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  1. Support

    I got it to not fall threw the ground by looking at the phantoms physics and compared it to the mammoth and just changed some numbers around after finding the similarity
  2. I Gotta a grunt to spawn in a phantom.... Battle time? i think soo..
  3. Flying the Pelican
  4. Theoretically speaking... if your doing like jtag mods like for example a tankhog kinda mod ,use two xbox's one retail and one jtag,have the retail connected to xboxlive but have it system linked using like xbslink or somthing, and have the jtag system linked also. so both xbox's play together then mod with jtag. then save film with retail then play, then take screenshot
  5. Support

    Rubiks wants to play halo 4 XD
  6. General

    its over limit
  7. Support

    will that editor work with halo 4?
  8. Support

    i ive actualy tested that i disconnected my self to see if i get booted out but i didnt was able to still play
  9. you got it to load in wargames?? if so how did u did have to like remove ai and waves?
  10. The Stone age will upload more pics soon
  11. General

    Vehicle Pads Its under dominion, I used the scorpion one and the round wraith one
  12. Pimped Out Goofy Looking
  13. Shader swapping
  14. General

    i only have a 14 day trial cant put on fileshare so measage ITz RubiKs on xbl
  15. General

    ITz Rubiks's first race track on halo 4 its on ragnarok and here are some pics, enjoy RagRace