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    Visual FX, Video Editing, Modding, MLG
  1. Video

    haha Hey Bam, Hi Five! BOOOOMMMM! love it.
  2. Welcome Allison, Glad to have you here @ XboxChaos!
  3. Hi.. Who are you?

  4. Thank You much Thunder! I am happy to help out in any way. thanks for using some of my icons!
  5. Thanks guys! Yeap I made it.
  6. Oh Ok then.. Well just wanted to help out in some way. Thanks JC.. haha those are my Initials.
  7. Thanks for the friendly greeting! Happy Modding to you as well!
  8. Never posted any intro for me so here it is.. I'm BL4CKXHAWK and I'm one of the new guys! Glad to be here!
  9. Oh Ok then.. Well I'll try to help out with what I can. Bigger Icons.. Don't know If you still need these but go ahead and use them if you want. Thunder.. Feel free to use atleast my Coder Award if you don't need the rest. I'd like to know that I helped out a little bit. Bad Awards:
  10. I think this would look much more organized if all of the awards were one uniform size like 75x25. It's gonna look bad to have all whole mess of different size awards. Here is are some examples: Lemme know If you want me to continue or if I should change it up somewhat. I don't want them to look boring but I don't want to get out of hand with crazy stuff.
  11. General

    Custom Built.. It works Flawlessly for Me. AMD Phenom 9550 Quad Core @ 2.20 GHz 4GB of RAM LightScribe DVD Drive SATA 320GB Western Digital SATA HDD nVidia GeForce 9600 GSO Windows 7 Ultimate x64
  12. Alright. Well We're just gonna have to make this work then aren't we.. Lets ee how this works out.
  13. Yea I agree. The images need to be larger unless we only make award icons with pictures and no text or Versa Visa
  14. Well I like the Creativity but the Text is Very Hard to read. I know it says Coder.. Maybe change the text to black so its like the green code in the background kind of makes up the text..