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  1. been awhile since i posted anything, so here's a cut vehicle from borderlands i've been redoing the files of in the game to get working.
  2. nice work, im surprised that due to how long model injection has been around in HO that i dont see more of it done. or even much of HO in general.
  3. main internet cable broke so I plugged in my powerline adapter. turns out the signal is weak enough that turning my lights on will turn off my internet.

    1. Thunder


      I'm impressed you were even able to debug that.

  4. Support

    if i remember correctly the camera has a marker in the mode tag and in there you can assign to to one of the markers that represent the head rather than the first person camera location
  5. if your doing it that way with aroura then it should go into the aroura/plugin/[gameid] folder on your harddrive if i recall.
  6. modded consoles can take pictures internally the same way you realtime edit so you dont need a capture card
  7. General

    i am spooky jelly No I am Skeleton Jelly!
  8. Support

    if i recall there's a check box in the vehicle seat that specifies if its third person. uncheck that to make it into first person then go into mode of the vehicle and down to markers and find camera in the list and change that's position to where the players head would be
  9. Support

    resizing models and to set a wall to the green would be a little trickier. most of the time it will share its texture with something else and that would end up making other parts of the map turn green. but the walls shaders are stored in sbsp and you could change them to the same one the green object is currently using
  10. Support

    bundler.exe is the only program that is needed from the sdk since you can transfer the map back on however you want after
  11. Support

    we use the SDK since it provided the plugins needed for creating content for the 360, without bundler it would of taken a lot longer to format items for use and unless we made our own code 100% accurate you would see glitches time to time. this image in this link was injected without use of bundler. it has mipmap issues, quality issues, and a few others (excluding the few caused by lack of information about the tag meta itself)
  12. Support

    then making any kind of green screen would be really easy. i would start with taking a crate or some kind of box like object in the game, duplicating it, resizing it so that its whatever size you need. and then injecting a green texture and applying that directly over it. that would give you a good green box to work with for your green screen. it may even be possible by looking at some of the default shaders to see if theres any that dont get affected by light so you can get a clean scan all the time.
  13. Support

    it would be easy to make a green screen currently since we can inject bitmaps. however the question comes down to whether or not you have a modded console and would be able to play it. since I don't see any feasible way to do this without a modded console.
  14. while replacing all the idents should work so long as the format is the same you will run into certain issues since a usermap saves the location of all items even if you cant edit them directly yourself normally you would need to ensure that all items are injected into the game to begin with. after you've injected all the items into the game what i feel would be the best is to basicly generate taglists into a seperate file with all of their idents and names. this could be similar to the ones we used to need for reach since that would include the ident, what type of object, and its name. (or open the file directly since all the information is there and grab it without pre-exporting it) then what you would need to do is go into the halo online tags and create a tag list for all of its files (which unlike halo 3 from the console you would have to do every object manually by hand since there isn't tagnames in the files) and ensure that all of them were the exact same name as the ones you exported from the prior game. once you created all your tagname lists (one for each original halo 3 map and the one for the halo online tags) you could probably create a program to compare the files, and use the tag lists for reference to replace the idents accordingly from one game to the other. but even if that is all said and done to my understanding with the halo online tag files. any update we do has the chance of changing all the idents and making it so that you need to remake the entire list again and reconverting all the maps
  15. im not sure what programs were made for halo online since i havent touched it too much myself. but the general way to start would be getting a program to generate new plugins. this would give you a blank set of plugins that at least have tagblocks and etc somewhat lined up to how they should be in the file. then slowing changing thing by thing and testing in game to see what changed so you can line up the names that there was in the old tags with the new ones so you can name the plugins