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  1. It's certainly possible, but I can't speak to whether or not the developers are going to.
  2. Is this possible to do in any of the games? I haven't been able to find any topics discussing this, but maybe Google's new terrible search algorithm to blame.
  3. I know this is old, but I'll respond anyway. A similar program that will allow you to mod Halo CE PC easily is HMT v 3.5. It's not as robust as Assembly, but it does work.
  4. Support

    PC. There is a lot you have to learn, do you have a console that can run unsigned code? (A modified Xbox or a Development Kit?)
  5. ^^ This. Here are some links to creating these XeXs (and Xbe for the Halo 2 Beta): Halo 2 Beta Halo 3 Beta Halo Reach Beta
  6. General

    I don't have either one of those. :/
  7. Modding

    You can download a forgable mission of The Covenant on his website.
  8. I highly doubt Reach will be part of the MCC. At the most, it'll be released as a separate game in some odd number of years. It makes sense ODSt is being ported since it's just running off a slightly modified Halo 3 engine, which already exists on the Xbone.
  9. I say 343i is just lazy and isn't taking the time to make it possible for us because it doesn't mean that much to them. /myopinion
  10. General

    It'd be a piece of work to duplicate the exact behaviors of the AI, if it's even possible with a gametype modification.
  11. General

    I'm not sure how comparing small to large cities was relevant in the least bit to Destiny, my post, or video games being realistic, but okay. A realistic game would have you drop to the ground the second you were shot anywhere, hence, video games not being realistic and they shouldn't be. Anywho, I'm pumped for this game and despite its flaws, I'll enjoy it and I hope you will too.
  12. Just get fine editing back, dammit. Why the heck was it even removed to begin with?
  13. Xbox 360

    It won't matter if there's an exploit on Xbox One because saves files are shared between the Xbox One and Xbox 360. If you modify your stats on the 360, it'll carry over to the One.
  14. This Site

    1. Because I enjoy creating new and interesting things and experiences in games I enjoy playing. 2. My brother. He modded Bloodgulch in Halo CE and as a twelve year old, I thought it was the coolest idea ever. 3. Seeing the amazing things other people create, breaking boundaries (both literally and figuratively) and creating something I think is cool and hopefully interesting to others. 4. The no cheating policy. Good riddance, we need more people with good intentions in the modding scene. 5. At twelve in Halo CE for the PC. Here I am seven years, still modding. I can't say I was consistently modding all of those years and I know I will probably fade away when school comes around again, but I probably won't be fully finished modding for awhile.