simple as drag and drop, just put the .map in the maps folder, the mapinfo file in the mapinfo folder, and the blf fies and such in there correct folder, however you will need a modified xex to even use custom modded maps/custom maps and any other mod that was done to the halo series, the modded xex files goes right in the root of the game where the original xex is, you will overrite the unmodded xex with the modded one, this xex allows custom content/mods because crc checks are removed and alot more depending on the xex and mods being uses, some xex's just have crc checks removed, and other have aimbot and other random cool stuff, such as AI enabled for halo 3 and halo 4. I'm sure once you get your modded console somebody here can give you a more in depth explanation, but that is the basics. It's pretty easy to understand once you get the hang of it
  24. You'll learn to not ask such things, as I have on this forum lmao, the devs could explain it to ya. But regardless there will be no link given to you for "Revenge Cheating". The best you can do is report and move on.