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  1. Modding

    We don't allow the discussion of online modifications here. Not only is it against the Xbox Live EULA, it is also immoral to force modifications onto unsuspecting players. From the Xbox Chaos Guidelines: If you'd like more info on modding offline, the short answer is that you'll need a JTAG, RGH, or Development Kit. If you have one, refer to this Getting Started Guide.
  2. Support

    Zedd offers the newest update before the one that is currently being used on XBL to discourage people from cheating online. Of course it's not going to prevent all online cheaters, but it will prevent people from using his xex online.
  3. .MAP

    Can confirm that WinRAR requires a password for this archive.
  4. What do you find humorous about Warzone?
  5. One thing that I enjoyed about the campaign is the addition of fireteams. In most of the previous campaigns, if you were playing co-op campaign, the cut-scenes in particular didn't make sense. In Halo: Reach, multiple players would mean playing as multiple Noble 6's, but there would only be one in the cut-scene, same idea in ODST with the Rookie, and same in Halo 4 with Master Chief. The last game that had a decent attempt at co-op campaign was Halo 3 where player 1 would be Chief, 2 would be Arbiter, and 3 & 4 would be Elites. That being said, I am pretty bummed out that there is no split-screen. Some of my favorite memories of Halo are split-screen campaign (and multiplayer, but that's not the focus of this thread), and I would have loved for that to be possible in Halo 5. I've only gone through the campaign once so far (co-op on Normal), so after I have some more experience with it I'll post back with some more thoughts.
  6. The locales were created in English only; as most mods seem to do. If you want, you can add them yourself; Click on Strings Click English, and in "String List", select "ui\halox\sandbox_ui\strings" The new locales are under "sand_column_short_red", which will be the last locale you see in this list in French. If you want to copy the strings over to French, create an entry in French for each new one you see in English.
  7. Are you jumping in the firefight lobby first?
  9. C#

    Nope... Alot more like C++
  10. C#

    The only C# apps for Xbox 360 you can make are XNA apps unfortunately. Both the official SDK and LibXenon only support C/C++ as far as I'm aware.
  11. Autodesk offers free licenses to students for certain software, including Maya.
  12. download
  13. .MAP

    You need a modded console. This will tell you how to install.
  14. Ctrl+F -> "asmp" on the post he linked should find help you out with the map. asmp is the extension used for map patches created by Assembly. Read step 4 in the Getting Started article for a tutorial on how to apply patches. Assembly should tell what what map to patch. If not, the map in this case is If you have Xbox 360 Neighborhood installed on your computer and the xbdm plugin on your console, there should be a drive in the root of your console (when looking in Neighborhood) when Halo: Reach is running, called either cache0 or cache1 and should have an "autosave" folder in it. Place the .game file in this folder, and you will be able to find in in your recent games list.