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  1. Gametype

    Before the release of the next update, is it possible to implement a type of waypoint that can display a number (negatives and positives), that is visible to all players? Unsure really if this is already achieved/ achievable without the mods. It would probably be something I overlooked.
  2. Gametype

    *NOTE: All information below originated from a post recently made by Teancum* For reference, here is every item we can spawn in Reach (the Halo 4 list is different, btw). Some of these are map-specific, but most can be spawned on any map <motl name="multiplayer\globals"> <types> <entry name="spartan" groupTag="bipd" tagName="objects\characters\spartans\spartans" /> <entry name="elite" groupTag="bipd" tagName="objects\characters\elite\elite" /> <entry name="monitor" groupTag="bipd" tagName="objects\characters\monitor\monitor_editor" /> <entry name="flag" groupTag="weap" tagName="objects\weapons\multiplayer\flag\flag" /> <entry name="bomb" groupTag="weap" tagName="objects\weapons\multiplayer\assault_bomb\assault_bomb" /> <entry name="ball" groupTag="weap" tagName="objects\weapons\multiplayer\skull\skull" /> <entry name="area" groupTag="bloc" tagName="objects\multi\models\mp_hill_beacon\mp_hill_beacon" /> <entry name="stand" groupTag="bloc" tagName="objects\multi\models\mp_flag_base\mp_flag_base" /> <entry name="destination" groupTag="bloc" tagName="objects\multi\models\mp_circle\mp_circle" /> <entry name="frag_grenade" groupTag="eqip" tagName="objects\weapons\grenade\frag_grenade\frag_grenade" /> <entry name="plasma_grenade" groupTag="eqip" tagName="objects\weapons\grenade\plasma_grenade\plasma_grenade" /> <entry name="dmr" groupTag="weap" tagName="objects\weapons\rifle\dmr\dmr" /> <entry name="assault_rifle" groupTag="weap" tagName="objects\weapons\rifle\assault_rifle\assault_rifle" /> <entry name="plasma_pistol" groupTag="weap" tagName="objects\weapons\pistol\plasma_pistol\plasma_pistol" /> <entry name="spike_rifle" groupTag="weap" tagName="objects\weapons\rifle\spike_rifle\spike_rifle" /> <entry name="needle_rifle" groupTag="weap" tagName="objects\weapons\rifle\needle_rifle\needle_rifle" /> <entry name="plasma_repeater" groupTag="weap" tagName="objects\weapons\rifle\plasma_repeater\plasma_repeater" /> <entry name="energy_sword" groupTag="weap" tagName="objects\weapons\melee\energy_sword\energy_sword" /> <entry name="magnum" groupTag="weap" tagName="objects\weapons\pistol\magnum\magnum" /> <entry name="needler" groupTag="weap" tagName="objects\weapons\pistol\needler\needler" /> <entry name="plasma_rifle" groupTag="weap" tagName="objects\weapons\rifle\plasma_rifle\plasma_rifle" /> <entry name="rocket_launcher" groupTag="weap" tagName="objects\weapons\support_high\rocket_launcher\rocket_launcher" /> <entry name="shotgun" groupTag="weap" tagName="objects\weapons\rifle\shotgun\shotgun" /> <entry name="sniper_rifle" groupTag="weap" tagName="objects\weapons\rifle\sniper_rifle\sniper_rifle" /> <entry name="beam_rifle" groupTag="weap" tagName="objects\weapons\rifle\focus_rifle\focus_rifle" /> <entry name="spartan_laser" groupTag="weap" tagName="objects\weapons\support_high\spartan_laser\spartan_laser" /> <entry name="gravity_hammer" groupTag="weap" tagName="objects\weapons\melee\gravity_hammer\gravity_hammer" /> <entry name="warthog" groupTag="vehi" tagName="objects\vehicles\human\warthog\warthog" /> <entry name="ghost" groupTag="vehi" tagName="objects\vehicles\covenant\ghost\ghost" /> <entry name="scorpion" groupTag="vehi" tagName="objects\vehicles\human\scorpion\scorpion" /> <entry name="wraith" groupTag="vehi" tagName="objects\vehicles\covenant\wraith\wraith" /> <entry name="banshee" groupTag="vehi" tagName="objects\vehicles\covenant\banshee\banshee" /> <entry name="mongoose" groupTag="vehi" tagName="objects\vehicles\human\mongoose\mongoose" /> <entry name="falcon" groupTag="vehi" tagName="objects\vehicles\human\falcon\falcon" /> <entry name="sprint_equipment" groupTag="eqip" tagName="objects\equipment\sprint\sprint" /> <entry name="jet_pack_equipment" groupTag="eqip" tagName="objects\equipment\jet_pack\jet_pack" /> <entry name="armor_lock_equipment" groupTag="eqip" tagName="objects\equipment\armor_lockup\armor_lockup" /> <entry name="active_camo_equipment" groupTag="eqip" tagName="objects\equipment\active_camouflage\active_camouflage" /> <entry name="prototype_covey_sniper" groupTag="weap" tagName="objects\weapons\rifle\focus_rifle\focus_rifle" /> <entry name="respawn_zone" groupTag="scen" tagName="objects\multi\spawning\respawn_zone" /> <entry name="plasma_launcher" groupTag="weap" tagName="objects\weapons\support_high\plasma_launcher\plasma_launcher" /> <entry name="fusion_coil" groupTag="bloc" tagName="objects\gear\human\military\fusion_coil\fusion_coil" /> <entry name="initial_spawn_point" groupTag="scen" tagName="objects\multi\spawning\initial_spawn_point" /> <entry name="health_station" groupTag="ctrl" tagName="objects\levels\shared\device_controls\health_station\health_station" /> <entry name="soccer_ball" groupTag="bloc" tagName="objects\levels\shared\soccer_ball\soccer_ball" /> <entry name="golf_ball" groupTag="bloc" tagName="objects\levels\shared\golf_ball\golf_ball" /> <entry name="golf_club" groupTag="weap" tagName="objects\levels\shared\golf_club\golf_club" /> <entry name="golf_cup" groupTag="bloc" tagName="objects\levels\shared\golf_cup\golf_cup" /> <entry name="dice" groupTag="bloc" tagName="objects\multi\dice\dice" /> <entry name="elite_shot" groupTag="weap" tagName="objects\weapons\rifle\concussion_rifle\concussion_rifle" /> <entry name="grenade_launcher" groupTag="weap" tagName="objects\weapons\rifle\grenade_launcher\grenade_launcher" /> <entry name="hologram_equipment" groupTag="eqip" tagName="objects\equipment\hologram\hologram" /> <entry name="evade_equipment" groupTag="eqip" tagName="objects\equipment\evade\evade" /> <entry name="unsc_data_core" groupTag="weap" tagName="objects\weapons\multiplayer\unsc_data_core\unsc_data_core" /> <entry name="danger_zone" groupTag="bloc" tagName="objects\multi\spawning\danger_zone" /> <entry name="invisible_cube_of_derek" groupTag="scen" tagName="objects\multi\invisible_cube_of_derek\invisible_cube_of_derek" /> <entry name="weak_respawn_zone" groupTag="scen" tagName="objects\multi\spawning\weak_respawn_zone" /> <entry name="weak_anti_respawn_zone" groupTag="scen" tagName="objects\multi\spawning\weak_anti_respawn_zone" /> <entry name="phantom_device" groupTag="mach" tagName="objects\vehicles\covenant\phantom\phantom" /> <entry name="mp_cinematic_camera" groupTag="scen" tagName="objects\multi\generic\mp_cinematic_camera" /> <entry name="cov_power_module" groupTag="weap" tagName="objects\weapons\multiplayer\cov_power_module\cov_power_module" /> <entry name="flak_cannon" groupTag="weap" tagName="objects\weapons\support_high\flak_cannon\flak_cannon" /> <entry name="drop_shield_equipment" groupTag="eqip" tagName="objects\equipment\drop_shield\drop_shield" /> <entry name="machinegun" groupTag="weap" tagName="objects\vehicles\human\turrets\machinegun\weapon\machinegun_turret\machinegun_turret" /> <entry name="machinegun_turret" groupTag="vehi" tagName="objects\vehicles\human\turrets\machinegun\machinegun" /> <entry name="plasma_turret_weapon" groupTag="weap" tagName="objects\vehicles\covenant\turrets\plasma_turret\weapon\plasma_turret\plasma_turret" /> <entry name="mounted_plasma_turret" groupTag="vehi" tagName="objects\vehicles\covenant\turrets\plasma_turret\plasma_turret_mounted" /> <entry name="warthog_gunner" groupTag="vehi" tagName="objects\vehicles\human\warthog\weapons\warthog_chaingun\warthog_chaingun" /> <entry name="warthog_gauss_turret" groupTag="vehi" tagName="objects\vehicles\human\warthog\weapons\warthog_gauss\warthog_gauss" /> <entry name="warthog_rocket_turret" groupTag="vehi" tagName="objects\vehicles\human\warthog\weapons\warthog_rocket\warthog_rocket" /> <entry name="scorpion_infantry_gunner" groupTag="vehi" tagName="objects\vehicles\human\scorpion\turrets\scorpion_anti_infantry\scorpion_anti_infantry" /> <entry name="falcon_grenadier_left" groupTag="vehi" tagName="objects\vehicles\human\falcon\turrets\falcon_side_grenade_left\falcon_side_grenade_left" /> <entry name="falcon_grenadier_right" groupTag="vehi" tagName="objects\vehicles\human\falcon\turrets\falcon_side_grenade_right\falcon_side_grenade_right" /> <entry name="wraith_infantry_turret" groupTag="vehi" tagName="objects\vehicles\covenant\wraith\turrets\wraith_anti_infantry\wraith_anti_infantry" /> <entry name="land_mine" groupTag="bloc" tagName="objects\multi\land_mine\land_mine" /> <entry name="killball" groupTag="bloc" tagName="objects\levels\shared\damage_sphere\damage_sphere" /> <entry name="ff_light_red" groupTag="bloc" tagName="objects\levels\forge\ff_light_red\ff_light_red" /> <entry name="ff_light_blue" groupTag="bloc" tagName="objects\levels\forge\ff_light_blue\ff_light_blue" /> <entry name="ff_light_green" groupTag="bloc" tagName="objects\levels\forge\ff_light_green\ff_light_green" /> <entry name="ff_light_orange" groupTag="bloc" tagName="objects\levels\forge\ff_light_orange\ff_light_orange" /> <entry name="ff_light_purple" groupTag="bloc" tagName="objects\levels\forge\ff_light_purple\ff_light_purple" /> <entry name="ff_light_yellow" groupTag="bloc" tagName="objects\levels\forge\ff_light_yellow\ff_light_yellow" /> <entry name="ff_light_white" groupTag="bloc" tagName="objects\levels\forge\ff_light_white\ff_light_white" /> <entry name="ff_light_flash_red" groupTag="bloc" tagName="objects\levels\forge\ff_light_flash_red\ff_light_flash_red" /> <entry name="ff_light_flash_yellow" groupTag="bloc" tagName="objects\levels\forge\ff_light_flash_yellow\ff_light_flash_yellow" /> <entry name="fx_colorblind" groupTag="bloc" tagName="objects\levels\shared\screen_fx_orb\fx\colorblind" /> <entry name="fx_gloomy" groupTag="bloc" tagName="objects\levels\shared\screen_fx_orb\fx\gloomy" /> <entry name="fx_juicy" groupTag="bloc" tagName="objects\levels\shared\screen_fx_orb\fx\juicy" /> <entry name="fx_nova" groupTag="bloc" tagName="objects\levels\shared\screen_fx_orb\fx\nova" /> <entry name="fx_olde_timey" groupTag="bloc" tagName="objects\levels\shared\screen_fx_orb\fx\olde_timey" /> <entry name="fx_pen_and_ink" groupTag="bloc" tagName="objects\levels\shared\screen_fx_orb\fx\pen_and_ink" /> <entry name="invisible_cube_of_alarming_1" groupTag="scen" tagName="objects\multi\invisible_cube_of_derek\invisible_cube_of_alarming_1" /> <entry name="invisible_cube_of_alarming_2" groupTag="scen" tagName="objects\multi\invisible_cube_of_derek\invisible_cube_of_alarming_2" /> <entry name="spawning_safe" groupTag="scen" tagName="objects\multi\boundaries\safe_volume" /> <entry name="spawning_safe_soft" groupTag="scen" tagName="objects\multi\boundaries\soft_safe_volume" /> <entry name="spawning_kill" groupTag="scen" tagName="objects\multi\boundaries\kill_volume" /> <entry name="spawning_kill_soft" groupTag="scen" tagName="objects\multi\boundaries\soft_kill_volume" /> <entry name="dlc_covenant_bomb" groupTag="weap" tagName="levels\multi\dlc\objects\dlc_covenant_bomb\dlc_covenant_bomb" /> <entry name="dlc_invasion_heavy_shield" groupTag="bloc" tagName="levels\multi\dlc\objects\dlc_invasion_heavy_shield\dlc_invasion_heavy_shield" /> <entry name="dlc_invasion_bomb_door" groupTag="scen" tagName="levels\multi\dlc\objects\dlc_invasion_bomb_door\dlc_invasion_bomb_door" /> </types> </motl>
  3. Gametype

    The video will be uploaded in the morning. I just have to finish the voicing for it, and all should be well. I am sure that everyone will friggin' love this gametype man.
  4. Gametype

    Thanks for joining and playing with us, the video should be up anywhere from tonight or tomorrow morning. It was fun, hope to see more great stuff in the future! : )
  5. Gametype

    We are doing a first gameplay in less than an hour from now. If you have a XboxLive account, it would be fantastic to have you join : )
  6. Gametype

    This sounds like an interesting gametype to be honest. I would love to make a video and share this with the community, but I would need ask if you would be okay with such.
  7. Gametype

    That somewhat answered my question... I was well aware of the Troop hog's absence obviously, but I was not keen on as to why their is no way to sit in the back of it. It may have not be iterated on what part of it I was referring. However, thank you for listing the available items. But now that I see this, the spawn-able Spartans have specified and armor, or is that adjustable to the editor of the gametype? If that is editable, I would be interested in some of that.
  8. Gametype

    Would you be up for making a modded infection gametype for back on Reach? If so, I have a boat-load of request,
  9. Gametype

    The reason that there is no animation or player interface for the modded troop hog is because it never possessed them in Halo Reach? Is that why? I am assuming this out of logicality. Anyhow, I got a request for machinima [purposes: -Do you think you could add Warthogs that are "civilian" (default, whatever preferred) to the spawner list? I found that adjusting the gametype to just Warthog helps, but not when I need additional type of vehicles; they all just become Warthogs. -Do you think you could add some of the Barriers and Crates to the spawn list as well? I am referencing the ones already in the forge pallet. -Those two things as well as the Covenant version of the assault bomb and Turret. Unlike the warthogs, these items cannot be change into their Covenant counterparts in the gametype settings.
  10. Gametype

    The reason is sort of complicated, and yet explained easily. Additionally, not sure if you recollect, but there is about 3-4 other pages that more than likely have your answers on various occasions. Look back or otherwise search once in a while, before you post... There is this thing called "megaloscript", that is talked about frequently on the halo part of this site- and about how is not available for tampering in the forge gametypes (retail/ online xbox). So the "regular falcons" you pull out of the forging interface are- regular multiplayer falcons. Virtually, from what I have gathered these last few months, nothing can be done with Forge mod-wise on retail. If you go back in this thread or venture around the forums on this site, you will see multiple discussions where your point is and may be otherwise brought up. Pardon my "douche-e-ness" (or perhaps don't), but, while you may not been been intending such, your previous posts since the beggining of this thread, have been bothersome. Nonetheless, they have received replies by many. Again, pardon my rudeness, but as of late, your ideas within posts have been lacking in thought and effort. Not sure if I am the one who is really just to say this, but try to work on your spelling; maybe even research a little before you ask for, or about something. But alas, if you can't find any results, that is when you should turn to the thread. Thank you for your time. (*Cha-Ching* check please)
  11. Gametype

    That sounds like a pretty cool idea, but that is highly unlikely. The only way that you could come close to changing the player model to a stationary animation would be on a modded console. You, I am sure by now, saw a video on youtube where all the reach cutscenes have been modded or showed altered characters. That is something that one can only achieve on a modbox. However, I know one can achieve weird animations on the xbox through glitches like removing your weapon, then crouch while in the decent from a jump- achieving a glitched animation of the spartan pulling a "Fonzy" ("eeehhhhhh!") Otherwise, thats really the only kind of animation you would get from reach on a regular Xbox. Aside from other glitches that might be known. But to be quite honest, using an additional player to portrait a suicide in machinima is not all that hard. If done correctly, it would look just as good as some animation. Aside from that, there are actual animators in the community that can take models in a 3D program, and do such as well. Sorry if the response was unsatisfacotry, I apologize. For all I know, it may just as well be possible.
  12. Gametype

    Nice, much appreciated. If you are able to play as the hologram though, would it be a similar process to becoming the bipeds? Because if so, you would need to be quick about taking the monitor to the biped. Then the biped to your designated area. Or would it be more as you spawn, play as the hologram for 10 seconds, then become completely invisible? Or is more of you walking into a zone that turns you into a hologram? Or maybe- nah. Just kidding.
  13. Gametype

    If at one point this gametype, were to become available for download- I would happily make a machinima utilizing it. *wink wink, nudge nudge*
  14. Gametype

    Possibly, you might make a sequence that has the falcon compatible with the Phantom as you did with the Pelican. Unsure if you haven't done this due to the Pelican and Falcon sequence being accidental, or what not- but I am sure it would be appreciated. Also, while the flight may look odd because it does not posses the original animation; it would still more than suffice if implemented.
  15. Gametype

    Ah, I have done so before. About two years ago me and a friend were testing out one of our "Installation" series maps, and we were shooting off holograms like crazy. We hit a black-screen and he was lagged out of the game (something along those lines). When the game came back to me; his biped- before it died, shot off a hologram. It was the armor-less elite. As well as my player model's hands being that of the armor-less elite. I was messing around with 1.31 a week ago and I found that if you (as an elite) go into a map with the modded variant, change into the oracle, change into a elite, change back into oracle, then go to a spartan biped and change into that- you can replicate the elite hand glitch. However, this does not change the way the biped looks from the exterior. I can upload a video of the hand glitch, but to get the hologram is unlikely. But, I would like to say that it is there.
  16. Gametype

    Oh, I got another suggestion for the bag: There is a glitch in Reach where you can end up with an elite that is armor-less. This is completely a random thought, but maybe there could be a trait zone that would grant the player the ability to become that variant (same could be said for a spawn sequence). But then again, this was just another suggestion without much evidence of the possibility.
  17. Gametype

    Here is another suggestion: Make a spawn sequence for vehicles that are already destroyed/ on fire. These may provide machinima-makers with the ease of not needing to destroy vehicles- as well as not needing to worry about the wreckage respawning or the fire/ smoke animations going out. But then again, when I think about it I am not exactly sure that the decaying factor is exactly changeable while on retail. Nonetheless, vehicles that are at least damaged and will spawn ready to go could be a great addition.
  18. Gametype

    Ah, this is understandable. Although, there is one more suggestion. That being: Is there not a way to have custom colors in forge? Halo 4 demonstrated this ability (in tone in which I acknowledge Halo 4 and Halo: Reach are two completely different games), which leads me to question the possibility being on Reach as well... I don't know if this is possible, and I don't expect for you to know- but I am curious.
  19. Gametype

    Hey, I have a few suggestions that you may consider for future versions of the SVE mod. 1. Implementing a spawn sequence for: -The "anniversary doll", as well as the "grunt in a barrel" for use in the maps like Penance, Battle Canyon or Ridgeline. -The seagulls and the fish on Tempest -Trees (out of map "2D" counts) 2. (Unaware if already fully searched) Search the Forgeworld coding for: -Different Crates such as the half open/ fully open covenant crates -The Covenant antenna prop -The pallet prop -Covenant stool prop -Trees (as already stated: "2D" is still a technically a tree) -etc. These were suggestions- not a request. However, the idea of having these things makes me drool a little... But as I said, I am unaware if you have already attempted such or just don't find reason to. Thanks so far and I hope you can continue to impress!
  20. Support

    Yes... it would be nice if like in halo 4 there was a variant of Forge where team colors didn't appear.