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  1. I need to read a binary file in it's proper format, and that includes Big endianess, in which my CPU is intel. Here is what I came up with, but it has an error claiming that bigEndian is violating memory access. DWORD ReverseInt(DWORD val) { int i = 0; char bigEndian[0x4]; char littleEndian[0x4]; sprintf(littleEndian, "%d", val); for (i < sizeof(littleEndian); i++; ) { bigEndian[i] = littleEndian[sizeof(littleEndian) - i]; } return (DWORD)bigEndian; }
  2. Modding

    Yes it does. I found it out just by comparing a Reach and 4 save a while ago, took 20 minutes. Never knew if it was right or not though.
  3. I want a control like a master form. I have a tab control, and on a certain tab, I want it to be able to contain other forms and not let them out, like Horizon. How would I create something like this?
  4. Modding

    I actually made a "check-sum finder", basing the information of Reach. The program went through every 0x14 bytes possible and compares that to the SHA-1 hash of the file if that byte array was nulled. I can't use it though since it never appears to finish responding.
  5. Modding

    Of course. I'm more interested in campaign, unless the offset hasn't changed? If it hasn't, I'll just look into how it saves general stuff in the GPDs, campaign saves, and film formats. Thanks for all that stuff though, haven't really got into Reach modding so I never knew.
  6. I've started this thread as a way we can share information on what we find for Halo 4 modding. Through the XEX, I've found that the campaign is using a SHA hash again, and also that they have resorted to using AES encryption for some mode. I cannot look more into it since my JTAG is broke, but I'll see what I can get with this.
  7. C#

    No, I changed that.
  8. C#

    Still turns up empty on debug.
  9. C#

    I'm in Visual Studio, not Blend so I changed the Resources property to it instead. I get this error though: Error 1 Could not find a part of the path 'C:\app_default_namespace;component\Resources\STFSTool.png'. C:\Users\Iysac\documents\visual studio 2012\Projects\Xenon\Xenon\Mainwindow.xaml 34 137 Xenon
  10. I'm trying to make an Image control contain an image, and it is not working. You can see it is the VE but when you debug the picture does not show. Here is the XAML code: <Image x:Name="stfsTool" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Height="100" VerticalAlignment="Top" Width="182" Margin="20,91,0,0" Source="pack://siteoforigin:,,,/Resources/STFSTool.jpg" MouseUp="stfsTool_MouseUp"/>
  11. Multiplayer. I'm not into story-lines.
  12. General

  13. It is pretty slow. Not like an FPS.
  14. edit - chainsaw sounds while you're in the woods! First the sound of it trying to start, a while later starting it. and random chainsaw sounds, and on top of that make the sounds start quite and eventually loud, that way it sounds like it's getting closer. Thanks for the details. I decided to get rid of the music and add wind/cricket sounds. Slendy will pop up behind you at random times as well. I'm pretty sure anyone playing the game will know what he looks like though.