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  1. Graphics

    The real question is, is it as good as Katawa Shoujo.
  2. will work for noobified tag injection tutorial

    1. Zone


      Why? the raw page Assembly skips over sounds so injection is easy. But here:

  3. Kinda relevant, but remember when The Defiant mappack came out and 343 released this picture and dat reach manual with 16 player firefight.
  4. Video

    I don't even think I deserve anything, and I even told Moa that (he wrote the Beyond article for the egg, and got the video after I sent him the picture showing the). All I did was get a picture after he told me to see if I could find anything on the egg.
  5. Did you base that off the Megabloks Halo 4 bike thing that they announced last year? I created something similar when they announced it, pretty funky looking though.
  6. General

    1:Gain weight. Its actually pretty hard to eat 3X what you usually do. 2: Ask a girl out. 3. Get a job. 4: Decide what I want to do in life. 5: get famous making halo 5 news videos
  7. Whats with all the tag injecting all of a sudden? Did something come out for it?
  8. Modding

    After playing around with it for like 10 minutes: What stops the bipeds from walking when they get kicked out, if the banshees move just fine? And do they not attack me because they are holding gravity hammers? And why did one throw a frag grenade at me once when i wasn't near it, but no one else has. Anyway, this is still cool as hell.
  9. Modding

    A patch would be awesome.
  10. Support

    Even the building that collapses near the start of the mission? That one should be an object of some sort.
  11. You need to cheat to unlock the campaign achievements...? Whatever
  12. Im not sure what Nexus Mods is, but im assuming it has something to do with mods for Xbox Games. Unless he copyrighted his mod (lol) then it isnt illegal, because modding is technically illegal already. Hes just butthurt.