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  1. Welcome to Xbox Chaos, if you have any questions feel free to ask anyone here, were all pretty nice and friendly
  2. Graphics

    It's beautiful
  3. Video

    Some of the ones that you've done look pretty good, not gonna lie.
  4. Does anyone know exactly where the points are for the SMC and NAND LED's on the Trinity motherboard? Also any information on what kind of SMDs I'll need to use would be greatly appreciated Here is a picture for reference Also you don't need to tell me it's a pointless mod, I already know that, it's just for visual.
  5. I've been working on this for about a day, I may update it more
  6. I can imagine how risky selling them will be, for the developers and the seller.
  7. This is where a removable HDD would come in use. Also added the info about the fee.
  8. I figured we could start a thread in here instead of just using the chatbox to express our opinions. Here are some HD pictures of the console in an imgur album Confirmed information: Game DVR to record your gameplay, that's pretty awesome if you ask me. Indie developers cannot self publish their games on Xbox One. Only Xbox One controllers will work with the Xbox One, not too much of a shocker there. 500GB non-removable internal hard drive. You will need Kinect to use the console, it should come with it so not a big deal, unless you're going for a devkit or something. Xbox One controllers will work with the Kinect. Friends list limit from 100 to 1,000 friends maximum. You must install games to the HDD, you can play them while they are installing, and each disk has a unique code, so that when you install the games, they cannot be re-installed on a different machine without paying a fee. You can lend your disc games though, just like 360 No backwards compatibility, at all. No XBOX, Xbox 360 or XBLA/DLC/GOD. That's all I have for now, please feel free to PM me or reply if I left something out, wrong info, etc...
  9. General

    Never really got around to taking it off, and that's the 1888 recovery for XDKs
  10. General

    Don't let my filthy casualness ruin this thread.
  11. vonkova, 404 and I are ready for this :3
  12. Im not sure who made it Oh damn, looks good. Maybe a few edits here and there and it should look even better.
  13. I'm surprised nobody did this yet.
  14. .MAP

    vonkova already made one, but thx anyway
  15. Other

    poke patch?