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    Halo 3,halo reach, modding, cars and mechanics

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  1. General

    Too bad my potato PC can't run this, would love to mess around.
  2. Plan a date in the future? August?
  3. I would also like to know.
  4. Yeah i'll take it. Does it work on every recovery or only certain ones? I'm running 21256.3. PM me.
  5. Oh nice, thanks.
  6. yeah i got ahold of the xex but i'm not sure if i want to run it or not. Rather not end up bricking it. Got a nand x there if i do though.
  7. D3FEKT* lol So wish they added that to the game for production
  8. hey, i've been doing some reading and supposedly it is possible to convert a test kit into a full dev kit? if so, anyone know how to and care on explaining? Not much on google or i just haven't been looking hard enough maybe. Already been a post here regarding it before hand but isn't much help. I'd ask bigger sites like 7s or something but they're just bunch of trolls and knob's picking fights. thanks.
  9. (your pm box full?)

    1. D3FEKT


      I saw you commented on a post by dev ultra regarding turning a test kit into a full dev kit. You said to pm ya. Well, i have a falcon Test kit and I want to enable all features of a dev. Do you have any knowledge on the matter on converting it?


  10. I really need to catch up on Halo modding haha. Last I touched anything related was when ya guys teased the longsword on forgeworld on a gamenight haha. lol.
  11. Yeah i highly doubt 343i will even for 1 second consider supporting modifications.
  12. looks sweet man!
  13. Modding

    not mad, just my brain is loading what the hell did i just watch.
  14. Modding

    what the actual fuckery is this shit?