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  1. General

    Xbox One: 3 PS4: 2 pm
  2. Hope its cool if i post this here.
  3. Other

    nice cant wait to try it out..thanks guys!
  4. Support

    that would be awesome haha and to the OP go bug chrisco for a patch
  5. Extended until June and maybe longer
  6. mmm dill pickle chips

    1. [Iconoclast]


      you like em dill? ;)

  7. well that's awesome it worked like a charm... thanks!
  8. Hey guys! can you use god mode for beating campaign on legendary on h2v? i got all the multi achievements now i just need campaign. something that wont get you banned like liberty?
  9. General

    thanks for the tip i passed on it.
  10. General

    so i want a decent gaming pc but I don't really know much about them, and i thought maybe someone here could let me know if this is worth getting? please and thank you..
  11. .MAP

    awesome thanks dead! going to check it out now
  12. .MAP

    I've been looking for Snow Resort, Night Valhalla and Dark Snowbound. I cant find any working links
  13. .MAP

    was this a snow version of last resort? if so anyone still have it?