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  1. Just gave my old one away to....
  2. General

    I would wear the Fotus... if it wasn't for that damn unicorn horn.
  3. Thanks for this.
  4. General

    As far as I remembered that worked for me a few times. As long as the .dds isn't to high of quality. I also know some people were making the dds's lower quality with photoshop. I don't really know if it worked though.
  5. General

    I don't have a console that goes on live right now
  6. General

    Looks fun! Can we get a download link?
  7. General

    Added pics if anyone cares
  8. General

    I have used the E.O.D since h3. Always been my favorite. I have a feeling it must have been made for me because the camo on it is shadow and my gamertag is Shadowhellmann.
  9. General

    I think i am going with just a frame with two diagonal cross bars. It will allow it to it to be shot through but not walked through. On a side note because I remeber it being mentioned, I am not going for a picture perfect remake visually. I am making all the measurements of the exact however. I am doing this by using the basic crate in h3 & 4 for a reference in size as it is the only item that stayed the same size. In short the floor plan will be exact but I will not be worrying about the extras like windows, crane hook, angled ceilings, etc. Thanks for the comments and intrest in my work.
  10. General

    Thank you! I would have added them but there was not enough money. And when I started adding more stuff the lighting would stop loading. Edit: I was able to add in the shotty, sniper, and grav hammer, but nothing else. I will re-up again with those 3 weapons if anyone wants.
  11. General

    It has been re-up'd. I did not change the name this time, but i don't think that should make any diffrence. If you are still having troubles let me know.
  12. General

    If you did it the same as the lockout then not that I know of. I will re-upload tomorrow morning. Also I will start working on foundry tomorrow morning,
  13. General

    I was thinking of making the outline of a fence with a horizontal and vertical cross bars so you cannot jump through. Then use wires to make the effect of a fence.
  14. General

    Not that i've seen.
  15. General

    My thoughts exactly. And I was already thinking about creating this one as it should be very easy. I am a little worried about the fence walls though. There is none in halo 4 so i would have to jimmy rig something. ...Meybe I could use wires to replicate the fence? I will be glad to give it a shot for you though.