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  1. General

    Can you mod the MCC using the dev mode one xbox one? Is there any FTP apps for it?
  2. I looked in the bipd tab and didn't see anyway to change it. What tab would it be under?
  3. can this be done in reach?
  4. how did you change the fov?
  5. been messing with the ai stuff trying to get this to work any ideas
  6. Xbox 360

    looking to play some trials of osiris any one wont to join?
  7. Other

    Hay anyone know where i can find mods for this game im looking to get infinite map blocks to put down on the mapmaker?
  8. Modding

    Hay Gamecheat13 i joust saw this and wow didint think id ever see it. Hows is the port going? Hears a link:
  9. no prob
  10. First you would need a modded xbox 360 for example a JTAG. THEN get your game files onto your modded xbox. after that you will need the Assembly tool to modify the .map files. there are plenty of tuts on this site to show you how to mod a map
  11. General

    1 softmodded original Xbox 2 TSOP modded original Xbox's xbox 360 jtag xenon in repair (dont have anymore) xbox 360 jtag falcon 2 xbox 360 white xbox 360 mw2 xbox 360 slim black xbox 360 slim e xbox one 500gb psp 1000 psp 3000 psp go and a gaming PC
  12. General

  13. hay looking for the halo online files any one have these?
  14. General

    thanks man for the help
  15. General

    how do you post your images? i cant get them to show.