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  1. Download Link: Use the Gametype that comes in the rar archive. The target locator is right behind the initial spawn.
  2. I'm not telling anyone not to mod. It's just a fact that his map doesn't address the pathfinding issue in MP maps, and that's all I stated. There is no "at least I'm trying." It's just an entirely different thing. What criticism? If anything I complimented the pelican landing gear thing. Again, it's just a fact that the pathfinding is already built in to all campaign BSPs; it doesn't address any pathfinding issue. It won't be released because Akarias doesn't feel like releasing it. If he came to that decision because he wants everyone to be delusional regarding how much the map "pushes the envelope", that's too bad. My favorite mod (of all the ones I've made) is my Mind Powers V2 mod, and it is a premise taken from DarkShallFall, and features plain-old tag editing. It doesn't get any less special then that. I made the mod, because I like modding, not because I want it to be something that the scrubs worship. In fact, I recently updated it to work over networks and a bunch of other things, and I put that effort in because I like modding. No other reason. I agree 100%; enough of this drama. In fact here's something I was working on a while ago. I probably won't go anywhere with it, since the custom bitmaps are causing freezing with any further injection (and I didn't make backups like a fool).
  3. You can't blame anyone for not respecting/trusting you after the whole "moonwalking grunt" thing. If all it took was a "lmao" to stop you from working on your mod then you weren't that dedicated, were you? You say you never claimed the mod is something special, yet you just throw the whole thing out the window when I stated how it isn't addressing the original problem of pathfinding in MP maps. And now it's all my fault, is it? You're so hilariously overdramatic. I was actually kind of liking the pelican landing gear thing, but I definitely won't loose sleep over it.
  4. Um that's a campaign map, it already has pathfinding built in. The issue was doing it in multiplayer maps. Did it just work and then you thought you did something special? lmao
  5. .MAP

    I was planning to update the file in the download section, but it seems that I can't use links when submitting a file anymore, and there is a file size limit of 8 MB. I'm pretty sure people don't want to download 13 split rar files, so here's the link: Changelog: Fixed telekinesis grabbing Fixed UI Fixed network games Includes Arena forge variant General improvements Video: Note: There were some fixes done after the video was recorded. Credit to Gamecheat13 for testing and fixing for network games.
  6. Other

    My point isn't affected whether you actually did anything or not. I'm saying you would have to be an idiot to completely agree with Microsoft's definition of cheating, and that you're just trying to shit on gamecheat for doing something innocuous.
  7. Other

    Well then that means you are also against editing campaign gamesaves, modded gametpyes, and even deadcanadian's old map variant mods from Halo 3. That definition also says not to use glitches, so I hope you haven't done any of those. Either you are the most irrational white knight I have ever seen, or you are pointlessly attacking gamecheat for a personal reason. I think the latter.
  8. Other

    Yeah, and Microsoft has the right to ban gamecheat for doing that. But saying that it is the same as what that Slim Shady guy is doing is absolutely absurd. People are voluntarily joining gamecheat's game and are free to leave at any time. In the worst case scenario gamecheat does something annoying and the player leaves. Gamecheat gains absolutely nothing from it, and the player isn't penalized for leaving. Refencing AMD's analogy: Gamecheat used a gun for entertainment. That gun can also be used for murder. Should Gamecheat go to jail for murder? How is this different from something like Megalo modding?
  9. Uh, I guess I could post a link sometime later
  10. Other

    I have to agree with gamecheat there. Custom games are purely for entertainment, and I think modding custom games is no different from the game nights we do on this site via system link. Anyone who disagrees is really loosing sight of what the site is supposed to be against: cheating.
  11. Thanks, The longsword and the bombs it drops are both projectiles spawned from effects. To prevent the longsword from spawning at bad angles when the flare is thrown onto an inclined surfaces, the flare spawns an invisible biped with climb any surface enabled and no coll, and the longsword spawns from the biped. This allows it to maintain proper orientation (because bipeds are constrained to the z axis when alive). Then the effect kills the biped, but it's not noticeable because it only takes .1 damage. Hacky? Yes. but it works lol
  12. Other

    Why is this guy acting like the admins here are ban-happy... I don't even see what there is to debate; using mods to annoy other people online is just so dumb. It ruins the game for all other players, and it's not even fun. The point of games is to have a challenge, if you strip that away there's no point to playing at all; you're basically just a monkey pushing buttons to see the number in the scoreboard go up with no meaning. Why would you even expect praise for doing something like that? By the way, I'm pretty sure I've contracted stage 4 testicular cancer from watching that video.
  13. Little something I did over the weekend
  14. something spookier than usual
  15. Bruh I go to Laredo all the time

    1. JJIJR


      Pretty shitty town, lol, gladly I moved for college.

    2. kirkle


      It is but I have family there and they have an xbox, so it could be  worse:P