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  1. General

    Thanks so much, this I can work with!
  2. General

    This isn't necessarily mod related but I don't really know where else to ask it. Obviously a bug but has anybody found the cause, or a workaround, as to why the Forge menu doesn't remember the last item you spawned on MCC PC? So, for example, you navigate to Structures > Building Blocks > Block 1x1 and spawn it but upon opening the menu again you are back at Weapons, Human. The normal behavior of the original Xbox 360 game as well as MCC Xbox One would have it remember that you spawned Block 1x1. It's so cumbersome trying to building things constantly having to find the object you just spawned again. Sometimes it does remember the last item but I can't figure out what causes it.
  3. Yup I have done so. I hadn't realized there was a 'Halo: Reach MCC' option toward the bottom of the dropdown list and have tried that too, but same result. On a possibly related note, is it normal that there is no in my Reach MCC maps folder?
  4. Title. Extracting the marine jmad from and injecting into Forge World causes a fatal error when map is loading, but I imagine I'm doing something wrong (I also see that many other tags such as Grunts, Jackals, etc are automatically included when extracting, I'm assuming this is normal?) Any pointers would be appreciated
  5. Support

    I copied all my DLC over for Reach and the maps work fine if I play locally on my RGH, but attempting to play system link on the same map with any retail consoles gives a Player Failed to Load Content error for whoever isn't hosting. For other games on the console, such as Halo Wars, the DLC simply doesn't show up as an option at all. Anybody have any ideas?
  6. Support

    Set contpatch to false... still no go. I think I just have bad luck.
  7. Support

    I'm trying to add a second Forge World with a different name and settings to the main menu. I already have a different .mapinfo made for it with matching IDs, but attempting to launch the map returns an unreadable disc error. The default.xex I'm using has RSA checks and media limits removed. Anybody happen to know what I might have missed? Thanks.
  8. Support

    Ah, problem solved! Thank you very much sir, you are an evil genius.
  9. Support

    Ah I see. I had tried that too but had the same problem. I already have the dllp's I extracted from the iso in the game folder. I need BOTH ppf patched non-TU xex and TU xexp in the game folder, and just launch via the xexp to play with the title update? That's just the last part that's got me confused. Thanks for your patience, I hate asking so many stupid questions as much as you probably do answering them.
  10. Support

    Following your guide, patching a clean .iso extracted default.xex with the TU ppf returns a "game can not be started" error when attempting to launch it.
  11. Support

    Ah sounds good, thanks. One last question... actually having trouble with disabling RSA checks. Is it even possible to disable them in a not-clean default.xex? I've tried doing so with Reach Unlock but the game just freezes at the intro. I do have "-ignore" added to properties in the shortcut too.
  12. My RTE worked fine but I wanted to title update Halo: Reach to 1.1 so I extracted all the files from my retail Hard Drive, applied the update, disabled RSA checks in the xex, etc. Anywho, long story short... Obviously this updated default.xex is going to return a "failed to load socket error" when launched with rtelauncher.xex so my question is, how does one go about setting up the default.xex to work with rtelauncher? I know there is a modded xex that comes with the rte files but it's either: 1) not title updated or 2) not updated to my specific update. Sorry if it's a dumb question or has been answered before but I've already searched a bit and found nothing.
  13. Support

    Awesome, I will give that a try and I'll let you know the results. Thanks again for your help!
  14. Title. Is it possible to spawn friendly ODSTs that follows you like those dropped off during new waves, maybe by replacing grenade projectiles?
  15. Support

    Hmm, yeah if you wanted to try it too when you get the chance and see what you can come up with I'd really appreciate it. Just froze my Xbox messing with them, lol. I'm not seeing damage aria nodes.