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  1. General

    gamecheat13 was the biggest backing force behind halo 5 forge pc modding, a mixture of unifished work and bad blood between him and 343 have halted progress probably permantly of any halo 5 forge pc modding from happening. That bieng said 343 had actually let all this go with a blind eye turned before gamecheat started shit with them. either way most attention is turned to halo online since aside from the actual map files and characters and menu, this is all in done in house and is easier for the team too eventual turn halo online into halo 3.5 and the potential is far surpasing halo 5 forge, id suggest downloading eldewrito when .6 drops
  2. This clarified the statement better for me, but glad to hear my question is still a yes
  3. Massive Forge Improvements New Forge Pieces - Another Creation Increased Object Limit Object Grouping and Cloning/Duplication Quick Search Magnets (snap objects by prefined points/magnets) Rotation Snap WIP forge imrovements (materials, phase toggle) - subject to change Takin from the eldewritro reddit Coupled with Makes Me a happy boy cannot wait for it to drop, just did a little more research on what to expect but the big question i have is this statement Global memory expansion. Allows Forging on Edge does that mean we will be able to forge out of bounds? and will forge world pieces be included with this later on including forge world?
  4. Support

    this one is 3 years old....wally dont have much else to do ? lol
  5. Support

    this is over 2 years old....why
  6. Obviously Not completed as of yet, but a base line of how it will look and the style it will use
  7. General

    well ive missed out on alot.......(After reading up on it)
  8. General

  9. i see why now halo 5 discussion died quickly on here even with forge pc a little late to the game and i see its come a long way since eldewritos initial launch.....gonna get to work on some maps i think
  10. exactly what I needed thanks
  11. Basically Just wondering where i go from here For Halo online