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  1. Support

    It still kinda works that way in Reach, there is a cargo seat where the "magnet" is that the game forces vehicles into via script.
  2. No, that was actually me walking around in the cinematic and stuff lol
  3. Someone said my name? @Zedd, I think he means here?
  4. I'd make the turning a bit slower, it's a pretty large ship after all
  5. Support

    The pelican blowing up in that mission was a custom animation activated by a script, not by the pelican getting damaged.
  6. Too much megalo stuff in the topic feed, gona post some CEA stuff I did last night:
  7. Support

    Also, you have a modded xex right?
  8. Support

    Clear system cache? Try setting it to true, ftp it over to your xbox, boot, set it back to false, re-start, clear cache. Idk if that will work, give it a shot though.
  9. Reach

    Ok, well, still have you in 3 different topics talking about the exact same problem... Just saying...
  10. Support

    You open the launch.ini file on your computer with a text editor and change 'contpatch = true' to 'contpatch = false'
  11. Reach

    It's in the root of your hard drive, and did you really need to make 3 different topics about this?
  12. General

    Set contpatch = false in the launch.ini, and to clear the cache you need to go to the retail dash and then go to system settings, memory, select your hard drive and then hit 'X', should pop up with a menu asking if you want to clear it.
  13. Support

    Set contpatch = false in the launch.ini
  14. General

    Yeah, XBC for mobile is pretty sucky...